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Friday, February 28, 2014

Treasures From All Over

Is everybody ready for the weekend?  I sure am.  For some reason, this week has been dragging and I have constantly been thinking it is one day later than it actually is. 
Even though the forecast for the next few days is rainy and cold, I'm pretty optimistic that this is going to be a good weekend.  I hit a pretty good estate sale this morning.  I haven't had a chance to photograph everything yet because it is pretty dreary outside so that will have to wait until next time.  Maddie and I are headed up to Portland in the morning to a big antique show and also to have a fun girls day hitting some of the antique malls.  Then on Sunday is the flea market.  Can you see why I'm so optimistic?
On to some of my recent finds...
Like Hanna, I too have been enjoying purchasing things off Instagram.  It's another great way to find things to add to my collections, like these cocktail shakers.  I use them as giant drinking glasses.
I picked up these little Piggy Banks at the thrift.  They are a little worn but I think that just adds to the charm.  I have them tucked away with my Easter stuff now.  I think they will fit in pretty well with my plastic candy holders.
These beauties were a belated Christmas gift from Brian, he just doesn't know it.  I love Pyrex but it's getting harder and harder to find pieces I don't already have.  I'm excited to start my Fire King collection.
Speaking of Fire King, I recently sold a pair of Alex's basketball shoes on eBay and bought myself this pair of Fire King beehive bowls.  Cute, huh?  The USA marked candle holder was found at Goodwill in the candle section (duh).  I never check that part of the store but found myself with time to kill the other day so I wandered up and down every aisle. 
My super thoughtful but can't keep a secret sister gave me these Hazel Atlas coffee mugs to add to the collection of pink elephants she started for me.  They were supposed to be for my birthday but ended up being my Valentines Day present.  Thanks, Sister!! 
I found this amazing jadeite colored vintage camera at the thrift last week and was hesitant to buy it at first because I didn't know if ten bucks was too high of a price.  A quick post to my Instagram friends made me realize that I would be crazy to leave it behind. I even had several of my followers offer to buy it from me so I know I had to bring it home.  I will be the first to admit that I know nothing about vintage cameras. I don't even know if this works but it looks right at home in my house.
That's all for now, friends.  Maddie has a dance at school tonight so I have to go help her get ready.  A dance already?  Time needs to slow down!
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Have an awesome weekend!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Amazing Church Sale

In my area, there are a lot of churches and that usually means a lot of church sales.  I've been to my fair share over the years and they really can be hit and miss.  There is one though that I never miss.  The line usually wraps around the entire building and people tend to line up over an hour before the doors open.  Maybe it's because of the size of this church, maybe it's because of where the money goes.  But I think it's mostly because there are no other sales in the month of February around here!  Plus the prices are RIDICULOUSLY low.  Like stupid low.  Like how in the world do they expect to make any money low. Normally, unless I got a really crazy good deal on something, I don't talk about prices.  However, I have to share with you what I paid for these things because I still can't believe it and neither will you guys.

Well, last Friday was the big day and I headed over after dropping Maddie off at school.  I was #4 in line.  There is no sign-up sheets so you have to actually stand outside in the elements and pray that someone doesn't push their way in front of you.  Hey, this may be a church but I've seen some elbows thrown before.  The layout inside never changes and since I've been to this sale several times over the years, I knew exactly what direction to take once I got inside.  The awesome thing about this sale is they put all of the "vintage" stuff in one area (or so they think, more on that later).  I always head to that section first.

Some miscellaneous ornaments and a box of plastic light covers (?) for some sort of yet to be determined craft project.  Price of all this loot?  $2 bucks.

A couple souvenir glasses from Vermont & Yellowstone Park for a quarter apiece.  The Pyrex Friendship casserole and lid was a whoppin' dollar for the set.  Plus I didn't already have it!


Vintage tablecloths and dish towels for a quarter apiece.

The most amazing full sized apron that I can't wait to use for a quarter.

So after I all but emptied the two tables of "vintage", I perused the aisles for more goods.  What I found will totally show you guys that the organizers were not at all on the same page in regards to what was to be considered vintage.

I found the old Christmas tin mixed in with newer kitchen tins and the pink Shiny Brites mixed in with the Dollar Tree and Walmart boxes of ornaments.  50 cents for both!

The iron on transfers (10 cents!) were with the craft supplies, the patriotic recipe book from the 1950's was with the newer cookbooks,  and the crocheted doily was with the towels.  The sweet pink and gold earrings were not something I normally buy at sales but they're PINK!!  Any suggestions how to clean them before I wear them?  I got the transfers, earrings, recipe book, and doily for 85 cents.


Vintage sheets and pillowcases mixed in with the newer linens for a quarter each.

The pie bird is newer and is sitting on top of a Hazel Atlas Crinoline saucer.  The candy/oil thermometer was in the original box and I almost never pass up blue mason jars if they are reasonably priced.  All of these things AND the Fire King Jadeite bowl were a quarter each.  Yes, folks.  I said Jadeite.  For a quarter.

