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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Random Treasures...

Yay!  It's finally the weekend!

This last week was the first full week that Alex has been gone.  He moved up to Corvallis and starts school on Monday.  Thankfully, he's only 45 minutes away.  It's been a huge adjustment going from having 4 of us here to only 3.  Everybody is feeling it a little bit.  Brian has actually asked me to watch football with him!  I think he's a little lonely.

I'm still finding junk, so at least that part of my life hasn't changed. 

Lots of pretty thrifted vintage pillowcases.

I bought these pillowcases on Instagram.  I couldn't resist the pretty mint stripes and original packaging.

A big stack of sheets from an estate sale

Another IG purchase. I'm stockpiling pretty vintage bathroom things for Alex's bathroom makeover.  Won't he be thrilled when he comes home?

I collect the Morning Glory jars and was surprised to find one while out thrifting.  No lid, but at 99 cents, who cares?  The enamel camping mugs are for my vintage camping decorations that I plan to put out after my 4th of July ones come down next year.

My first ever Fire King Sealtest cottage cheese bowl.  These babies are hard to find!

Maddie and I went to the annual fall open house at a local antique mall a couple of weeks ago.  I think these were definitely fitting purchases for the season.

This awesome old Coca Cola cooler was worth the illegal U-turn in front of a school bus during rush hour.  The risks we take for junk.

And then this happened...

I went to an estate sale that had a "vintage camping stove" listed. I never in a million years thought I would be finding the pink one that matches my other Coleman pieces.  Well, that collection escalated quickly...
Oh, and did you all know that our little ol' blog was the featured Blog of the Week over at Adirondack Girl @ Heart?  Diana wrote an amazing post about us and was able to perfectly capture what we love to collect and hunt for.  Thanks so much, Diana!  It's quite the honor :-)

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Have a great day!


Monday, September 22, 2014

This Address Seems Familiar...

Happy Last Day of Summer!

Friday, I headed to the one and only sale that looked good for the whole weekend.  As I was following my GPS route, I started to realize that I had traveled down these same streets and taken these same turns a couple of weeks ago.  As I came to my destination, I found that I had gone to a sale at this very same address a couple of weeks ago.  I had pretty good luck the first time so I wondered if they were just trying to sell what was left or if they had brought more stuff in from somewhere else.

The super nice ladies running the sale informed me that there had been a storage unit that wasn't included in the first sale because the family hadn't gone through it yet.  Once they did, they hauled what they decided not to keep back to the house to have another sale. 

Here is what I found at the original sale...

I cleaned out the linen closet of all the vintage pillow cases!

I also found some awesome vintage towels in some great prints and colors.

And another pink bedspread exactly like the one I found a few months ago.  The only difference?  I paid $3 for the first one and a whole buck for this one!

Although I didn't need these Pyrex tea and coffee pots, they were complete and only 2 bucks each.  I figure someone will want them!

I picked up these nut cups and silver sprinkles for my cake decorating collection.  I have got to do a separate post of that shelf for those of you who aren't on Instagram.  It's so cute!

I loved the colors and design on these Deka cups.  Any idea of the age?

I keep talking about making a thermos into a lamp like Pam over at House of Hawthornes.  Now I don't have an excuse not to.  Can you believe I found a thermos and a lamp shade for it at the same sale?

So for the second part of the sale, they had everything in boxes out in the garage.  The house was closed up this time.  There was really no rhyme or reason to the boxes so if you didn't want to miss anything, you had to dig through every, single one.  Laurie, this would have been a fun sale for you!

This match box holder has seen better days but I collect them so obviously had to buy it.  Old Christmas tins are one of my newer Christmas collections.  I may or may not have this one but I wasn't taking a chance.

I love how this old milk jar still has the original lid on it.

I picked up this old sewing box thinking Maddie could use it to store some of her crafting supplies.

It was chock full of some great old sewing notions.  Anybody know what that pink thing is on top?

This cookbook is a duplicate for me so I will be selling it in my Instagram shop.

