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Monday, April 1, 2013

Back to Reality

Happy Monday Everyone!  Hanna here, and I'm slowly headed back to reality.  I had a great week off for spring break but picked up strep throat towards the end and am finally starting to feel normal again.  I have so much to share from Sister and Maddie's visit two weeks ago, but first I wanted to share a gift from a blog friend.
One of our readers, Lindsey, saw that I found two of a 4 Walt Disney book set back in this post.  She is so sweet and sent me the third book along with 2 other really sweet books.  I was especially excited about the Audubon Field guide.  I'm not sure if she knows I collect field guides and I didn't have this one yet.  Thanks again for being so generous Lindsey!
Here is the inside cover of the book.  Isn't the animation pretty? Now lets just hope I can find book number 4!

 I acquired quite a few new animal friends.  Sister bought me the ducklings for my Easter display and I picked up the lamb planter for the same purpose.  The Bambi bookend is so sweet.  My most favorite in the deer that Sister also gifted me.  It is really special.  Wanna see why?
 Don't worry, I didn't break it.
He is a liquor bottle!  Or maybe just a bottle, but you know what I'm going to use him for!

 I also picked up this squirrel tea pot that matched the sugar and creamer Erica got me a while back.  It is a lighter color, but they are still very happy together.
 My spendy buy was this copy of Audubon's Bird of America from 1945.  It wasn't cheap, but a way better price than what I would pay online or at a book store.  It has 435 different full size illustrations.  One night I made Maddie join me on the couch for over an hour after her mom went to bed and we looked through the whole book.  I'm sure she was bored out of her mind, but she was a trooper while her aunt was a bird nerd.
 Here are a few of my favorite plates.  So pretty.
I see these plates online all the time and I always hope they are reproductions.  It is horrible that people would actually cut these books up!
 Speaking of books, we are all aware I have a huge book hoarding problem.  We went to a really disgusting estate sale on Friday in Seaside and I found this in a smelly, jam packed room.  It was so old I bought it without really taking a peak.  It cost me $1.
It turns out it is the oldest book I now own, from 1769 and is the texts and rubrics for the celebration of Mass.  It is pretty amazing to hold something that old in your hands.

I'm going to wait to share my Plucky Maidens finds and my thrifts from my trip down to Eugene because there is just so much that I want to make you wait!

Hope everyone has a beautiful, thrifty week and I will share again soon!

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Talk to you Soon!


  1. That sure is an old book!!

  2. That deer decanter is tricky, tricky! Nobody would ever know...

  3. The deer liquor bottle, how cute is that?! Glad you had a good spring break!

  4. We had a set of those Disney books when I was a kid. I would spend hours reading and re-reading the story of Cinderella. I still love Cinderella to this day. Can't wait to see your other finds!

  5. 1769 HOLY COW! For $1.00 no less! Wow, Is it sad the very first thing I thought of when I saw it was- "Wow that would be a really great Halloween decoration!" How neat that its lasted nearly 300 years!

  6. I would keep Bosco in the deer decanter ;)

  7. That deer with the removable head is too cool! A little weird for a liquor bottle, but they did that type of stuff way back when.

  8. I love all of the planters. Beautiful finds all-around!

  9. No idea you collected field guides...put it in the box on a whim! The fates must have been whispering to me! :) Love the deer decanter and bookend...deer are so cute! Great sister you have there!