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Sunday, April 28, 2013

2 Weeks of Finds

Hanna here!  Its been 2 weeks since I've shared and I wish I had more finds.  I've gone to a few sales and did a little thrifting, but it has been really slow.  My Goodwill has seriously taken a turn for the worse.  First they reduced the Pyrex area to a single shelf.  Then they did the same thing with the figurines area.  Now prices are suddenly unbelievable.  The best thing I've found was a Shop Vac for $9.99, great for my husband but not so exciting for me.  I've realized I will have to go to more sales, but  these are few and far between around here.  Oh well, school is out in 6 weeks and then I can do a little traveling and hopefully have more luck.

On our way to the valley last weekend I saw a sign for an estate sale.  I got the husband to make the turn and 3 miles later up a gravel logging road we arrived.  Not a lot there, but at least I got a little bit of a fix.

 Finally I found myself a metal waste basket!  I can never have too many Ball jars.
I saw this sweet little deer right when we pulled up.  It was sitting on a huge tree stump that we parked next to.  I asked the nice sale lady if it was for sale and she looked at me like I was nutty.  $1?  Yes please!  She recommended I re-paint him.  I don't think so!

 I went to the an estate sale in my area.  I haven't made it to one on the coast in a long time because they always start on Fridays and I work.  The husband came with me and we arrived 20 minutes early.  There was already a line of like 20 people, a few of which I know and have had bad experiences with.  I didn't find much but it was nice to get to a sale.  I've never found a Golden Magazine, but I thought the Halloween graphics were cute.  I wont even tell you what happened with the Shiny Brites box.  I basically grabbed it for the box but lets just say someone wanted to give me a really rude lesson about Shiny Brites.  I hate it when people assume you don't know anything.  I may be 26, but I know what I'm doing lady, especially vintage X-mas (thanks to my expert Sister!)  This is my first Scotch tape tin, it will be cute for Christmas time.

 I loved the Golden Magazine even more when I saw there was an article about Woodpeckers.

 And how to draw an owl, perfect for me!
 I picked 250 yards of this ribbon up at Goodwill.  I think I'm going to use it for Maddie's B-day project.
I also picked up this stationary with owls, rabbits, and squirrels at Goodwill.  They are really long pieces of stationary that you write on and fold in half.  They were produced the year I was born and totally look like me so of course they came home too.

Today is the start of the field season, so the husband is gone Sundays-Wednesdays and he takes the dog.  I will probably be lonely but I figure  I'm going to enjoy watching shows, thrifting after work every day and getting some serious cleaning done.

Come see me at the Thriftasaurus party!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Thursday Sale

I was in my car today thinking about how I wished I could stay home for one day and not have to run any stupid, boring errands (gas station, post office, grocery store, bank etc.).  All of the sudden, I saw a sign for a garage sale.  What the heck, I thought.  So I stopped and let me tell you, I am so glad I did!

Vintage metal picnic basket for a dollar?  Okay!  Old reflectors in the free box?  You bet!

I got all of these transfers for $2.00.  Now I just need to figure out how to use them!

And 50 cents got me another donkey planter for my collection.  I think that makes 6!

I don't think I will be complaining about errands for a while!

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Flea Market Sunday & A Teenage Puppy Update

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Yesterday was the flea market and I had my trusty little sidekick Maddie with me.  She hasn't gone since opening weekend.  I guess it is a little too much to ask for her to have to get up so early on Sunday morning, especially since she already gets up early for school during the week and on Saturdays for sales.  But as I was getting ready on Sunday, I heard a little voice say "mom, is it time for me to get ready?".  What a trooper.

I really love the time that we get to spend together doing something that we both love.  I especially love how she likes to emulate my style.  We definitely looked like mama and mini me with our jeans, cowboy boots, and hoodies.  She is just getting so dang grown up!

Here's what we found

I just can't seem to leave canisters behind when I find them.  And if they are pink with vintage decals on them?  Forget about it!  Someday I will find the Hazel Atlas pink elephant ice bucket or any of the other pieces that come in that amazing set but until then, this flower/picket fence design one will work just fine.

I'm going to foster this little deer planter for a while.  Someday, it may end up at Sisters whether I want it to or not!  My little bartering queen got the seller to knock a dollar off of the price for the little Made in Japan puppy.  Who can deny a 10 year old girl haggling prices?

I had to have this Hazel Atlas child's mug, especially when I noticed the donkey on one side of it!  There was another seller who had this same mug but it was dishwasher damaged and he still wanted $12.50 for it.  I found this one at completely different table for 2 bucks.  It's perfect.

In my opinion, you can't ever have enough storage options.  I really toyed with the idea of painting this shelf but it already has a perfectly chippy finish to it.

So for now, it's going to stay white and house some of my more muted colors of pottery.

Maddie found some books for her collection.  She also bought some beads and other craft supplies.

This is the third time in a row that I have found a vintage tablecloth at the flea market.  I'm hoping to see a trend!
Bullet our German Shepherd puppy is 5 months now and he is definitely in that awkward, teenage phase.  He still trips over his feet and instead of a cute little puppy face, he has a big boy face on a small puppy body.  He just looks like a mini German Shepherd to me!

