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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Flea Finds...

Happy Sunday!

I am loving the flea market this year.  With the exception of shows, it's really the only place that I can find treasures during the fall and winter months.  Unfortunately, our antique malls seem to be pretty neglected lately.  I can go in month after month and it's always the same stuff.  And my favorite mall just got bought out and it is mostly new made to look old and painted furniture.  So it's off to the flea and the occasional thrift for me.

I know, I know...ANOTHER soda crate!

This quilt is the most perfect shade of turquoise.

A nice guy that used to have an antique mall booth was unloading all of his stuff for a quarter each!  See that awesome fabric?  It is the most amazing apron!

The exact two Yellow Gooseberry bowls I needed to complete my set!

Two new to me suitcases to add to my tower

Pinterest-Worthy, don't you think?

And two baby dolls...

For when my niece comes to visit!  Isn't this the best gender reveal you've ever seen?  Perfect for one Pyrex loving sister to another.

Until next time...


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Time Flies!

Hi Everyone!

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a week.  It doesn't seem like it's been that long since Hanna let you all in on her exciting news!  As soon as she gives me the thumbs up, I'll share with you all the sweet personalized announcement she sent especially for me.

A couple of weekends ago, my BFF Rachel, Maddie, and I headed up to Albany to do a little out of town treasure hunting.  It was a pretty good day!

Love the graphics on the Mason jar lid box.  It's always a good day when I find a Swanky Swig that I don't already have.  And how perfect is this coffee cup?  I posted it on Instagram and said it had my name all over it!

It's a good thing those glasses are tiny!  Then I can keep fitting more on my shelf.

I also thrifted this awesome handmade table and am still on the fence as to whether or not to paint it.

I found two (!) open bakers hidden underneath a table at an antique mall.  I could tell by the way one was sitting in the other that they weren't divided dishes, even though one had a DD lid!

The Fire King refrigerator dish has a pattern on it that I have never seen before.  And I finally found one of the Fire King Rainbow Swirl bowls in person.  Now to find the other three!

Just in time for Halloween!  You all know how hard it can be to find vintage Halloween decorations so you gotta grab them when you can find them at a good price!

Another Thermos and pretty floral tin for my collections.

I would have to say my collection has gotten a little out of control!

It's a good thing that I have blog friends like Pam at House of Hawthornes to show alternative uses for them (and a husband willing to try).

That's all for today! 


Monday, October 13, 2014

The Slacking Thrifter Sister

Happy Monday from the rainy Oregon Coast.  I don't even want to look back and see how long its been since I've blogged, I know its been a long, long time.  So, where have I been?  Well, I've seriously reduced my thrifting and sale adventures in the last 2 months.  I think I've been to the thrifts 3 or 4 times and one flea market with Erica.  It's been rough.  I've had withdrawals, but I'm really trying to stop bringing more stuff home.    Why would I want to stop bringing more beautiful, vintage goodies home?  Well, lets just say that Erica, Maddie, and I will have a new thrifter in training come April if you catch my drift.  I've been trying to make room in this tiny house for my new mini thrifter, which is quite a task of its own.  That on top of feeling like garbage for the last 8 weeks has made things pretty different (and exciting) around here.

But, I do have a few items to share that have snuck their way into my house and I haven't shared my birthday gifts from Erica yet!
 Erica continues to add to my McKee Sailboats collection and I continue to love this pattern more and more!
 I've got a nice set going, don't I?
 She also found this awesome ice bucket for me in my favorite color.  I think she also has gotten tired of me picking up the woodpecker toothpick holders every time I see them, because now I have one of my own!  She also got me some great books to help me prepare for the new little thrifter.  I really do have the best Sister.
 The vintage Christmas is slowly starting to show its face.  The knee hugger is the only thing I purchased at the flea market I went to with Erica a few weeks ago.  I continue to pick up Santa mugs, hoping that one day my collection will be as big as Erica's.  I also picked up these bowls for Erica for her future travel trailer that I can't wait to go on a road trip in!
 I had to go to Salem for work last week and was finally feeling a little energetic.  I couldn't resist this cute paperback book about dinosaurs and the vintage roulette game was the only thing I found at the Value Village.
The last thing I picked up was for a baby friend of mine.  I really love the covers on these books and her Mom and I are trying to get her a good collection going of these books.  Right now she would rather destroy them, but some day I will get to sit her down and read one to her!

Erica and I are headed to Dallas this Friday for our Cousin's wedding, which should be a blast!  Watch out on our Instagrams, I'm sure you will see some Thrifter Sister madness going on!

Always a Pleasure,

Friday, October 10, 2014

Flea Market Madness

Good Morning!

