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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Vintage (Mostly) Halloween & Another Birthday Wish

Happy Almost Halloween, Everyone!
My Halloween decorations have been up for about a month and today is the perfect day to share them with you!  I was just looking back at my post from last year showing off my displays and it's crazy how much more stuff I have managed to find.  I actually have way more than I thought and I am happy to say that the majority of it has been thrifted.  It's a lot of hard work but totally worth it, don't you think?
If you missed last year's post, you can read it here.  Now, onto the spookiness!
I always have a hard time photographing this mirrored window shelf so I do it at an angle.  You came to see Halloween decorations, not Thrifter Sister Erica!
My little candy witch collection has grown to three.  The cat is part of an old Halloween party game.
That's the Beistle kitty honeycomb that Sister found for me at her Goodwill.  And how seriously sweet is that little witch creation from the one and only Magpie Ethel?
Here is the top of my kitchen buffet.
Some of my blow molds are on the bottom shelf.
Ready for some close ups? 

The black cat (found at an estate sale) is sitting on top of a black cat light up box that I purchased from Home Goods.  I have no issues with mixing in new but made to look old things.  I mean really, who (other than all of you) would be able to tell the difference? 
Cute Gurley candles along with the Trick or Treat Cooky Cutter set that Hanna bought for Maddie last year.  These all sit along with another cute Magpie Ethel witch.  If you haven't yet (which I highly doubt), you should check out her Etsy store!

You'll have to go back and check out last Halloween's post for the back story on this cute framed picture.  It's an awesome story.

More Gurley's and another light box with a pumpkin head sitting on top of it.  I'm not sure if it is a repro or not.  The witch honeycomb Maddie bartered on at Coburg last year.

I'm not sure if this piggy bank was meant for Halloween but the colors obviously make it a perfect fit for my decorations.  Doesn't my bug sprayer that I found a couple of weeks ago tie in great with everything else?

Love how these cookie cutters with Halloween colored painted handles along with the cupcake picks look in this old jar.  I should paint the lid a Fall color.  

My two thrifted blow molds along with a cute Beistle bat.

Randomly placed honeycomb pumpkin witch...

When I bought this Old Pal Minnow Bucket at the flea market a few weeks ago, it never occurred to me to use it in my decorations.  Not sure where my head was on that one!

I couldn't wait to use my black and red tablecloth from Farm Chicks.  It is PERFECT!!  The cat bucket is a repro but who cares??!!  It looks vintage to me!

This little display is on my entry way table.  It's more Fall than Halloween but I mixed in the pumpkin scarecrow light.  I love this light.  I bought it on a shopping trip with my Grandma Gloria about 16 years ago.  I remember exactly how long ago because Alex was just a baby.  I will pass it on to him someday.  I always think of her when I bring it out.

Another cute pumpkin mixed in on the other end of the table.

I thrifted this crepe paper witch at Goodwill a while back.  It came in the original packaging and is from 1981.  Is that considered vintage?

I actually passed up quite a few of these Beistle pumpkins this last year.  They are giant and I just don't have any place to display them so I am limiting myself to three.  Unless I can sneak them home with Hanna?  I'm sure my holiday décor despising brother in law would not appreciate that very much!

Ready for my favorite Halloween decoration of all time?

My handsome boy Brewski will be 3 years old on Halloween.  Don't you think he is absolutely perfect for the holiday?

Well, there you have the 2013 Rogers' Family Halloween decorations.  I am pretty excited to look back on these photos next year and see how much more my collection grows! 

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

No Rhyme or Reason

Happy Sunday!  It's Hanna here.  I've been in hiding.  I haven't found anything thrifting in who knows how long and life has been crazy busy.  I think the drought was broken by one of our blog followers, Rebecca.  She had contacted me at the end of the summer because she had a found a bird that needed to join my flock.  I received a package from her this week that really brightened my day.  I swear, it was also finally the beginning my thrifting success.

Rebecca definitely has an eye for things that I like!  The made in Japan bird figurine is headed to my bird collection and this sweet pup joined some animal friends on my living room mantle.  Thanks Rebecca, I appreciate you thinking of me and also that you take the time to read our blog.  Its always so fun to connect with people in blog land.

This weekend we made it down to the valley for the Oregon State football game (sad, sad loss) and I got to do a little thrifting.  I was really happy with my few finds.  There was absolutely no rhyme or reason to these finds, but I'm not complaining!
 I think my most exciting thrift was this Pyrex Butterfly Gold 664 casserole.  I knew this size existed but I had never seen one in person.  It is huge!  I can't quite decide if I will keep this for myself or if it is destined for Ebay.
 I've been eyeing this orange cast iron Descoware for a while but can never find any for a decent price or in good shape.  These 2 matching casseroles aren't in the best shape but for $2.99/piece I decided I would let them be my temporary start to this collection.
 Apparently I'm on a roll for this size of Pyrex.  The Butterprint is the second one I've found over the last few months.  I don't love Spring Blossom, but it was so cheap I couldn't leave it behind.  As I write this blog I'm enjoying some Prosecco in my purple atomic glass.  I hope I can find a few more of these, I absolutely love the pattern!  Lastly, a made in Japan Santa shaker to get me going on my holiday season thrifting, so exciting.
I also managed to find a few things for Erica.  I actually picked these Gurley candles for her in a grab bag at my local Goodwill this week.  I always get so excited when I find her Souvenir state glasses, it's one of my favorite collections that she has!