These old seed catalogs are awesome!!  They have some amazingly colorful graphics that are perfect for framing.

There was no price on the red tin or pink Melmac serving piece so the nice lady said "Oh, that must mean they are free!".  So she gave them to me.  How nice was that?

I can never seem to pass up these metal molds and tart tins even though I have yet to find a use for them.  I know there are probably a million ideas on Pinterest.  I just need to find the time and motivation!

When I can hit a sale or two like these, it makes me sad that the season is coming to an end.  But I think this is a pretty good send off!

Heading over to Sir Thrift-A-Lots for Thriftasaurus.

Have a great week!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Some Recent Sale Finds...

Estate sale season is slowly coming to an end around here.  Sure, we will still have them now and again but not every weekend and nowhere near as many.  I've done really good this summer.  So good, that it's been hard to keep up with sharing with you guys on the blog.  Here are some of my finds from the last few weeks...

I went to a sale at a house that I had previously been to a sale at.  When I mentioned it to the homeowner, she said that it must have been the previous renters.  What are the odds that both renters had garage sales with vintage stuff?  I got this big 'ol jar that is just begging for a vintage decal and two Hazel Atlas creamers.

I picked up what appears to be an old locker basket with a handle from another sale. When the lady saw that I was buying it, she said "Oh do you like old baskets because I have so many more that I just know you will want!".  I was super excited until she lead me to a pile of crushed and broken Dollar Store Easter baskets that she swore were from the 50's.  I politely declined with the excuse that I already had some like them and was running out of room.

I saw these shakers in the ad for an estate sale about 30 minutes from my house.  It started at 7 and I wasn't able to get there until about 9:30.  Luckily they were still there!

I got the sweet Holt Howard angels from the same sale.  There were so many HH collectibles, I felt like I was in a museum!  But most of the prices were really, really high.  I would have bought so much more if I could have afforded it.  My plan was to go back on Saturday afternoon when they would start discounting things.  They discounted alright.....on purchases totaling over $500!  I am not kidding.  That should give you a better idea of the pricing.

I got this sweet mug for a dollar because of the obvious chip in the front.  But I couldn't leave it.  Miss Smarty Pants Maddie figured out that the bird on the handle is a whistle.  Hence the "Whistle for Milk" on the front.  The smaller bird has a clamp on it so that you can attach it to something.

These Jadeite and Delphite Fire King mugs and bowls were front and center in another garage sale ad photo.  They were still there when I showed up about an hour after opening.  I am so lucky to have gotten to them before anybody else, especially since they were a dollar apiece!


Hope you guys don't get sick of seeing vintage linens because I find a lot of them!  They are the only kind of sheets I use on my bed.

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More next time....


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Coburg Antique Fair Finds

Happy Saturday!

Last weekend was the annual Coburg Antique Fair in the neighboring town.  I look forward to this event all year long for a number of reasons.  One, it's in the sweetest little town where it looks like time has stood still.  Two, there is a crazy huge amount of awesome vendors there.  Three, it's only about 20 minutes from my house.  And finally, the Defrisco Chicken Sandwiches.  If you are an Oregonian, you know what I am talking about.  Right, Ethel?

This event opens at the crazy hour of 4 am!  No, that is not a typo.  Although I am an early riser, that is just a little too early for me.  Plus there is no way my junkin' partner Miss Maddie would get out of bed that early.  So we got there at about 7:15, which is the perfect time.  Once 10 am hits, the booths are so unbelievably crowded, you can't even go into them.  Plus, if you want to the good junk, you gotta get there early!

Ready to see what I hauled home?

I was drawn to this heavy, industrial style table.  I have no idea what I am going to do with it yet.  I had planned on it being an end table but Brian says its too small.  So I'll paint the top part and leave the legs original and figure out where to put it.  You should have seen me try and haul this thing out through the immense crowds. Maddie had Brian come and get her early because she was having a hard time with the smoke from some of the neighboring fires going on in our state, so I was on my own.  I had a couple of guys offer to help but I'm stubborn and want to do everything myself.  Don't be fooled by the small size.  It's heavy!

