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Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm A Die Hard Thrifter!

Last week, I finally managed to pick up a cold from somewhere.  I say finally because everybody in my household (except for me) has been sick at least twice this year and I have been able to avoid it.  So wouldn't you know it that the day I felt the worst just so happened to be last Sunday, flea market day!  Believe me, I wanted nothing more than to stay curled up in my nice, warm bed and let everyone else take care of me for once.  But, the thought of someone else finding my vintage treasures was just too much for me to handle.  So off I went, bright and early to the flea market.


My Mother-in-Law collects Aunt Jemima shakers and although these aren't old like most of her collection, she was still excited for me to find them for her.  The squirrels look a little, uh, squirrely don't you think?

I found quite the stash of old cookbooks for 50 cents apiece.  I love the graphics & illustrations the best.  I have been on the hunt for the Pillsbury's Best Butter Cookie Cookbook for a while now and plan on trying out some of the recipes soon.  Stay tuned!

There is this one booth at the flea market that looks like the guy goes into Goodwill and buys all of the things that us seasoned thrifters walk by and don't even give a second glance to.  But every so often, he surprises me and has something good.  Now I just need to find the 444 Ivy Cinderella bowl and I will have the complete chip & dip set.

So how crazy is it that Sister and I found the same Shawnee pixie planter a couple of weeks apart?  I originally bought this for her but then remembered that she had found one at Goodwill.  Lucky for me!


The last time I was at the flea market, I ran into the lady who I had bought some Archie glasses from a few months back.  She told me she had more and would bring them next time.  True to her word, she did!  Now I have two of each in case of any mishaps!

There hasn't been a whole heck of a lot in the way of Pyrex at the flea market lately with the exception of the 441 Ivy bowl.  But as I was walking out, I noticed the telltale color of a very rare set

I don't have to tell you that my heart skipped a beat when I spotted these.  Now, I already have this set and you can read about how they were acquired here.  It's actually a pretty funny story.  Anyway, I just couldn't pass these up especially when I talked the lady down to a price that was literally 1/5 of what I paid for my other set.  She said her husband had always disliked the "light blue" color of the bowls and put them in flea market pile.  I am pretty sure she had no idea what she was getting rid of.  These will be my workhorse bowls.  I have been hesitant to use my other set because I am so afraid of breaking them.  Now I have no excuse!

I'll tell you what, the flea market has not disappointed me at all lately!  Knowing everything that I would have missed out on had I let a little cold stand in my way scares me a little bit.  The flea market is in town again this weekend and you can bet that I will be one of the first in line!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Look at These Goodies!

Hi everyone, Hanna here.  Long time, no share!  As Sister said in her last post, I’ve been very busy with some home renovations.  That exhausted me last weekend and then this week school has been quite crazy. The only way I’ve been keeping my sanity the last few weeks is by stopping at Goodwill after work, which has been happening probably every other day.  Some days are horrible and I just walk out defeated and empty handed.  But, occasionally I find a thing or two for my collection.  I’ve also been buying a lot of stuff that has been making its way to Ebay.  Here are a few of my random finds from this week.

Crazy Daisy Pyrex is not a pattern I collect, but this size of pan seems to be few and far between.  I guess I was right, because it had a bid on it the same day I listed it on Ebay.

This is my second set of Blendo glasses that I’ve picked up.  These are such a cute size.  I also listed them online, but I’m crossing my fingers they don’t sell and that I can sneak them into my glassware collection.

I feel like I’ve been finding a lot of planters.  This Shawnee pixie planter is my first  pixie.  I love him.  He has joined his family in my woodland themed display in my living room.

Just a few pieces of pottery.  This cute little bunny will be joining me for Easter and I love this flower pot.  Those clay roses must have been really hard to make I would think.

 This donkey friend is just visiting with my woodland friends and will head home with Sister when she visits in March.  Remember folks, when you are thrifting, you must never leave a donkey behind.  They are just too cute.

