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Friday, January 22, 2016

Christmas in January!

It's been a super crazy busy January at my house.  I still haven't been on too many junking adventures but hopefully that changes soon.  I'm chomping at the bit for a good haul!  Luckily, the few things I have brought home are just enough to put a smile on my face and hold me over until next time...

Between the flea market, antique malls, and Plucky Maidens, I added a few new things to my vintage Christmas collection over the last couple of months.

You can never have enough Holt Howard mini mugs.  The plastic Santa boots are a new collection I just started this last Christmas.

More Santa's to add to my huge collection!

Alway fun to find a new to me ornament hanger box.  

And how perfectly kitschy is this Santa and reindeer?

This Christmas cowboy wrapping paper was made for me!

There wasn't a whole lot of good vintage Christmas to be found at the thrifts this year.  

But the small amount I found makes me happy!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Friday, January 15, 2016

Just Some More Good Junk...

How has everybody been doing in their hunts for junk?  I seem to have no problem finding good things but I definitely feel like I have to hunt a little harder.  Estate sales are pretty quiet this time of year and the thrifts only pay out in 1 out of about 20 visits.  So this is the time of year where I tend to hit the antique malls a little more but even the ones in my area have had some really slow turnover, which is discouraging.  But I will continue with my quest for junk!  Nobody has ever called me a quitter :-)

I found a few things at the flea market the other day and picked up a couple of things on an out of town trip yesterday but the weather here has been so dreary!  So I haven't been able to take pictures yet so I'll just have to entertain you with some junk from pickings past...

I picked up the two Holt Howard pieces as well as the Christmas Card List file box at the flea market.  They are all duplicates for me but the prices were dirt cheap so I couldn't pass them up.  

I love vintage glassware so much!  One of my favorite parts about it is deciding which glass to use!

I bought this trio of juice glasses thinking I had the matching carafe.  Nope.  Guess I'm on the hunt for it now!

Maddie and I went a little crazy at Magpie Ethel's booth at Plucky Maidens!

Look at the size of that Jadeite platter!  I'm not sure if it's actually old or not but who the heck cares?!  The Fire King handled bowls were 10 bucks.  FOR BOTH!!!  Do your research sellers.  Or actually, don't.  Works out better for me that way :-)

More Plucky Maidens cuteness!  I bought the Santa matches from Magpie Ethel and for the life of me can't figure out why she didn't keep them!

That's all for now.  I'm off to find something to do outside of the house.  What I hope is the last day of our bedroom remodel (new flooring, paint, etc.) is going on and the noise is driving me batty!

Have an awesome weekend!


Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Year, New Views....

Happy 2016 Everyone!

I have a confession to make.  I was this close to giving up the blog.  You know how sometimes things that used to be fun start seeming more like a chore?  Well, that's how I started feeling about Pyrex Thrifter Sisters.  A lot has been going on in my life lately.  Nothing major, but just a lot.  You know what I mean?  So, sitting down and writing a post and not being able to put 100% into it just didn't seem fair to anybody.  So I took a break.  And you know what happened?  People noticed.  I started getting emails and messages on IG telling me how much people missed my posts.  Yep, even though I share so much on Instagram, people wanted to see the blog!  Somehow, I also gained quite a few readers in my absence.  So I started to reevaluate.  When Hanna and I first started the blog, we were addicted!  We couldn't wait to post our finds and sometimes did more than one post a week (gasp!).  I want to get back to that.  This blog has brought so many awesome new people into my life.  Whether I've met you in person or not, I feel like I know so many of you and that I can truly call you guys friends.  Now, would I give up on a friend in real life just because things got too busy?  Well, I would certainly hope not!  So I'm back.  And I can't thank you all enough for sticking around while I came to my senses and realized that this little ol' blog needs the attention it deserves!!

So, even though I haven't been posting, I have still been taking pictures of all of my finds.  Old habits and all that.  So this morning I put the memory card in my computer not remembering what was on it.  Oh the good junk!! So I have lots to share and I apologize in advance to my Instagram peeps who have already seen the majority of this.  But seriously, who wouldn't mind seeing all this good stuff again?

The flea market has been really good to me this year in regards to vintage holiday stuff.  This $5 Halloween grab bag is an awesome example of that!

How sweet are the pixies?  Another buyer had them in her hands for a full excruciating minute before she decided that $4 for the pair was just too much.  I don't think they even touched the table before I paid for them!

Found the yellow mug I needed to complete my Glasbake Basketweave collection and and extra aqua one for Etsy.

Not only is this set so dang pretty, but the mugs are actually big enough to hold 10 ounces of coffee!

It's not often that I get to add new pieces of Pyrex to my collection.  The top 043 is a duplicate but the seller had them as a set so off to Etsy it goes too!

As we all know, there isn't a whole lot of vintage Thanksgiving out there in the sense of variety.  So when I find a cheap Relpo turkey, it comes home with me.  

This trio of turkeys (gaggle?) still have the Meier & Frank price tags on the bottom.  Meier & Frank was a former department store in our area that has been closed down for many years.  I love finding little pieces of local history.

Pulled these cuties out of a thrift store grab bag.  The rest got re-donated.

More sweet Gurley friends from the flea market.  I don't have very many Easter ones so I was pretty happy to add the chick and bunny!

And for those of you who don't follow along on Instagram....

I can't believe that this little lady is almost 9 months old!  She is wild and fits in perfect with her crazy mama, auntie, and cousin!

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I promise I won't be away too long!  Have an awesome weekend, friends!!