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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An Antique Mall & Flea Market Adventure

Wow.  So I just realized that I still haven't shared with all of you the rest of my finds from my busy vintage weekend a couple of weeks ago.  My lack of posts definitely aren't due to a lack of vintage finds (thank goodness), but more due to the fact that the days and weeks seem to be screaming by and before I know it, almost a whole week has gone by without a peep from this Thrifter Sister. I promise readers, this will stop come Summer vacation which we all know & hope will be here before we know it!

I love the Albany Antique Mall and try to go there at least every couple of months.  It's about 45 minutes north of my house but worth the boring drive along I-5.  I always find great things there.  This is the same store that has the mass amounts of Pyrex that I posted about here. 

This time I got only a few treasures but I was super happy with each and every one of them.

I firmly believe that you cannot ever have enough vintage tins.  Besides the graphics being amazing for displaying, they are actually functional!  Way better eye candy for storing your cat food in the kitchen than the cat food bag!  The Hazel Atlas Ivy bowl is the biggest one in the set.  It is HUGE!  I think I have at least one of every size now.

Can you believe how perfect this vintage dish towel is?  I don't think it was ever used and I guarantee you it will stay that way!  I am using it as a dresser scarf on one of my dressers in my bedroom so I can stare at it all day!

Maddie's bedroom is decorated shabby chic style with roses throughout so this wastebasket was a no brainer.  She was so excited when I brought it home to her. Crazy kid.

Believe it or not, even though this antique mall is dripping in Pyrex, this is the only piece that made it home with me.  I am running out of room (again!) and have to be very selective with what I buy.  I already had this 8" casserole in pink and lime green but not turquoise!  Now, I only need the yellow one and I will have the whole set.

While I was in Albany, I stopped at the local Goodwill and picked up a few things.

There was a definite theme in regards to vintage pillowcases....yellow.

This is the Goodwill that never disappoints me when it comes to vintage glassware.  9 out of 10 times I find at least one piece.  I have slowly been collecting this pattern of glassware for the last couple of years.  I get so excited when I find a new piece which unfortunately doesn't happen to often.  The little creamer is marked California Pottery and is the perfect shade of turquoise.

Yes, more vintage glassware from the same store.  I found all of these pieces the last time I was at this particular Goodwill when I was heading up to Astoria to visit Sister.  I forgot I hadn't shown them to you yet!  The Cat Studio glass isn't vintage but will be someday!  This Austin one will join the Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Florida, & Alaska ones I have already thrifted.

Then Sunday, it was off to the flea market.  Of course I was there when the doors opened to the early birds at 8:00 am.  I circled around and around for about and hour but didn't find much.

I found three unused boxes of these amazing little postcards.  These are the front of them then the back has little lines for your note and a spot for the address.  The lady I bought them from said they belonged to her mother and she rescued them out of the trash pile when she and her brother were cleaning out her mothers house after she passed away.  Throw away vintage ephemera?  WHO DOES THAT? 

This sassy pumpkin die cute was giving me the look that said "bring me home!".  I also picked up the Gurley candle in the same booth for a quarter.  This is my first one like this.

It's pretty rare that I find tablecloths at the flea market but one booth had a few.  All but this one was Christmas and it was only $4!  Pretty good price, I think.  I only have a few tablecloths with fall like colors so I has happy to find another one to add to my collection.  I can't wait to use it.

Lot's of pictures to make you all smile.  The sales are picking up and the thrift stores are getting more and more stocked.  I love this time of year.

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  1. I am hitting the Albany antique mall and goodwill next time I head south. (probably to pick up Ben from OSU when the year is done). Love that Maddie gets excited about a vintage trash can.

  2. I'm going to hide in the trunk of Laurie's car when she heads South so I can go to the Albany Antique Mall too! Your Goodwill is incredible ... my Goodwill is not.

  3. That is just a beautiful shade of turquoise!! I would have bought it too, even though I wouldn't need it!! Some things like that you just have to buy!!

    Great finds, as always!!

  4. That is a pretty Pyrex dish! Love it!
    You found some great items. I want to go to the Goodwill in your area!!!

  5. The Halloween die-cut is fab. I think it was you, not your sister, who bought a Halloween decoration from an antique mall awhile go? Wasn't it like $12 or something? I saw 2 of them a couple weeks ago... $65 & $75! One of them was at an "Antique Emporium" that boasted 30 vendors & great, cheap prices (she had the $75 one).. When I got there I was like "whaaaa?" There was like a whole display case of milk bottle tops & a gigantic white table. This thing I bought from another market was 3x the price there. The place was no bigger than my 900 SQ FT apartment. I think she reviewed her own lame shop. I asked her one question about something & she was so rude. I wanted to box her, but she was like 67.

  6. Yeah, this little with:


  7. I'm home from a wonderful day of treasure hunting so I can enjoy your finds without ANY envy! :) I finally saw some things in person that I had only seen on the Internet AND bought some of them! Yay!

    That Pyrex dish is the prettiest blue!

    Tell Maddie I love her waste basket! ♥

  8. What pretty finds ... how much fun to come home with such great treasures!

  9. I'm with you on tins....love them!

  10. Great finds again - that dish towel and square Pyrex are fantastic, and I love the little cards - those graphics are just too cute.

  11. Such pretty finds! Love that blue dish towel.

  12. You found wonderful pieces! Can't wait to see more. :)

  13. I love the linens! BUT I'm pretty sure the turquoise brownie pan is different from your lime and flammgo. Take a closer look at the handles. If it matters to yo. If you ever find a pair of yellow ones let me know, the yellow is the only one I'm missing! I only find the pesky Desert Dawn.

  14. Definitely hard to pick a favorite out of this lineup, but that tea towel is pretty great! Good luck on the hunt for the yellow dish ... it's always good to have something to look for!