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Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm A Lucky Girl!

Hi Blog Friends!  It's me, Maddie!
Erica at Golden Egg Vintage recently hosted a Valentines Day Candy Box Swap and I was lucky enough to be chosen as her partner!  Unfortunately, after we made the boxes, I got sick.  One day when I was feeling really horrible, my mom walked into the bedroom and brightened my day!  She came in holding a big box with my name on it.  It was a package from Erica!  My mom also got her box the same day from her swap partner, Deb.  To add suspense, I made her open her box first.  After she was done, I grabbed my box and ripped it open!
Not only was the candy box that Erica made for me inside the box, there was also a little white box with a note on it.  The note said "here are some things to help you start off your Easter collection.  You can share them with your aunt and your mom if you want."
Inside were these...
Three spun head rabbits!  No way was I gonna share these!!
Erica hadn't been feeling well lately either so she sent me the amazing box that she blogged about a few weeks ago.
I hadn't seen her blog post, so the box was still a surprise for me.
Do you want to see what was inside?
When I took the lid off, I was very surprised because she had sent me so many things (which she didn't have to do!)
Can you believe that she fit so much stuff into one box?
I've already used the stickers in a craft project! 
Then last week I got ANOTHER box from Erica in the mail.  But you will have to wait until next time to see all of it!


**Note from Erica the Mom:  Maddie really did write this post.  The only help she got from me was the picture taking and blog formatting.  I am raising a pretty good little blogger, don't you think?


  1. Maddie what a great post! Love your Valentine box and what fun items inside! Blogging is fun!

  2. The Valentines swap so much fun! I loved seeing what everybody else got as much as I enjoyed receiving my goodies! Hope everybody is feeling better!

  3. What an awesome post Maddie. Love all the neat stuff.

  4. What fun I sure do love the early Springtime sweets she included! Hugs, Diane

  5. You must have been so excited, I feel excited for you!! What a fun box!! Great job on your first blog post!

  6. That valentines day box is so cute!

  7. Oh my goodness - I am just drooling over all the wonderful things you received! Those little spun bunnies are adorable! Yeah! Have fun creating with all this great stuff!

  8. That box is so cute, you're a lucky little chick! And your post is great!!! You are a very good writer and I am excited to see more posts from you. :)

  9. Maddie,
    You are getting to start this blogging joy earlier than most! Lucky girl, Erica is incredible!!!! I have been thinking about what do for an Easter swap, we all need to get our heads together....perhaps it is time for another banner???? What do you think??? Sandy

  10. You are a lucky girl - and a talented one too. Great blog post! Enjoy all the goodies - they sure are cute!

  11. Maddie is a lucky girl! Love all of her fun gifts! Erica is super sweet!

  12. Hi Maddie!
    I'm so happy to see a post from you! I'm also happy to hear that you liked "round #1" of your Valentine's swap things. I hope there are some things in there that you can use. I told your mom that you need to do a post about the things that you collect! That would be fun to see. Tomorrow I'll be posting about what you sent to me! Can't wait to show everyone!
    Thanks Maddie!
    Erica :)

  13. So glad to see a post from you Maddie!

    My swap came while I was sick, too! It's helps doesn't it?

    I love the box Erica made and all the goodies, too. I'd love to know where she got the heart box of cute buttons!

    I hope you post more in the future. I think it's cool that you've started treasure hunting and collecting early! ♥

  14. So much fun stuff, and a very enjoyable post! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more Maddie posts in the future! :) --Fran

  15. You have received a beautiful box from Erica. She is so generous and has a really good eye for vintage. I found you through her blog and I am your newest follower. Hope you are having a great weekend.