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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Just A Catch Up Post

Catch up post on the blog today.  I went to a really good estate sale on Thursday but haven't had a chance to take good pictures yet because it's been raining.  Yes, rain.  In Oregon.  Imagine that.  Believe it or not, I'm enjoying it.  It's a nice change of pace from our 90+ degree days.  Plus I got to wear my beloved cowboy boots!  That's always a winner in my book.

When Hanna came to visit me last, she brought me this awesome tin for my collection.

A few recent Instagram purchases.  I just need the mug and plate for the Hazel Atlas Davy Crockett set.  The aqua thermo mugs are for my someday vintage travel trailer.  Kind of like Laurie's someday beach house.

Maddie and I found this cutie a while back in a 50% off booth at our favorite antique mall.

He fits in quite nicely, don't you think?

Made a quick stop at a garage sale the other day and picked up some more souvenir glasses for my collection.

Here is the Florida one next to one of my other glasses.  I never realized they came in this juice glass size!

I've been in the thrifts a little more lately with it being back to school shopping time.  Found this Designs bowl at a really good price.  It's been so long since I've thrifted Pyrex that I was happy to find a piece, even if it's not something I will keep.

We asphalted our driveway earlier in the Summer so now I can set up little seating areas around our shop.  Doesn't this look inviting?


Some of Brian's hard work.  Thank god he has a green thumb, patience, and motivation to water all of the flowers I make him plant.  I lack all three.

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Have a great Sunday!


Friday, August 29, 2014

Some Sweet New Additions

Happy Friday!  Hanna here.  Wow, have I been busy.  I went back to work for the school year two weeks ago and it has been non stop.  I do miss my lazy summer days, but I am really enjoying getting ready for this school year.  With work so busy, I have barely made it out to the thrifts or sales, but the few times I have gotten out I've been rewarded.
I had to stay in Dallas, Oregon last Thursday for work and it just so happens my hotel was directly across from the local Goodwill.  I was happy to bring the Pyrex 503 home with me.  Butterfly Gold isn't my favorite pattern but I use this pattern for daily use and I couldn't leave behind a refrigerator dish.  I was excited to find a souvenir glass for Erica, its been a while.
 I decided to take a break from work this morning and go check out a few sales in my area.  I was rewarded with this parakeet planter.  Someone made button flowers for inside it which are really sweet.  I also couldn't leave behind the pastel yellow marlin, it is going to join my bookshelf right next to my copy of Old Man and the Sea.
I also added to my Disney record collection.  The older woman I purchased these from was so happy I was buying them and wanted me to know that they had been played a lot so they weren't perfect.  I can just imagine her playing them for her children, it makes me smile.
But, the best thing I found today were these vintage Frye boots!  Sorry if you already saw these on my Instagram, I'm just so excited!  I haven't taken them off since I got home and think that they are the perfect birthday gift to myself.

So not a lot of finds, but I really love what did come home.  The last thing I want to share is a new obsession of mine.
This is my second candle purchase from Thriftstoredecor on Instagram.  She makes the yummiest smelling soy candles and puts them in awesome vintage glassware.  This one is vanilla bean and it smells so good I could eat eat.  If you haven't yet, her store definitely worth checking out.

There are a few sales posted around here this weekend that I'm going to check out.  Wish me luck!

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Always a Pleasure,

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Still Finding The Good Stuff

Fall is quickly approaching but you would never know it by the crazy high temperatures we've had this summer.  Can you believe that it was cooler in Las Vegas than it was in Oregon?  Absolutely unheard of!  There were a couple of mid-week sales that I went to this morning before Maddie and I took off to go back to school shopping.  With it being the holiday weekend, I guess people are wanting to have their sales early so they can enjoy their time off.  Wednesday sales also mean not a lot of shoppers.  So with the two that I hit, I pretty much had my pick of the good stuff.

New to me vintage pillowcases.  The striped ones are handmade out of the sweetest pink ticking material.

This little Josef sweetie hopped right into Maddie's room when we got home.  I had to go track him down for a photo.

I have an old jar full of these candle holders.  If I keep finding them, I'm gonna need a bigger jar!

