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Friday, April 19, 2013

A New Estate Sale Company

Hi Everyone!

Last weekend, I hit up a sale given by a new estate sale company.  It was way out in the country in a little tiny 1920's farmhouse.  Although the pictures looked really promising, I didn't end up going until the second and last day of the sale.  I was able to see some of the prices in the photos and since they were a little on the high side, I thought I'd wait until the last day of the sale when everything was 50% off.  Plus, I didn't see anything that I had to have so I wasn't in a frantic rush to get there when they opened at 7:45  on Friday morning.  (I know, odd time for a sale to start).

So bright and early on Saturday morning, I took the nice little drive out into the country about 45 minutes from my house.  It was the cutest little house on about 30 acres.  It was all original and had never been updated.  I must say that the people running the sale were the absolute nicest people that I have EVER dealt with at estate sales.  They were courteous and helpful.  They were so friendly and very interested in what a young girl like me was wanting with all of this vintage stuff.  I really enjoyed talking to them and put my name on their email list.  I will definitely be going to their sales in the future.

Enough babbling.  Want to see what I got?

These will be fun to display during the holidays.  I especially like the one in the front. 

I am so excited for estate sale season to get into full swing.  It's been too long since I have found any vintage ornaments.

I can't ever have enough of these cookbooks.  I know I've mentioned this before, but this Summer Maddie and I are going to start actually trying the recipes in these.  It will be a new segment on our blog.  Mick over at Everyone Goes To Mick's said we should call it "Maddie's Kitschy Kitchen".  I think that's a great name!

These perfect birds figurines where a no brainer.  Look at the colors!

I like to collect old kitchen things like these, especially the syrup dispensers.  I really like the ones with the textured jars.

Of course I picked up a few vintage linens.  The pillowcases were 12 cents apiece!  Sister, what do you think of this poppy and daisy sheet?

The pillowcases are all too narrow for my standard size pillows.  I wonder what size of pillows they were meant for?

As I was getting in line to pay for my loot, I noticed a box behind the counter full of vintage valentines.  I assumed they were being held for somebody and asked if they had any more for sale.  The lady told me that the person who was holding them changed their mind and they just never got put back out.  She asked me if I would like them.  She told me they were $3.00 for the bunch.

150 vintage valentines for $3.00?  Doesn't that come out to around 2 cents apiece?  Leaving them behind would have been a travesty! 

Then when she saw I was so excited for the valentines, she asked me if I wanted the Christmas cards the lady decided against too.

Well, duh!  By the way, I also got the chalkboard for 40 cents!  A project is on the horizon for it.

I normally don't hit up sales on the second day but I am so happy that I did this time!  I may have to try it again from time to time.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  Our weather is going to get up into the 70's.  I am going to be soaking and hanging a lot of linens in the sunshine.  Is it weird that I am looking forward to this chore?

By the way, did you all check out the little beauty that I scored over at The Pyrex Collective 2?  Be prepared to be green (or pink) with envy!

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  1. Oh wow. You did good!! Wonderful Finds!

    I wish you would of taken pictures of the house. I bet it was so cute!!

  2. The skinny pillowcases, fit the older style down filled pillows.

    Now a days we have luxurious full pillows and they are a little to wide for the pretty older cases. But it does not stop me from cramming the bigger pillows into them... :)

  3. OK, I'm happy for you. BUT man I'm jealous! I know that's ugly. But I can't help it! Ahhhh! That's a record on Valentines and X-mas cards! Ahhhh!
    OK, back to being just happy for you.
    Erica :)

  4. Those prices were crazy cheap. The tape dispensers would have come home with me....

  5. Another collection of great finds!

  6. The sight of those old scotch tapes made me feel happy! I'm glad the people running the sale were kind. I've heard so many ugly stories that it's curbed my desire to ever go to one! ♥

  7. I love old linens. They have that "I really feel at home" attitude. Great finds.

  8. Those kitty linens are cute, too. I wish I had a cat that knew how to do all that!

  9. I dream of a little farm house that hasn't been remolded!
    Oh what fun you must have had...I love all your treasures. I have a hard time resisting the old cookbooks too.
    Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

  10. My sister and I had never gone to an estate sale on a Sunday afternoon, but she had an hour kid free last Sunday and we went to our first one. The deals were crazy awesome and we both walked away with things we love, and agreed that any future kid free Sunday hours will be spent cruising a sale!

  11. Valentines and Christmas!! I don't believe it!! LUCKY!

  12. All that on the second day! Lucky you!

  13. Wonderful stuff, and you sure can't beat the prices! Can't believe that good stuff was left on the second day!

  14. Score on the Valentines! And I love the syrup dispensers too - so cute!

  15. Can't believe the prices. Estate sale items are not usually that cheap. You did great! Can't wait for the cooking series. Love, love the kitchen items and now I HAVE to hop over and see what else you scored. Thanks for sharing with SYC.