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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back Again!

It seems like it has been forever since I blogged last.  Hopefully with Summer vacation starting soon, I can get into blogging a few times a week.  I did visit Sister in Astoria last weekend and we did pretty well on the Worlds Longest Garage Sale and even better just around her little town.  Unfortunately, all that stuff is still in a pile on my office floor.  But don't worry, blogger friends!  I still have pictures I haven't shown you all from some of my previous adventures.
Maddy collects little furry figurines.  I bought her these at the flea market.  She has quite the collection.  Stay tuned for her guest blogs this Summer.  She is really excited to share her collections with everyone.
I have been pretty lucky finding these little angels at the thrift stores lately.  I found all three of these at random Goodwill's around town. My only regret is that I wish I had known about the Josef number angels sooner. It would have been great to give Miss Maddy one each year on her birthday.
I found these angels in the collectibles case at SVDP the other day for $1.99 each.  They were all marked "as is" but for the life of me I can't find anything wrong with them and neither could the cashier.  I was super excited to find the July angel.  I can't wait to use it in my 4th of July decorations.
Maddy has decided that she is going to start collecting mice figurines.  So far she has found these two so one more to go and then it will be an actual collection.
I'm still having zero luck in the Pyrex finding department at Goodwill but I haven't been doing too bad finding vintage pottery.  I have never seen lavender before and this one is marked USA.  My favorite find lately is this awesome pink star marked California Pottery.

Want to hear something completely and totally crazy?  I found the Fire King cup and saucer in the top photo in a free box at a yard sale.  Who does that? Awesome people, that's who.  The other two Fire King pieces I found at Goodwill. See, Goodwill has been good to me lately.  But they really need to bring on the Pyrex!
And what blog of mine would be complete without some little Christmas treasures?  I found all of these little Santa's for 10 cents apiece at an estate sale.  The guy running the sale let me have them for a quarter. Bargain :-)

So I'm a little stressed about the sale situation for the upcoming weekend.  There are 4 park wide sales that start tomorrow and you all know how I love the trailer park sales. Then, there are two neighborhood wide sales and one has 100+ homes participating!  Not counting the random single sales here and there.

Stay tuned!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Did I Ever Tell You I Love Owls?

Happy Wednesday!  Monday night, after a long day of teaching I decided to reward myself with an adventure to Goodwill.  I spotted something that I knew everyone I know would think was hideous, but I was in love with.  A retro owl lamp!  Hand made and painted, but in need of some major love.  I was a fisheries and wildlife major in college and birds are my favorite, so anything avian related is really appealing to me.  Here is what I bought for $9.99:

I know, pretty bad right?  But I had a vision.  There are these white lamps at Anthropologie that are white and shaped like a squirrel and a rabbit that I have wanted forever but can't afford, so with a little bit of spray paint (I take after my brother rattle can Randy) and a new shade and voila!  I think I've created quite the masterpiece!

Let me know what you guys think.  I'm anticipating my Sister's arrival tomorrow and a four day weekend that is well deserved!  I hope I have some great finds to share with you after the World's Longest Garage Sale!  See you soon!
~Thrifter Sister Hanna

Mug Shots!

If dogs had mug shots, I'm pretty sure that Bailey & Brewski's would look like these
 These pictures crack me up because 99.9% of the time, they look like this
Guess they were having a bad day.

Thanks for letting me share some non-related thrifting fun!

Sister Erica

Monday, May 21, 2012

I Love The Sunshine!

Don't get me wrong, readers.  I love to thrift and go to sales as much as you all do.  But it's so much more fun to go in the sunshine as opposed to the drenching downpours that tend to happen this time of year.  But in the Willamette Valley we are experiencing an abnormally early start to Summer.  So my desire to treasure hunt has renewed in a big way! 
I love to stroll through the antique malls when I have the time.  What I love even more is finding things that I have seen in the antique malls at yard sales for much cheaper.  I got these two sugar shakers for $2.   
  I got these shakers at the same sale for 50 cents apiece.  Aren't they cute?
Whether I am at a thrift, garage sale, flea market or antique mall, if I have the time I like to go through twice.  And I almost always find things on my second pass through that I didn't see the first time like this piece of Made in USA pottery and Fire King jadeite vase.
A few months ago, I found the Papa mug at an estate sale.  I figured I'd come across the Mama one eventually.  I just didn't think it would happen so fast.  I found it at another estate sale a few weeks back.  They are by Hazel Atlas.  I'm pretty sure there is nothing Hazel Atlas that I don't love.
I picked up this Fire King ashtray at a Vet's Club rummage sale for a quarter.  I'm not a smoker so for now it holds my rings on my dresser.
I still haven't been getting too lucky with finding any vintage treasures at Goodwill.  This is all that I have found in the last few weeks.  The white Made in California tulip shaped pottery planter is the first white piece I found for my collection.  The three Fire King teacups in the Fleurette pattern were only a quarter apiece on half price day.  I hope I come across the saucers at some point.  I also got the Pyrex pie plate in Desert Dawn yellow on half price day for a dollar.  It is in mint condition.  I actually need the un-speckled yellow one to complete my set so this one will have to do for now.