He is so handsome!

Quite the change from this sweet little face

Hope you all have a great week!  I'm heading over to link up with Sir Thrift-A-Lot.

Until next time...


Friday, April 19, 2013

A New Estate Sale Company

Hi Everyone!

Last weekend, I hit up a sale given by a new estate sale company.  It was way out in the country in a little tiny 1920's farmhouse.  Although the pictures looked really promising, I didn't end up going until the second and last day of the sale.  I was able to see some of the prices in the photos and since they were a little on the high side, I thought I'd wait until the last day of the sale when everything was 50% off.  Plus, I didn't see anything that I had to have so I wasn't in a frantic rush to get there when they opened at 7:45  on Friday morning.  (I know, odd time for a sale to start).

So bright and early on Saturday morning, I took the nice little drive out into the country about 45 minutes from my house.  It was the cutest little house on about 30 acres.  It was all original and had never been updated.  I must say that the people running the sale were the absolute nicest people that I have EVER dealt with at estate sales.  They were courteous and helpful.  They were so friendly and very interested in what a young girl like me was wanting with all of this vintage stuff.  I really enjoyed talking to them and put my name on their email list.  I will definitely be going to their sales in the future.

Enough babbling.  Want to see what I got?

These will be fun to display during the holidays.  I especially like the one in the front. 

I am so excited for estate sale season to get into full swing.  It's been too long since I have found any vintage ornaments.

I can't ever have enough of these cookbooks.  I know I've mentioned this before, but this Summer Maddie and I are going to start actually trying the recipes in these.  It will be a new segment on our blog.  Mick over at Everyone Goes To Mick's said we should call it "Maddie's Kitschy Kitchen".  I think that's a great name!

These perfect birds figurines where a no brainer.  Look at the colors!

I like to collect old kitchen things like these, especially the syrup dispensers.  I really like the ones with the textured jars.

Of course I picked up a few vintage linens.  The pillowcases were 12 cents apiece!  Sister, what do you think of this poppy and daisy sheet?

The pillowcases are all too narrow for my standard size pillows.  I wonder what size of pillows they were meant for?

As I was getting in line to pay for my loot, I noticed a box behind the counter full of vintage valentines.  I assumed they were being held for somebody and asked if they had any more for sale.  The lady told me that the person who was holding them changed their mind and they just never got put back out.  She asked me if I would like them.  She told me they were $3.00 for the bunch.

150 vintage valentines for $3.00?  Doesn't that come out to around 2 cents apiece?  Leaving them behind would have been a travesty! 

Then when she saw I was so excited for the valentines, she asked me if I wanted the Christmas cards the lady decided against too.

Well, duh!  By the way, I also got the chalkboard for 40 cents!  A project is on the horizon for it.

I normally don't hit up sales on the second day but I am so happy that I did this time!  I may have to try it again from time to time.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  Our weather is going to get up into the 70's.  I am going to be soaking and hanging a lot of linens in the sunshine.  Is it weird that I am looking forward to this chore?

By the way, did you all check out the little beauty that I scored over at The Pyrex Collective 2?  Be prepared to be green (or pink) with envy!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An Antique Mall & Flea Market Adventure

Wow.  So I just realized that I still haven't shared with all of you the rest of my finds from my busy vintage weekend a couple of weeks ago.  My lack of posts definitely aren't due to a lack of vintage finds (thank goodness), but more due to the fact that the days and weeks seem to be screaming by and before I know it, almost a whole week has gone by without a peep from this Thrifter Sister. I promise readers, this will stop come Summer vacation which we all know & hope will be here before we know it!

I love the Albany Antique Mall and try to go there at least every couple of months.  It's about 45 minutes north of my house but worth the boring drive along I-5.  I always find great things there.  This is the same store that has the mass amounts of Pyrex that I posted about here. 

This time I got only a few treasures but I was super happy with each and every one of them.

I firmly believe that you cannot ever have enough vintage tins.  Besides the graphics being amazing for displaying, they are actually functional!  Way better eye candy for storing your cat food in the kitchen than the cat food bag!  The Hazel Atlas Ivy bowl is the biggest one in the set.  It is HUGE!  I think I have at least one of every size now.

Can you believe how perfect this vintage dish towel is?  I don't think it was ever used and I guarantee you it will stay that way!  I am using it as a dresser scarf on one of my dressers in my bedroom so I can stare at it all day!

Maddie's bedroom is decorated shabby chic style with roses throughout so this wastebasket was a no brainer.  She was so excited when I brought it home to her. Crazy kid.

Believe it or not, even though this antique mall is dripping in Pyrex, this is the only piece that made it home with me.  I am running out of room (again!) and have to be very selective with what I buy.  I already had this 8" casserole in pink and lime green but not turquoise!  Now, I only need the yellow one and I will have the whole set.

While I was in Albany, I stopped at the local Goodwill and picked up a few things.

There was a definite theme in regards to vintage pillowcases....yellow.

This is the Goodwill that never disappoints me when it comes to vintage glassware.  9 out of 10 times I find at least one piece.  I have slowly been collecting this pattern of glassware for the last couple of years.  I get so excited when I find a new piece which unfortunately doesn't happen to often.  The little creamer is marked California Pottery and is the perfect shade of turquoise.