 I also want to share the prizes that my amazing Sisterita sent me for Valentine’s Day this year. 
This deer planter arrived with his ear broken off but a little super glue and he is as good as new!  Just goes to show, even professional packers like my Sister can have pottery break.  It makes mailing vintage goodies so discouraging!

These Colorado sugar and creamer set are so cute with the little squirrels.  They fit in right at home with all my other critters.

Speaking of critters, have you ever seen a lone shaker that was so cute?  I didn’t think so.

I also received this Twin Squirrels book; can you tell what one of my favorite animals is?

She also sent me some cute little owl earrings that I’ve been wearing non-stop.  I’m so lucky!  Well, lets hope I keep finding a few goodies here and there to keep me happy and this Ebay thing going.  

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

This Sister Is Saving The Day!

Sister has been planning on blogging for the last few days but she is knee deep in a project involving the removal and replacement of flooring due to an unfortunate bladder control problem of one of her furry friends (Hope of the Ghetto, aka Satan).  So here I am to save the day and show you what I was able to find at the thrifts last week.
Among the millions of other things that I like to collect are Royal China Jeannette pie plates.  I found this one at Goodwill and it is actually a cake plate.  It is the first cake plate for me and already tucked away with the rest of my 4th of July decorations.
When I saw the Pyrex Red Leaf bread plate I was convinced that I was going to find more in all the millions of stacks of dishes at Goodwill but I was wrong.  That's alright, though.  One is definitely better than none!  I liked the Bicentennial mug because I am a Bicentennial Baby (my birth certificate says so!).
This Metlox planter is HUGE! 
If you know anything about me, you know I love donkey's so I obviously couldn't leave this behind.  Both the Metlox and the donkey were in the display case at SVDP and priced pretty high.  The nice guy working behind the counter told me that since they just came out of rotation, he would give them to me for 50% off.  I didn't even have to ask!
It must have been my day for pottery.  I picked up this USA Pottery pitcher at the Goodwill down the way from SVDP.
I found this Melmac serving bowl in the planter section at Goodwill with a dusty old spikey flower frog attached to the middle with silicone.  I was able to save the bowl but not the flower frog which was a bummer because I collect those too!  I had a few minutes before I was meeting Brian for lunch so I ran into Value Village even though I never, ever find anything there.  Well lucky for me, I found this Made in Japan Santa mug.  Evidently, they keep a small display of Christmas decor out year round.  This brings the grand total to things I have found at Value Village to 2, the other being the Pyrex 402 bowl from the Blue Americana set.  I just don't have the luck that some of you other bloggers have.
Did you all see these pretty 471's?  I posted about them over at the Pyrex Collective 2.  Head over there and check out the gorgeous stack photos!
I was up bright and early for the flea market this morning and found some great stuff.  Stay tuned!
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Last of The Swap Goods

Hi again, it's me Maddie!
So Erica from Golden Egg Vintage sent me ANOTHER special Valentines Day box.  She made this one just for me & filled it full of fun stuff.  I appreciated this box just as much as the other one.  I thought her last box was amazing. I didn't think she could outdo herself, but she did!  My mom brought in the mail and there was a box wrapped in pretty Valentine paper just for me.  I couldn't wait to open it.  My dad was home so he got to watch me open it too.  He was even surprised!
She spelled my name out in Scrabble letters. I told you she made it just for me!
She even made a flower out of an old mercury glass bulb!  Do I know my vintage material or what?
I think this looks like a pink bumblebee!
Now lets take a look at what was inside....
I collect stickers and Erica sent me four sheets of the cupcake & ice cream ones!  I needed a new wallet since I lost my last one and what girl doesn't like hair clips?
I am going to make my mom give me a pedicure. She just doesn't know it yet:-)
I didn't have this Golden Book but I do now!  Do you see that little snail on the top of the book?  I think Erica made it out of old pipe cleaners.  I am going to try to make my own! 
These Valentines were perfect for me to get so that I can start my own vintage Valentines collection that I don't have to share with mom!
Thanks for everything, Erica. You were the best swap partner EVER!!!
Bye for now blog friends.  If I have it my way, this won't be the last that you hear from Sidekick Maddie!
Happy Early Valentines Day,

Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's True What They Say.....

