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Friday, October 10, 2014

Flea Market Madness

Good Morning!

Our local flea markets are in full swing.  I am so happy to have these outlets for my junk addiction during this time of year.  With estate sales winding down and the thrift stores getting completely out of hand with pricing, the flea's are my saving grace.  They may mean no sleeping in on weekends and a little bit of driving, but the things we will do for good junk, right?

I am going to have to find a better way to display all of the amazing tins I keep finding.

I have a max price that I will pay for soda crates and since this one was about half that, it was a no brainer.

I must be stopped!!

Super sweet Valentines Day planter and the Gurley pumpkin were my lone holiday finds. 

I have never seen a piece of pottery like this cute USA marked basket.  I got it along with the pepper shaker from one of my estate sale friends.  The Montana Jigger joins my Texas, Oregon, and Alaska ones.

Don't you think this will make an awesome pillow?


Ever since Heather of Lark & Lola fame sent me the Washington DC souvenir pillow cover, I have become somewhat obsessed.  But I have to be really selective as to which states I will allow myself to have.  No matter how hard I try, I just can't fathom how I would display 50+ pillows!  Unless I just collected the covers and switched them out from time to time (duh!).

Gotta love a 50 cent vintage kitchen towel that is in perfect condition!

Always happy to find cookbooks I don't have.

Rounding out my purchases for the morning was this slew of books for Miss Maddie's collection.

Busy flea weekend again!  We are headed to Dallas, Texas next weekend for a wedding so I have got to find some good stuff to hold me over. 

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Have a great weekend!  I have heard a rumor that Hanna will be posting soon....



  1. Now that you've built Mt. Vintage Crate, how do you plan to use them? (not that a mountain of crates isn't a perfectly good option) ;-)

  2. Love love your finds! You seriously find some of the best things!! Love all those crates, I wish I had that many!! I sadly only have two! But use them all the time all over the house! We have a flea market this weekend....I'm so excited, hoping to find some treasures!! Have a wonderful weekend! xo Holly

  3. Great finds! A girl can never have too many soda crates! :-)

  4. Nice finds! I especially love the kitchen towel and holiday things.

  5. Great finds as always! I love that we both just got that same Gurley candle!

  6. Miss Maddie must have one heck of a cute vintage book collection. You do have stuff stored in the vintage pop (we don't say soda here) crates don't you? Otherwise I would start to wonder. It is a pretty impressive "mountain" though.

  7. There is no end to the great stuff you find! I hardly ever have a thrifty post anymore because there is nothing around here that I want or need! Boo hoo!!!

  8. Terrific finds! Love the sweet yellow basket. Looks like McCoy. What in the heck are you going to do with the big stack of crates? :)

  9. The Valentines Day planter is so pretty! The thrift stores aren't so badly priced here, or I'm just used to it. Competition is CRAZY, but it keeps me in check. I keep telling myself not to venture into estate sale land. Our small apartment is nearly packed to the brim... I don't want to see what damage estate sale damage will do!

  10. Great finds, Erica. I especially love your soda crate collection and agree the flour sack will make a fabulous pillow--

  11. wonderful treasures. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo

  12. I've never seen a Squirt crate! Love the Oregon Star....yes it will make a great pillow!!

  13. I just got that same cookie cookbook (one on left) a few weeks ago at a yard sale. Some great recipes.

  14. Thanks so much for linking up to my first "Let's Talk Vintage" link party! I have another one today....and I featured your flea market madness! :)

  15. I just picked up a Dr. Pepper crate this weekend. I've never seen one in the wild before. My aunt picked up a Lime Cola one, which was another I hadn't seen. I love soda crates too and buy them when they're a good price. I have a small stack in my house, along with a pile at the booth. Thanks for sharing @ TTF.

  16. You get fabulous thing! Love, love your stack of crates! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. Oh my gosh, YES!!! The pillows!! That Oregon one is to die for!

    I feel like it's rude to ask, but, what IS the going rate on soda crates??? I saw a million at a yard sale this summer and asked to buy them, but they weren't for sale. "They're just to hold the items for sale," he said. In other words, they were just there to torment me unfairly. I want some, but I never buy them and I don't know what a good price even is. Oh well...