Our local flea markets are in full swing.  I am so happy to have these outlets for my junk addiction during this time of year.  With estate sales winding down and the thrift stores getting completely out of hand with pricing, the flea's are my saving grace.  They may mean no sleeping in on weekends and a little bit of driving, but the things we will do for good junk, right?

I am going to have to find a better way to display all of the amazing tins I keep finding.

I have a max price that I will pay for soda crates and since this one was about half that, it was a no brainer.

I must be stopped!!

Super sweet Valentines Day planter and the Gurley pumpkin were my lone holiday finds. 

I have never seen a piece of pottery like this cute USA marked basket.  I got it along with the pepper shaker from one of my estate sale friends.  The Montana Jigger joins my Texas, Oregon, and Alaska ones.

Don't you think this will make an awesome pillow?


Ever since Heather of Lark & Lola fame sent me the Washington DC souvenir pillow cover, I have become somewhat obsessed.  But I have to be really selective as to which states I will allow myself to have.  No matter how hard I try, I just can't fathom how I would display 50+ pillows!  Unless I just collected the covers and switched them out from time to time (duh!).

Gotta love a 50 cent vintage kitchen towel that is in perfect condition!

Always happy to find cookbooks I don't have.

Rounding out my purchases for the morning was this slew of books for Miss Maddie's collection.

Busy flea weekend again!  We are headed to Dallas, Texas next weekend for a wedding so I have got to find some good stuff to hold me over. 

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Have a great weekend!  I have heard a rumor that Hanna will be posting soon....


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Inside The Garage Sale

I only hit one small sale last weekend, and it wasn't even a planned stop!  On Thursday, I headed out of town to go and have lunch with Alex and along the way saw a sign that said "inside garage sale".  Well, isn't the garage always inside?  Anyways, I stopped.  It was out in the country and those can usually be pretty good, even on the second or third days. It seems that people just aren't wanting to drive out of their way to go to sales.  I'm guilty of that too at times. 

So this sale was indeed inside the garage.  Not the house, just the garage.  What a weird way to describe a sale.  Why not just say garage sale?  Regardless, there was some good stuff!

Why can't I stop buying these Empire Halloween candy buckets?

Just in time for my bathroom remodel!  I am unsure of why the handle on the lid is painted red so I'll repaint it.

I was so excited to find this cake carrier!  I have coveted this for so long and have almost bought it online a few times.

I have a huge stack of these Hazel Atlas bowls but in the ivy pattern.  I'm happy to start a new collection of the strawberry ones.

The cute duck cup will go with my stash of baby dishes for a future niece or nephew.  I never set out to collect Thermoses but now I can't pass them up.  And the raspberry tin is a cute way to store whatever it is I need to store!

Hopefully I will find the other pieces to this Miller chalkware fish.

The story behind this sale was that the lady who lived in the house was being moved into an assisted living facility so her family was scaling down on some of her housewares.  If she was leaving all this good stuff behind, I'm dying to know what she was taking with her!

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Have a great Tuesday!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's Flea Season!

No, not that kind of flea.  Flea Market Season!  Unlike so many of you lucky people, our flea market closes during the summer months. Maybe it's to give us Oregonians something to do in the cold, rainy fall and winter?  Well, whatever it is, it doesn't matter. It's open again and the first market didn't disappoint!

I picked up this pair of old dresser drawers thinking they would make awesome shadow boxes.

How sweet is this drawer liner?

Remember that cowgirl lunchbox I recently found at the Coburg Antique Fair?  I can't believe I found another vintage cowgirl themed one at the flea.

Love this gorgeous floral chocolate tin

I was hoping that the bell pepper jar went with the Hazel Atlas strawberry and apple jars.  But after doing a little research, I don't think this is Hazel Atlas.  But who cares?  It's perfect for salsa!  I couldn't remember if I had the Glasbake mug in pink and I didn't want to risk it so home with me it came (now I have two).  Can you guys tell me who makes the child's dish?  It's unmarked but I'm thinking either Pyrex or Hazel Atlas.

This sweet pony tail girl has joined the family of Sun Rubber dolls that I have recently started to collect.  I already have this pattern of Holiday thermos but in the larger size.  I didn't realize it came as a mini too!

The pink Hazel Atlas frosted souvenir glasses are my favorites and since Arizona is one of my favorite places to visit, this glass was meant for me!  The lid on the Jadeite pepper shaker has seen better days but under $10 Jadeite cannot be left behind.  It's the rules!

Ready for my favorite purchase of the day?

This canister set has obviously be used and loved.  But something about the imperfections drew me in.  Oh, and the $10 price tag wasn't bad either!  Would you have bought these?

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Have a great night!