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Sunday, February 7, 2016

No New Junk on Superbowl Sunday

Happy Sunday!

So the flea market is scheduled for this morning but I'm gonna skip it.  Gasp!  Yep, you heard me right.  The last few times that I've gone to the flea market on Superbowl Sunday, it has been pretty empty of vendors.  I mean, who has time to sell their junk when there is queso dip and wings to be made and consumed!  Maybe they should reschedule it for tomorrow.  Walking around the flea market is a good way to burn off calories and after today, I know I'm gonna need all the help I can get!

While junking over the holidays, I found an instant collection of printed gift tape.  I have a bunch of the metal plaid dispensers but didn't have any like these.

Hit the second day of an awesome sale in an amazing old 1940's house.  I only scored this tablecloth and two cowboy valentines for my collection.  But it was worth it just to see all of the awesome craftsmanship that went into building this home.

Pink Lustroware refrigerator dish and a sweet pink elephant squeak for Miss Nori.

Some fun shaker sets for a buck apiece from my last visit to the flea market.

Hazel Atlas aqua stripes are pretty hard to find so I always try to grab them when I can if they are priced reasonably.  The cowboy glass was a recent thrift store find.  They had it in the display cabinet so I think it is safe to say that the thrifts are catching on to more than just the Pyrex.  But it was only 2 bucks so at least it wasn't outrageously priced.

Found all these cuties in a grab bag at an out of town junk store.  I am on the hunt for a tree to hang all my mica birds from.  That way I can enjoy them year round!

This is the third Eyes 403 I have found in the wild.  Paid the unheard of price of $8.50 at an antique mall!  The Diamond bowl was a Christmas gift to me from me.  Sometimes those are the best gifts of all!

I have coveted the plastic bird clothespins ever since I found out they existed.  But have you seen the prices?  CRAZY!  Luckily, I found the four of these at the flea market for a buck.  

We originally bought this elephant bank for Norah, but Maddie decided she couldn't let it go.  I guess the hoarding tendency has officially been passed on.  And it's always nice to find a new jar of vintage sprinkles for my collection.  They can be pretty spendy and hard to find.  And the red cowboy boot mug? #madeforme.

The Alan Jay topknot girl is so sweet!  She is much larger than some of my other squeaks.  I found her along with the pink enamelware pan at the flea market.  The Pyrex baker is the first good piece of Pyrex I have found at the thrift in months.  And it wasn't priced as though it were made of 14k gold.

Over the holidays, I decided that I needed this Hazel Atlas punch bowl set.  I looked online and was pretty shocked to see that it goes for a pretty penny.  Then add shipping?  Wow.  Way out of my budget.  Well, my patience and self control paid off because I was able to find it in person at my favorite antique mall!  I paid for the set what I would have paid online for two of the mugs.  And no shipping!

Hope everyone has an awesome Sunday!

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