Last but not least, I found this sweet doll and her wind up rooster friend in the toy section.  I missed out on a girl exactly like this at an estate sale a while back and was pretty sad about it, but not anymore!  Yep, 50 cents for both.

So for those of you wearing your math hats, what does my haul total up to?


I told you prices were crazy.  I wonder if it's too early to get in line for next years sale?

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Have an awesome week!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thrifty Finds...Finally!

Happy Saturday!
This is the first weekend in a long time that we haven't had something planned.  We normally have people visiting, basketball, or the weather is just too awful to go out in.  Well this weekend it is supposed to be sunny and in the high 50's.  I already have some vintage linens soaking to hang outside. Hopefully I didn't jump the gun!
This last week I had lots of errands to run around town so I did find myself in the vicinity of the thrifts a few times.  Remember how I told you that this was the only way I would let myself go in?  Well, I'm happy to report that I had some luck...finally!
The Meadow promotional is a duplicate for me so I think I will put it on eBay to fund some of the purchases that I make.  I like to buy things online from time to time and I can justify it a little better if the money is already in my Paypal account.  The blue 502 was only a dollar so it came home with me for obvious reasons.
For me, Friendship is one of the hardest patterns to find in the wild, especially the patterned lids.  I found this one at a secret thrift that I won't even tell Sister about.
See the awesome pink shutter behind the Friendship?  Well, I actually found this a while ago and haven't shared it with you yet.  I'm not sure what I want to do with it so for now I got Brian to hang it on the wall above our closet. 
Love vintage sheets and am always happy to find them.  After the glassware aisle, these are always what I look for next.  I keep threatening to learn how to sew so I can do something crafty with them. 
When we were waiting in line to pay for the sheets, Maddie found a basket of books marked 4 for a dollar.  I think she found some good ones, don't you?
This old bushel basket was in with the regular baskets and a 50% off color.  TONS of possibilities!  I've even got one that someone turned into a lighting fixture pinned on one of my Pinterest boards.  How fun would that be?
Okay, so back to how I will use the money that I make selling on eBay to fund some of those vintage purchases that I just don't foresee finding in the wild....
Since I'm getting to the point where it's harder to find Pyrex pieces that I don't already have, I have switched my focus to Fire King.  LOVE this mixing bowl set.  There is a set on Etsy that is way out of my price range that I have been coveting forever so when I found this set on eBay for less than half the price plus free shipping, I jumped on it.
I think it fits in pretty well, don't you?
Busy day today....off to Lowes this morning to pick out paint for the laundry room and then to the tile store to order the new flooring.  Then I promised Brian I would help clean out all of the cars.  Maybe the sunny weather isn't such a good thing.....

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Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Little of This and That

Hanna here!  Well, I've found just a few things at the thrifts over the last few weeks, I've picked up a couple of things at an antique mall, I bought a couple of items off of Instagram, and my sweet Sister got me a few gifts.  I'm counting myself lucky, considering how slow the month of January was for me.

 Wow, these goodies make me so ready for Spring!  I thrifted everything but the bunnies.  The vintage biscuit tin was just so pretty and bright, and 99 cents was just the right price.  I was so excited to find my first piece of Syracuse China in the Nordic pattern.  I would love to some day have a full set of this pattern, it fits in so well with all the Scandinavian items in my kitchen.  I never leave a blue jar behind, especially one for 29 cents.  I'm not quite sure what to do with the baby shower paper plates, but they were too cute to leave behind.
 I purchased these bunnies at an antique mall in Kalama, WA for $3 a piece.  I never find Easter items so they had to come home with me.  I love that someone decided to give them little scarves.
 The kitty bookends are my 4th full set!  They were my very first Instagram purchase, and now I am hooked!  The book is one of my gifts from Erica.  She knows the way to my heart is woodland creatures and vintage books.
 Erica is much better than me about surprises.  I bought her a very early birthday gift and could not stop talking to her about it.  She mentioned she had a b-day gift for me also.  We decided that instead of the torturous wait until June and August, that we would exchange Valentines Day prizes!  This drippings container is the newest edition to one of my favorite collections. Thanks to Erica my collection of the McKee Sailboats is growing quickly and I'm in love.  I'm working on how I'm going to display it better so stay tuned.
 I saw this Lucky Strikes cigarette tin and knew it would be at home with all my Mad Men like bar ware (another Instagram buy.)  I also picked up theses shot glasses at the antique mall in Kalama.
 I have seen a few of these on their own, but never the full set.  My bar ware collection is getting out of control!
Last, but not least, guess what I found?!?  Many of you may have read about the missing deer vase that Erica got me for Christmas.  Well, Matt thought that he was so clever when he handed it to me Valentines Day morning.  Apparently he found it while rummaging in our basement.  He tried to play it off as my V-day gift, but I sure told him!  I really think he has just been hiding it and got tired of me talking about how sad I was it was gone.  He really doesn't like it, so I am going to make sure I put it somewhere where he can see it every day.  I'm so mean :)

I hope everyone has a great week!  I had a nice little visit with Erica and Maddie this last weekend, but I'm already missing them again.  I really think I may just have to move in with them so that I get to have as many thrifting successes as they do!