I can't believe I've lived in Oregon my whole life and never had a copy of the Taste of Oregon cookbook.  The Lemon Sour Cream Pie in it is AMAZING!  I loved the old picnic photo on the cover of the Great Northwest cookbook.

Another old galvanized bucket just begging for some fall flowers.

The Desert Dawn and BG are not normally patterns I buy, but these were a buck apiece so I couldn't leave them.  Someone will want them for fall baking!

A good small haul from two sales!  I even got it all photographed, put away, and blogged about all on the same day.  That never happens around here.

Looks like more sales are on the horizon for tomorrow.  Hope Maddie is up for it!

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Have a great evening!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Alameda Weekend...The Last of It

Good Morning!

I'm up bright and early this morning.  My dogs decided that 4:30 was the perfect time to wake today.  If I don't let them out, they will start howling.  And I mean HOWLING.  Like I have a pack of wolves in my garage.  I think its hysterical.  Everybody else in my house?  Not so much.

So now is the perfect time to show you all the last of my Alameda finds.  Hanna and I stopped at about a million antique malls and quite a few thrifts.  The thrifts were a total bust.  But they have been that way around here for quite a while so I wasn't surprised.  As expected, I did manage to bring home some good stuff from the shops.

Another Thermos to add to my accidental collection.  I think next to my green and red Holiday one, this is my favorite.

I found the Bingo game and tape holder in a tiny shop in Jacksonville, Oregon.  I have lived here my whole life and never knew this sweet little town existed.  The tape dispenser is perfect for Halloween, don't you think?

Instant collection of vintage Halloween party napkins.  Magpie Ethel, how would you recommend displaying these?

I called dibs on the Hazel Atlas PINK DONKEY LAS VEGAS SOUVENIR SHOT GLASS (the caps are meant to convey how perfect this is for me).  Hanna knew not to mess with me.  I found another cute squeaky bear for my collection and my first black tulip Swanky Swig.  I found these in a giant antique mall in Medford.  It was so hot (102 degrees) and the building we were in had no AC.  We are troopers.  Or crazy.

There is a set of Walrus salt & pepper shakers at a local antique mall that I cry over every time I go.  They are $28.  Hanna found these for me for 3 bucks!  I love them!  Brian's spirit animal is a Walrus.  Long story.  Anyways, the Fire King Jadeite mug was my reward for not buying the $15 dollar one I found at another store.  This one was 4 bucks.  Jadeite under 10 dollars is always a great score.

I am forbidden by Hanna to buy any Hazel Atlas pink elephant barware.  She really wants to build this collection for me.  I am the same way with here about McKee Sailboats.  But she didn't say I couldn't buy the Hazel Atlas pink pigs!  The Federal fruit bowl was just the size I needed to complete my set.

A few weeks ago, I posted this exact same canister on Instagram.  I found it at an antique mall but they wanted $18 bucks for it.  My restraint paid off and I scored this one for 5 bucks.

Rarely, if ever, do I buy vintage tablecloths at antique malls.  I can find them for so cheap at sales that I just can't bring myself to pay the high prices.  But this cutie was A) cheap and B) had a donkey on it!

So that's it for my Alameda weekend finds.  I really hope you guys enjoyed these posts.  I love sharing everything almost as much as I love finding it!  Now I have to get caught up with everything else I have been finding since I've been home.  You didn't think I took a break did you?

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Off to Vegas later on today!  Instagram followers, I apologize in advance for what may get posted.

Have an awesome weekend!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Alamada Weekend...Two More Posts to Go!

Hi guys!  Are you all getting tired of these posts yet?  Maybe it's a good thing that Hanna didn't buy more.  Otherwise we'd be doing these until Christmas.

Only two more posts to go, I promise.  Today I'm going to share the rest of what I found at the Alameda Points Antique Faire.  I didn't realize how much I bought until I sat down to write these blogs.  I've said it before and I'll say it again....thank God I have a patient husband.

Remember how Hanna said that we were really good at spotting things for each other?  Well this sweet circus themed juice carafe was one of those things she found for me.  I love it!