A few weeks ago, I got up too late on Sunday morning to get into the flea market early.  I ended up going in at the general admission time and boy was I disappointed!  I bought NOTHING.  Everything had definitely already been picked over by the dealers and early risers.  Plus I was a little frustrated (okay, a lot frustrated) at the prices.  A lot of the things that I would buy were horrendously overpriced.  I'm talking higher than antique mall prices.  Plus, a few of the booths even had eBay print outs on what items were listed for.  Do they not understand that you can list your item for any price?  It's what it SELLS for that matters!
But with the estate sale season still in hibernation and the thrift stores being bare, beggars can't be choosers!  The flea market is the only place that I really have going this time of year.  So last Sunday you can bet that my alarm clock was set and I was in line with the rest of the early birds.  It's true what they say, blog friends.  He really does catch the worm.
I found these vintage boxes of birthday candles and the little mouse in a quarter box.  Instant collection!  Thanks, Laurie for making me think that I have to collect everything with cute graphics! 
Lot's of button out of another vendors quarter box.  See, that is what flea markets are all about!  Amazing vintage items in quarter boxes!!
I am pretty sure that this isn't Bakelite but for 50 cents it was worth the risk.
Old tinsel garland for crafting.  I'm going to try my hand at a tinsel wreath next Christmas.
Not old but definitely worth a dollar.
I walked by this Wilendur tablecloth about four times telling myself that if it was still there when I was leaving, I would buy it.  It was very reasonably priced and in perfect condition so I was surprised that nobody else picked it up.  It has been awhile since I have found any linens.  I was happy to bring this home with me!
There are a couple of booths that have stacks and stacks of old children's books.  I usually save these booths for last so that I have the time to go through them. The Miss Christmas and Santa is a coloring book that has never been used.  I need to figure out the best way to display it during the holidays.  Isn't the cover the cutest thing ever?  Maddie didn't make it to the flea market with me this time.  Poor little thing is going through a major growth spurt so she is sleeping in until 9:30-10:00 on no school mornings!  She was thrilled that I brought her something home.
There were actually two of these little corner shelves.  The lady was very insistent that I buy both of them even if the other one was severely damaged.  It was missing an entire side and one of the shelves and she wanted to charge me the same price as for this one!  No thank you.  I only brought home one.  Initially, I bought it for Maddie's room, but now that I look around my room and bathroom, there are a couple of places it would look cute in there.  I may have a fight on my hands!
So with it being the last flea before Valentines Day, you would think that there would be lots of Valentines to be had, right?  Wrong!  Not only were there hardly any, the ones that I did find were at asinine prices.  However, as I was digging around through the books in the booth where I found the Santa girl coloring book, I found two Ziploc bags full  of these
50 vintage Valentines.  She sold them all to me for $10.00.  Do the math, people.  That's 20 cents APIECE!!!  You just gotta be willing to dig, and luckily I am.
The only other Valentine that I picked up was this one
The lady told me that it was from the 40's and the reason she knew that was because she used to receive similar cards when she was in elementary school in the 40's.  Can you believe how huge it is?  Thanks to Miss Maddie, my display girl.
Despite the fact that I didn't find any Pyrex or other kitchenware, this has to be one of the best markets that I have been to all season.  Plus I even picked up a few prizes for Sister but I will let her share those with you when she gets them. You can bet that I will be at the flea market bright and early next weekend.
Here is a little puppy update for you to enjoy.....
The photo on the left I showed you all a couple of weeks ago.  He was 8 weeks old.  The photo on the right is at 10 weeks.  Isn't it amazing how fast they grow?  He is getting so handsome and much less baby looking.
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