I picked up this awesome old pink trunk and barkcloth pillows from another booth.  Once again, I had to haul this out by myself.  But it was much lighter than that dang table!  Luckily I parked close.

When I go to a show, I do one quick walk through then take my time on the second run.  I found this amazing cowboy quilt on my first time through and didn't get it.  I thought it was priced too high plus I couldn't find the booth owner so I moved on.  Well, I couldn't stop thinking about it so about an hour later, I went back.  Luckily it was still there along with the seller.  I was able to talk her down a little bit but at that point I wanted it so bad I would have paid full price.  It's the perfect size to use when curling up to watch tv on the couch.

Look at the back of it!  So sweet.

I love how some people kept the original boxes for things.  On the front of the box for this Coleman Picnic Stove, it says "New Never Used" in the sweetest little old lady handwriting.

Have I showed you guys the pink Coleman cooler that Maddie snagged for me from an estate sale earlier in the Summer?  Well here it is with the matching jug that I picked up from the antique fair.  I love the handle on this!  A guy stopped me and asked me if I knew why the handle was like that.  He told me it was so it could be hung from a tree when camping.  Cool, huh?

Love these pink swizzle sticks.  Also love that they are baseball related!

This set of Decoware apple canisters was so stupidly cheap that I had to bring them home with me.  I got them for 6 bucks!  Bonus was the little Pepper shaker nestled into the smallest tin.  I hope to find the Salt someday!

How cool are these Fire King fired on beehive chili bowls?  I knew the pink existed because I have two.  But I was pleasantly surprised to find the other colors too!

Two new flamingo's for my flock.

A couple of new Glasbake mugs to add to the mug collection.

I was happy to find this huge old jar complete with original lid.  It's a shape I haven't seen before.  It now sits on my kitchen counter and holds cupcake papers.

Of course this Pyrex Thrifter Sister found some Pyrex!  Maddie, my bartering queen, worked her magic and picked up this Orange Butterprint 444 for 8 bucks!

The Flamingo rectangular baker is the smaller size and surprisingly, I didn't already have it!  I have been on the hunt for another pink 404 so that I could complete a third set.  Time to sell off two of them!  Or maybe just one.  I should keep a set for Maddie to take when she moves out someday, don't you think?

As I posted on Instagram, no visit to an antique fair is complete without finding a vintage pearl snap western shirt!

I passed on the giant Edward Mobley squeaky dog at the last show I went to in Portland.  The seller wanted an arm and a leg for it.  I was happy to find it at this show for less than a quarter of what they were asking for it up there. Plus, Maddie got them to knock off a few more bucks.  The bear is to give you an idea of how huge this guy is!

 Before she ditched me, Maddie added some books to her collection.

Vintage ice cream container and box of straws for my collections.  The box of straws is still full!

My second Radiant Dust Mop Polish tin, this time in different colors than my last one.  Maddie and I are currently fighting over this amazing vintage cowgirl lunch box.  True, the theme of her bedroom is Vintage Cowgirl, so she should probably have it.

The backside is pretty cute too!

I have this same corner shelf in a chippy pink in my bathroom.  Now to decide what color to paint this one.

And finally, a new dustpan which brings my total to an official collection of 3.  Check out my Instagram to see how I display them.  I also found a package of 20 vintage Trick or Treat bags and a thermos in a pattern I haven't seen before but is perfect for Fall and Halloween. 

Wow, looking at this post I realize I found a ton of stuff in the 3 hours I was there!  No vintage linens or Christmas though. I couldn't find any tablecloths that were in my price range and somebody (ahem, Ethel) was running ahead of me buying all the cute vintage Christmas :-). 

Hope I didn't lose any of you guys along the way with all of these pictures!

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Have a great weekend!  Our flea market finally starts back up tomorrow.  I'm meeting my BFF there and afterwards, we are off to breakfast and Bloody Mary's.  Sounds like the perfect day...