I haven't changed Alex's bathroom since we moved into our house 6 years ago.  I'm seriously tired of it.  But since he is moving out next month, I decided that it is finally time.  I'm going to go with a vintage botanical/gardening theme.  I think this basket will be perfect to hold towels.

I found the tray that matches the canisters I showed you last time from another booth.

Another tray that is perfect for my wall display.

An old Capitol Dominoes game and Yankee Doodle record for my 4th of July decorations.

Another game for my ever growing collection.  Jill, I blame you!

The only vintage Christmas I allowed myself to buy.  There was a lot of it too!  Just ignore that last part, Amy.

Not a clue what I am going to do with these.  There are 15 total bags and they were a buck for the lot. 

Vintage party supplies for my collection.  I finally got them all out of storage and have them displayed.  I really should do a post on them.  But if you follow me on IG, you've already seen them!

Couldn't resist the cover of this book!

I love these old paperback cookbooks.  I wasn't sure if I already had these but I took a chance.  I didn't!

I bought this Farm themed coloring book to go with my vintage farm display.  Yet another one to show you guys!  The pig is happy at home with Maddie's collection.

I was really surprised that there wasn't more Pyrex at this show.  If you collected Butterfly Gold then this was the place for you to be!  It was EVERYWHERE. But any other patterns were pretty much non existent.  This was all I bought.  But I paid $8 for all of it so that made me happy.

I am really proud of myself that I only brought home these three pieces of drinkware.  There was a ton of it! 

This tin is giant as you can imagine.  It once held 30 pounds of frozen berries.  It now holds cat food.  Not as exciting.

Why can't they make cleaning products this cute anymore?  It would definitely improve my mood when doing housework.

And last but not least, another find from Hanna.  This sign is exactly what I needed for the wall above the doorway in my kitchen.  It's huge!

So that's it for my show finds.  I would love to go back again and am definitely planning on it in the near future.  Who's up for a road trip?

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Next time...antique mall finds.  Then that is it.  I promise!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Alameda Weekend...Erica's Finds Part 3

Good Morning!

So Hanna mentioned that I bought a lot more than she did.  Well, she was right.  I tend to have several more collections than she does and a lot more room to display them so whenever we go on one of our adventures, the majority of what is in the car is mine.  She is really thoughtful in her purchases, thinking about where she will put it, does she really need it, will she ever use it, etc.  I am more of the buy now, worry about the rest later. 

This is why she is done showing her finds and I still have three more posts to go!

Today I am super excited to share with you part 1 of what I found at the Alameda Points Antique Faire.  The whole reason we went on this crazy adventure!  I bought a lot so I have to break it down into two posts.  Otherwise I'm afraid I'll lose you guys!

I have a major problem leaving tins behind.  The graphics, the colors, and just the overall usefulness of them draw me in every single time.


There was a booth full of all kinds of vintage linens.  Tablecloths, pillowcases, sheets, you name it.  Unfortunately, a single tablecloth was $25.00.  So after I wiped away my tears, I made it my mission to find tablecloths in my price range.  I succeeded!!

I adore the colors of this Camp Jug.  It matches my vintage patio furniture perfectly!

I collect vintage scotch tape holders but have never seen the tin before.  I also am determined to make a lamp out of a thermos like Pam over at House of Hawthornes did.  So I picked this one up with that in mind.

Crossed another cookbook off of my list.  The old tin is outside on my bar cart with all the other pretty but too worn for inside tins.  And the Skippy jar makes 3 vintage peanut butter jars for me so I guess I have another collection!

Not sure of what I am going to do with these but they were aqua, pink, and cute.  Enough said.

I got this box full of vintage party supplies for a steal!

Anybody know the maker of this refrigerator dish?  I would love to see what the rest of the set looks like!

I shared this vintage souvenir "Ass Scratcher" on IG yesterday.  Definitely one of my quirkier finds.

See?!  I'm not making the name up!

Are you still there?  I know this was a long post and even I didn't realize how much I actually brought home until I started writing it. 

Part 2 of the Alameda finds next time!

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Have a great Sunday!