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Friday, August 22, 2014

Alameda Weekend...The Last of It

Good Morning!

I'm up bright and early this morning.  My dogs decided that 4:30 was the perfect time to wake today.  If I don't let them out, they will start howling.  And I mean HOWLING.  Like I have a pack of wolves in my garage.  I think its hysterical.  Everybody else in my house?  Not so much.

So now is the perfect time to show you all the last of my Alameda finds.  Hanna and I stopped at about a million antique malls and quite a few thrifts.  The thrifts were a total bust.  But they have been that way around here for quite a while so I wasn't surprised.  As expected, I did manage to bring home some good stuff from the shops.

Another Thermos to add to my accidental collection.  I think next to my green and red Holiday one, this is my favorite.

I found the Bingo game and tape holder in a tiny shop in Jacksonville, Oregon.  I have lived here my whole life and never knew this sweet little town existed.  The tape dispenser is perfect for Halloween, don't you think?

Instant collection of vintage Halloween party napkins.  Magpie Ethel, how would you recommend displaying these?

I called dibs on the Hazel Atlas PINK DONKEY LAS VEGAS SOUVENIR SHOT GLASS (the caps are meant to convey how perfect this is for me).  Hanna knew not to mess with me.  I found another cute squeaky bear for my collection and my first black tulip Swanky Swig.  I found these in a giant antique mall in Medford.  It was so hot (102 degrees) and the building we were in had no AC.  We are troopers.  Or crazy.

There is a set of Walrus salt & pepper shakers at a local antique mall that I cry over every time I go.  They are $28.  Hanna found these for me for 3 bucks!  I love them!  Brian's spirit animal is a Walrus.  Long story.  Anyways, the Fire King Jadeite mug was my reward for not buying the $15 dollar one I found at another store.  This one was 4 bucks.  Jadeite under 10 dollars is always a great score.

I am forbidden by Hanna to buy any Hazel Atlas pink elephant barware.  She really wants to build this collection for me.  I am the same way with here about McKee Sailboats.  But she didn't say I couldn't buy the Hazel Atlas pink pigs!  The Federal fruit bowl was just the size I needed to complete my set.

A few weeks ago, I posted this exact same canister on Instagram.  I found it at an antique mall but they wanted $18 bucks for it.  My restraint paid off and I scored this one for 5 bucks.

Rarely, if ever, do I buy vintage tablecloths at antique malls.  I can find them for so cheap at sales that I just can't bring myself to pay the high prices.  But this cutie was A) cheap and B) had a donkey on it!

So that's it for my Alameda weekend finds.  I really hope you guys enjoyed these posts.  I love sharing everything almost as much as I love finding it!  Now I have to get caught up with everything else I have been finding since I've been home.  You didn't think I took a break did you?

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Off to Vegas later on today!  Instagram followers, I apologize in advance for what may get posted.

Have an awesome weekend!



  1. Loving that cherry canister, but I'm totally smitten with those Halloween napkins. I've seen them framed and I'm sure Laurie will have even more ideas. Bring on the orange & black!

  2. What sweet and fun things!! Love those Halloween napkins! :) Yay for some Halloween goodies!! Really like your red thermos too! Happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend!! xo Holly

  3. I love thrifting and I wish I had someone to go with me. I try to go at least once a week. I love your cherry canister. I have a sifter with cherries on it. Now tell me what are you going to do with all your wonderful treasures. Can we see where you keep them? I am so nosy!
    Blessings My Friends,

  4. I have that thermos too...suprised? haha. I'm in love with the Cherry canister...I'll be looking for that one!

  5. You found some great treasures. I found a green Holiday thermos this last week and I am going to put it out with my Christmas decorations. I love that it says Holiday on it. Have a great weekend!

  6. I have a whole set of the cherry canisters and would probably buy another at that price. Great finds and enjoy the LV!

  7. I love vintage Halloween! I went to an antique market in Buffalo & one booth everything was super cheap... I think it's the discount booth? IDK. $1 souvenir glasses, like 40. Thought od you.

  8. I got some vintage Halloween napkins this weekend too...I think about 6 or so designs. I have an old potato chip style rack that I display them on.

  9. Oh you were rewarded for your restraint! :)

  10. So much wonderful stuff! I would try and frame the Halloween napkins! I just love the old graphics on all of the things you picked up at the sale in all of the posts. (Right now I'm in a production of "Hairspray" and My love for the early 60's advertising only grows!) Im also desperate to get the Halloween stuff out... but not until after September and the cast party/dance we'll be hosting!

  11. After I looked back at all your Alameda finds... I couldn't believe it! You brought home a bunch o' stuff!! (And I LOVE it all!) Thanks for sharing @ TTF.

  12. I love that cherry canister! I so would have paid the high dollar for the first one; you have more willpower than I to wait for a better deal! And I have that exact Thermos, I use it quite a bit.

  13. You ALWAYS have such great finds!!! My favorite is the thermos--LOVE it!!

  14. Great finds! the orange dispenser will be fun for Halloween and so will the napkins. I love the thermos, found one just like it not long ago. I also found a jadite cup just like that. I paid $10 at a thrift, but it came with a saucer. Hardly ever run across jadite so have to nab it when I can. Love the cherry canister. My basement kitchen is filled with cherry items. Thanks for sharing with SYC.