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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Red Madness on Rednesday

Two blog posts in two days?  Wow, talk about being an overachiever. I am loving all of the link parties out there and am finding in increasingly difficult not to participate in my favorites.  Like I said yesterday, it's a good thing I have a stash of pictures on my computer that I haven't shared yet.
I went to an estate sale that I think must have been at a former teachers house because there were so many of these holiday wall cutouts for every single holiday.  These are just a few that I picked up. I don't think they are all that old but Maddie still loves to decorate for all of the holidays so it's always a good idea to have a supply on hand.
I also got a little bag of old cards for a dollar.
I bought the bag for this card in particular.
I bet you would have done the same.  Don't you love his tail?  Sister, I bet you do!
Remember the unadvertised estate sale I mentioned yesterday?  Well, I also picked up this old blow mold and these flour sack dish towels.  I love how they wrapped them in the polka dot ribbon.  Quite the sales technique, don't you think?
But my favorite item from that sale would definitely have to be the Fire King Splash Proof Tulip bowl.  This is the largest bowl in the set and I hope that I can find the other bowls I need to complete it. I don't think that this one is in too bad of shape.  I have seen them way worse and for a lot more money than I paid.  It's probably pretty hard to find the bowls without some sort of fading.  Especially since they are over 50 years old!
I picked up this morning glory jar minus the lid at one of my favorite antique malls.  The two Butterprint refrigerator dishes were in the same booth that Sister got her Pink Gooseberry set in.  They were 30% of an already ridiculously low price so I paid $3.85 apiece for them with their lids.  Not too bad for an antique mall. I already have the full set of the Butterprint refrigerator dishes but like I've said before, it's always a good idea to have backup Pyrex.  Especially when mine actually gets used!

So I am pretty sure that you all have figured out by now which party I am linking up to today...
So be sure to head over to Sue's and check out Rednesday.  I can't wait to see what other reds have been found!

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  1. Love the cow!

    I was psyched when I found my first Tulip Fire King bowl, well, only. It was at Salvation Army for $4.99. One of the stores that really, truly rarely has anything.

    Good price on the fridgies. I went a little crazy with Butterprint fridgies this past summer. I completed my set earlier this year... then I accumulated 3 more complete sets with some extras.

  2. I don't believe it, we found the same Santa!!! And, Erica from Golden Egg Vintage has the same one too!! What are the chances.....

    Oh, and I love that bowl!!

  3. Wonderful vintage finds! I am your newest follower.

    Susan and Bentley

  4. I've always loved Fire King's Tulip bowl! Happy to see it on Rednesday!

  5. I love your cards. But the refrigerator bowls turn me green with envy. Those are so rare around here that I have yet to find any with lids in any pattern that is not priced through the roof. I will keep plugging on.

  6. Great finds. I love that little calf one.

  7. I would have bought that bag to get the cow card too! Congrats on finding that tulip bowl. Years ago, I collected those bowls one at a time, until I had the set. I recently sold the set, and to this day I still haven't forgiven myself!
    Happy REDnesday,

  8. Oh that cow card is cute. I love your tulip bowl and your little butterprint fridgies!

    Guess what? I finally found a GOOD Pyrex piece at the thrifts! A blue dot bowl for a buck! Woo-hoo! Or did I already tell you that? Ha-ha- I hope not! ♥

  9. Good stuff! I like the card assortment best!

  10. Aren't the link parties fun?! REDnesday is one of my favorites. Loving your cards and the blow mold.