Yes, more vintage glassware from the same store.  I found all of these pieces the last time I was at this particular Goodwill when I was heading up to Astoria to visit Sister.  I forgot I hadn't shown them to you yet!  The Cat Studio glass isn't vintage but will be someday!  This Austin one will join the Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Florida, & Alaska ones I have already thrifted.

Then Sunday, it was off to the flea market.  Of course I was there when the doors opened to the early birds at 8:00 am.  I circled around and around for about and hour but didn't find much.

I found three unused boxes of these amazing little postcards.  These are the front of them then the back has little lines for your note and a spot for the address.  The lady I bought them from said they belonged to her mother and she rescued them out of the trash pile when she and her brother were cleaning out her mothers house after she passed away.  Throw away vintage ephemera?  WHO DOES THAT? 

This sassy pumpkin die cute was giving me the look that said "bring me home!".  I also picked up the Gurley candle in the same booth for a quarter.  This is my first one like this.

It's pretty rare that I find tablecloths at the flea market but one booth had a few.  All but this one was Christmas and it was only $4!  Pretty good price, I think.  I only have a few tablecloths with fall like colors so I has happy to find another one to add to my collection.  I can't wait to use it.

Lot's of pictures to make you all smile.  The sales are picking up and the thrift stores are getting more and more stocked.  I love this time of year.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Thrifting Fix

Good Morning Blog Friends!  I finally have a little time between procrastinating my teaching license renewal to share the rest of my finds from spring break and what I bought at Plucky Maidens.  It is a sad time around here because I've been so busy that I haven't been thrifting in over a week.  Thank goodness I have photos of the good times when there was no work and I could thrift to my heart's content.  7 more weeks and this may be the case again.

Weird, a bird frenzy again.  I picked up this sweet pencil box at my Goodwill on the way out of town and I am in love with it.  A lone pheasant salt shaker of course, and two owls.  The owl in the middle is a made in Japan planter and the other owl is a figurine that looks a lot like my Shawnee owl shakers.  It's unmarked, does anyone know his maker?
Sister picked up the 2 shot glasses in the front to add to my collection.  I picked up the Hawaii and Mississippi souvenir glasses for her when I headed up I-5 on my way home.  I should have done a close up on the coffee cups that I gifted my in laws.  One says, "I rule the roost," and the other says, "I rule the rooster."  They got a good laugh out of them when I gifted them over the weekend.
 I picked up this container without it's lid at Plucky Maidens and now it holds my wooden spoons on my kitchen counter.  This hand painted cake cover was too sweet to leave behind.  I have the perfect Pyrex plate to sit it on and it has the right Scandinavian touch to fit in happily in my kitchen.  Plus, there is a deer on it!
 My most favorite buy from Plucky Maidens.
The green pitcher I purchased over a year ago and I haven't seen anything like it until now.  This little amber pitcher is tiny, you could probably use it as a creamer.  Right now they are both sitting in my living room to my husband's dismay.
 Now for a story of firsts.  Erica and I have never been to the Goodwill bins together.  I've walked in and out of them a couple times, but have never been brave enough to dig.  Well, obviously all this withholding from thrifting caught up with me because on our drive down I-5 from Plucky Maidens we made a stop in Salem and I couldn't help myself.  I saw a pop of color and I just jumped right in.
The vintage linens are definitely a new love that my Sister turned me on to.  I think I paid a whopping $5 for these.  I have a lot of sewing dreams for the summer and am hoping to make some beautiful things with them.  They also look pretty stacked on my cedar chest in the bedroom.
I'm pretty sure you are all aware that I have the best Sister.  While I was rummaging like an animal through the stinky bins of goodness, Maddie and Sister decided to take a safer route and see if there were any albums that needed to come home with me.  The first album she picked up was the Unbearable Bears.  I would be really surprised if any of you knew this children's album, but it was my favorite when I was little and my tape was lost at some point or more likely was worn out becuase I listened to it so much.  Well, Sister saved the day and this is the first album she picked up.  Maddie didn't get it and I think really wanted her embarrassing Mom and Aunt to stop as we sang Teddy Bear Picnic word for word in the car.  We loved it and now I have this special memory that takes me back to my childhood.  I told you I had the best Sister.
No post is complete without a little Pyrex.  I paid $1.99 for the green pan and $3.50 for the woodland 441 at an antique mall.  I'm up to 12 different 441 patterns but still have so many more I want!  I also picked up the friendship lid at the antique mall to complement my lonely red casserole.
I know, I know, long post.  But before I left I told Sister I was looking for more Autumn harvest canisters (she found me one forever ago.)  I told her to keep her eyes peeled.  I decided to take a long detour on my drive home and I hit the Goodwill in Forest Grove.  I knew I was gonna get lucky when Thrift Shop started playing on the radio.  I paid a little more than I should have for these, but I couldn't turn them down, especially since orange is my favorite color.

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite Plucky and spring break finds.  I swear I have the best days when I get to thrift with my best friend and awesome niece.

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