I am heading to Astoria on Thursday for a much needed Sister Weekend. We are planning on attending the Worlds Longest Garage Sale that is 70+ miles long!  I really hope that we have some good luck and we come back with tons of treasures to share with all of you!

Have a great week....

Thrifter Sister Erica

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Been Awhile

Sorry for the title Sister, I couldn't help myself.  Sister Hanna here, ready to share some things that I really should have shared last weekend.  The husband started a business and I am now working our local Sunday market, so my blogging and thrifting time has been limited.  I told him I would give a shout out, so if you are interested in some delicious Oregon truffle oil, made from dog harvested Oregon truffles, (Xylo the dog finds the them) check us out at:
Xylo's Truffle Oil
We went to a great sale 2 weekends ago that was advertising windows.  I have been wanting to buy some to build a small greenhouse because tomatoes do so poorly where I live.  I managed to get 5 windows for that project along with 2 beautiful multi-paned windows.  These were used to make a greenhouse on the set for the show Grimm that is filmed in the Portland area.  The woman's husband works on the set and they were going to throw them away!  I got these beauties for $15 a piece and the husband hung them up for me!  Sorry for the poor shots, they sit on either side of my trundle bed, but the room is so small I couldn't get them in one picture:

I will have to find a way to show you both of them on the wall, they look amazing!

Keeping the husband busy, I finally got him to spray paint the Borg scale that Sister talked me into.  I'm not a pink person, but I love this fully functioning retro scale in my bathroom:
And, I felt so bad for Deer Gloria waiting for Sister to come (which is next weekend,) that I bought her a friend.  This is my new little deer who is still unnamed.  They are so cute next to my Pyrex!

Happy Thrifting.  I have Friday off and hope to find some goodies in the morning!
~Sister Hanna

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm Feeling Overwhelmed

With yard sale season in full swing here, it's really easy to get overwhelmed with the tons of ads on Craigslist and in the local newspaper.  I have to be really picky about the sales that I go to otherwise I'd be spending the majority of my day in my car wasting gas.  I have decided to mainly focus on the ads that advertise "antiques" and "collectibles.  Also, church rummage sales and estate sales.  This should narrow down my list considerably.  Now if I was looking for baby items (which I'm not), that would be an entirely different story. 
My most recent collectible obsession is anything cute and anthropomorphic.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but these cute little chicks have rhinestone eyes.  The shaker is the newest addition to Maddy's collection of orphan shakers. 
I found these Made in Japan green bell pepper shakers at an estate sale.  The lady running the sale was so nice.  I was one of two cars waiting out front and she came up to my window and told me that she was ready to open even though there was still 30 minutes and she invited me in.  I love it when that happens!  The orphan apple shaker was found at Goodwill. I scoured the whole store for the other one.  The tag on it said "Set of 2".  This isn't the first time I have found one part of a marked set.  It's so frustrating! 
Another case of items marked as a set but all the items aren't there.  The four Hazel Atlas pheasant glasses in the back were at Goodwill.  One had a tag that said "Set of 6-$9.99" and one had a tag that said "Set of 5-$7.99".  Um, ok.  Where was the tag for the Set of 4?  No biggie.  The checker gave me the set of 4 for $4.99.  The glass in the front I got for Sister at an estate sale (I think).  She is always threatening to take my pheasant glasses so I got her started on her own set.
I found the two glasses in the back at a thrift store for a quarter apiece.  I have a major problem with vintage glassware.  I can't ever seem to leave it if it's a good price.  I have a vintage bread box sitting on my counter top and do you think it has bread in it?  Oh no.  It's filled with juice glasses.  The Swanky Swig in the front was found unmarked at an antique mall.  I really wanted it.  Swanky Swigs are pretty hard to come across in person.  I asked the lady at the counter if she could find out how much it was for me and she said "Oh she usually sells her glassware for around $2.00.  How about at dollar?"  She didn't have to ask twice.  I only wish she had more in her booth!
And since I promised not to over expose any of you with too much Christmas decor too early, here is just a tiny bit more of the holiday decorations I've picked up lately.  Some people think knee hugger elves are creepy bit I think they are adorable.  Sister, who do these elves resemble?  The tiny Santa mugs are an addition to some that I already have.  They are so little.  The only thing I can think of drinking out of these are shots!  Hmmmmmmm.  That may be a festive idea.