Always a Pleasure,

Sunday, February 16, 2014

No Flea For Me!

Hi, Everyone!
I had big plans to head to an amazing out of town flea market this morning but was hindered by a visit from Hanna.  How can I say no when she wakes me up and begs me to stay home and drink coffee with her in the morning before she leaves?  What an awesome sister I must be to choose her over the promise of vintage treasures.  So needless to say, I stayed home.  Oh well, there will be other flea markets, right?

Maddie and I spent the afternoon trolling through some of our local antique malls.  I found some great stuff but haven't unpacked or photographed it yet so that will have to wait until next time.  For now, I will show you some of the other amazing things I've been picking up here and there.

I found the 9" Fire King Swirl Jadeite bow for a ridiculously low price at a local antique mall.  I turned it over and over in my hands looking for something wrong with it.  It's perfect.  Even the cashier thought the tag may be a misprint. 

Ta-Dah!!  It just so happened to be the bowl I needed to complete my set.

At the same shop, I also found another Hazel Atlas striped tumbler and what I thought was the smallest Fire King Dots bowl.  I was wrong!  I recently found out that there were only 4 bowls in the set.  I always thought there were 5 but guess what?  This is actually the grease jar without the lid!

I just so happened to have the grease jar already.  Brian bought it for me for Christmas last year but the dots were pretty faded out.  So I just swapped out it's lid with the new bottom piece.  Voila!

So I took the faded out polka dot bowl and added it to my set.  Looks pretty good next to my Tulip set, don't you think? Oh, and look.  I also have the Tulip grease bowl, minus the lid!  I love learning new info about the things I collect.

I'm working on putting together the all white Butterprint Cinderella bowl set.  I was super excited to find the 444.  Only two more to go!

I have lots of the turquoise and white Snowflake pieces, but I have decided I want to mix in some of the black with them.  The 045 looks like a good place to start.

Maybe missing out on the flea market this morning was a good thing!  Maybe I should take a break from treasure hunting?  Yeah, right!  Brian was just telling me the other day that he is amazed at the way that I can always find a spot for the things I bring home.  I guess that's my hidden talent.  I better not try to suppress it!

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Have a great week!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mini Valentine's Day

Hanna here!  I've decided I need to totally obsess over a single holiday and then maybe I can have as many decorations as my wild Sisterita for at least one major holiday each year.  I did put a few things out for Valentines Day and thought I would share my mini Valentine's Day decorations.
 I always put something festive on my dining room table, it is one place that Matt doesn't seem to pay attention to.
 I got this plate at my local GW last year and totally forgot about it until I unpacked these goodies.  Don't you love that?
 I stopped in at Monticello's Antique Marketplace last week after an appointment in Portland and am so happy I did.  I always need more vintage Valentines and was excited to add a few of my favorite animals to the mix.
 I also found another knee hugger for my collection when I made a quick stop in Kelso, Washington. I can't wait to share the few other goodies I got there  in a later post.

I also made a little banner with some of my other Valentines and stuck 2 of my candy boxes up on my swanky swig shelf.  It's not a lot, but it makes me feel festive. 

And that's it, I told you it was a mini Valentine's Day!  I hope you all have a great week and don't forget my Oregonian friends, Friday is more importantly Oregon's Birthday!

Always a Pleasure!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy (Early) Valentines Day!

Good Morning, Blog Friends!

Here in the Willamette Valley, we are experiencing our second snow storm of the season.  I can tell you that this never happens.  All we normally get is rain, rain, and more rain.  Well, we are still getting rain alright, but it is in the form of the freezing kind on top of the 8" of snow on the ground.  The roads are treacherous, it hurts your face to go outside, and I am trapped in the house with Maddie, two teenage boys, and my husband.  Not fun.  Can you say Cabin Fever?  I've got to get out of the house today.  But before I do, I thought I would take a minute to share with you my Valentines Day decorations for this year.  I can't believe it's sneaking up on us so quickly.  Kind of like that snow falling outside my window right now....

One good thing about being housebound is that I have gotten a little crafty.  I made myself a little banner out of vintage valentines, rick rack, and buttons. 


My cute window shelf

I love digging through old valentines searching for either donkey ones or cowboy themed ones.  My collection is growing so I am going to have to find another cute way to display them.

I got the mason jar and conversation hearts idea off of Pinterest.  Easy 5 minute project which is perfect for me.

I need on more valentines box to have a new collection!

Last year, I was so exhausted from putting away my Christmas decorations that I didn't put out my Valentines Day ones.  I was happy to not feel that way this year!

Cute old tin I found at a garage sale.


And what holiday display would be complete without some pretty Pyrex?

Here is a full shot of my display.  I was able to keep it confined to one area this year but hopefully I find enough before next year that I am forced to spread it around the house!

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Have an awesome weekend!!