And to give you all an idea of just how much I "collect", I cleaned out my bonus room today and hauled 14 boxes of stuff out to our shop for our Summer garage sale. I am loving all the extra space I have now.  I can't wait to fill it up!

Until next time.....

Thrifter Sister Erica

Friday, May 4, 2012

Did Y'all Miss Me?

I'm back!  Hi everyone!  It's Sister Erica here. I've been away from the blog for a little bit. I figured I'd let Sister have the spotlight for awhile since she normally doesn't find a lot of thrifting treasures to share with you. But hasn't she been lucky lately?  I love that she is finally having some luck in her dismal coastal town.

Here are a few things that I have found since I have been away
When I was little I was OBSESSED with Archie comics.  I would spend hours reading and re-reading them.  I would go to garage sales with my aunt and hunt for them.  My mom would never buy them for me at the store because she didn't think they were quality reading.  But my dad would!  I remember going fishing with him and my nose was always buried in one of my comics. Dad would always have to watch my pole. If I got a bite, he'd set the hook and hand it to me. But once that fish was reeled in, back to my book I would go. I was thrilled to find these at St. Vincent's. 
Like Sister, I also love anything bird related.  I found these cute wall pocket planters and Made in Japan salt and pepper shakers at a moving sale. It was supposed to open at 8 but when I showed up at 7:30, there were already people mulling around and carting things out to their cars. Oh the panic!  I hate it when sales open early unless of course I am already in line.  I also got the old plant stand that these are sitting on. I will show you all a full picture later.
How funny are these "Party Badges"?  I am guessing they are to help you remember your name in case you get a little wild and have too much to drink.  I got these cookie cutters at the same sale for Maddy.  She is starting to collect old ones.  Funny story about this estate sale.  It was given by a company called Rare Bird.  I have seen their ads in the paper and always thought "what kind of birds do they have?"  The never listed what they had for sale, just "Rare Bird Estate Sale Saturday 9-4".  Then I was driving down the road one day and I saw a sign for them.  I followed the sign and imagine my surprise when I found that it was AN ACTUAL ESTATE SALE FOR ACTUAL ESTATE ITEMS-Not Rare Birds!  Sister, stop laughing at me!

I have no idea where I got these books from.  I have seriously been to so many sales lately that it's hard to keep track.  But don't be jealous, readers.  Seriously, for every 10 I go to, I may manage to find one good one.  The illustrations in these books are really fun.  Also, the seller is one smart cookie when it comes to selling books (or maybe they just have common sense).  Anyway, instead of putting a gooey price sticker on these, they ever so lightly wrote in pencil on the inside cover.  After my fiasco with the vintage cook books a few weeks ago, I am really hesitant to buy any soft cover books with price stickers on them.
I got these Made in Japan tea bag holders at an estate sale right down the road from my house. I found one in the kitchen and the rest scattered throughout the rest of the house.  I even found one in the garage! 
Vintage Valentines!  I can't wait to use these next Valentine's Day in my decorations.  No idea how I am going to use them yet but I promise I will keep them exactly as they are. No cutting or gluing these cuties! 

Not too much longer to Memorial Day weekend.  Sister and I have BIG plans to visit the World's Longest Garage Sale.  Oh, I hope the weather cooperates.  It will be a long day.  Hopefully someone will be serving refreshments (you know what kind I mean, Sister).

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Showers Bring May Pyrex?

Hello there again, it's Sister Hanna here.  Just wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces of Pyrex that I've picked up in the last few days:
 This lime green round casserole joined some Pyrex friends after being discovered at Goodwill last week.  I paid WAY to much ($6.99), but it is something I've been wanting and I was feeling the need to spend money.
The two-toned orange bowl pictured here with some of its friends, Sister picked up for me.  She knows how much I love orange!  The large red bowl I picked up at an estate sale a while back.  It is marked McKee and has a ribbed rim to it.  It is much larger than even my 4 quart cinderella bowls. If you guys know anything about it, I would love some information.  I've only found matching cereal sized bowls like it so far.

I also have managed to pick up 3 promotional Pyrex pieces this week at my local Goodwill, although prices have been higher.  Check them out at Pyrex Collective II
Last, but not least, Deer Gloria wanted to sneak in here and remind Sister that it soon will be time for her to pack her bags and come to the rainy and grey Oregon coast.  Too bad she wont have this cute Samsonite suitcase to bring all her things in.  This beauty still has the key with it and everything.  I think it is time for this Sister to start planning another trip!

Until next time!
Sister Hanna