Well, I can't wait for Erica to share her Halloween displays with you in the next few days.  I am sure this is the best year yet!

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Always a Pleasure!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Treasures From All Over

Hello There!

This morning, I had big plans to go to a great looking estate sale.  It was advertised as multi-generational with 50+ years of accumulation.  The pictures had some pretty awesome stuff like vintage Christmas and an old pink radio.  But when I went to get the address that they posted this morning, there were some factors that just made me not want to deal with the hassle.  First of all, they said there was very limited parking which is never fun to deal with when there are 100+ people wanting to get into a sale.  Then they said they were handing out numbers starting at 10:00 am and opening the doors at noon.  So basically, I would have to get there around 7 am to get a good number then wait another 2 hours to get in then spend about another hour or so inside to get through all 3,000+ square feet.  It would be an all day process!!  Am I crazy to not go?  Would you deal with the headaches?

I have been doing a little more thrifting than usual the past few weeks.  The Christmas decorations are slowly staring to work their way into the stock so I like to check every couple of days.  I found some awesome vintage stuff last year!  I hope this season is a repeat.

I was super excited to find this Empire blow mold at Goodwill last week.  It's the first vintage Halloween I have ever found at the thrifts.

I picked up this Fall themed pitcher and sweet cherry canister from one of my favorite antique malls.  Got both for $8!

Our HVAC company is working on a 1940's house restoration. We've become good friends with the homeowner and he knows about my love for old junk.  He found these underneath the house and set them aside for me.  Isn't that so nice?  He also gave me the old kitchen faucet for my laundry room remodel.  I will show you all that once the project is done.

He also found this old jar for me buried in the back yard.  It's HUGE!

I was still on my Halloween blow mold high when I came across this little haul at SVDP on Tuesday

Another vintage blow mold!!  My faith in the thrifts has almost been restored.  If they would just get some Pyrex on the shelves, I think it would be back in full.  After reading Heather's tutorial on painting old rolling pin handles, I was inspired to find my own.  Check it out on her Lark & Lola blog!  I have a couple of these little elf mugs that I picked up last year and Brian & the kids bought me the matching pitcher for Christmas so I was happy to add another one to my set.  Now, I know the shot glass is not vintage but I have a strict rule to never leave any Arizona items on the shelf.  We are huge Wildcat basketball fans so I knew my family would appreciate this thrifted find.

Sister found me the sweet little honeycomb cat at her Goodwill recently so I was really happy to find this full set for super cheap on eBay last week.  I'm not so hardcore that I won't resort to buying things online if I can't find them in the stores.

Which leads me to this purchase...


Pyrex Spirograph #475 2-1/2 quart casserole!  I've needed this beauty for my turquoise collection and was tired of never finding it in person.  What do you want to bet that I find it at the thrift or an estate sale now?  I swear that happens to me a lot!  Now a question for you guys.....Hanna told me that this also comes in the smaller 473 size but I can't find any information on it.  Is this true? 

Now a special birthday wish for my sweet girl....

Happy 8th birthday, Bailey Doodle!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Only Two Sales...

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a fun weekend.  We are on about our 14th day in a row of mid 60 degree weather and clear, blue skies.  We normally don't get rain here until November but we also never get this many consistent days of sunny weather.  I'm not complaining because there are still lots of sales going on.  People are definitely taking advantage of the dry weather which is a win for me!

On Friday, I only went to two sales.  The first one was an estate sale but the house was about 90% empty and at first glance it looked like the family had gotten ahold of all the good stuff.  But I was able to dig out a few treasures. 

I was just saying the other day how I rarely find any vintage Halloween at the sales or thrifts.  This sale had two tables full of holiday decorations but most of it was pretty new.  I found a single shoebox with these honeycombs and Gurley candles mixed in with some newer stuff.  They were really out of place with all of the new stuff.

These items were the only vintage Christmas that there was.  The little angle has a broken wing but I am going to use her on an ornament wreath so I will be able to cover it up.  I got all of the Halloween & Christmas stuff for a dollar!

I always check out the garage area at estate sales.  You never know what some people will use to store things in!  These canisters were in pretty bad shape but for $1.50, it was worth a shot to try and clean them up.

Plus they were full of nails and I figured Brian could always use more nails!

A little elbow grease and a Mr. Clean Sponge and they are good as new!  Pretty, huh?  I only wish that the fourth one in the set didn't have a big ol' crack down the front.  I had to leave it behind.

After I paid, I was walking out and noticed a door in the kitchen that was shut.  When I asked the guy if there was anything in there, he said that it was the walk in pantry and was full of kitchen stuff.  He had forgotten to open it! 

There was lots of aluminum bakeware and this single Pyrex Snowflake divided dish for a dollar!  I mostly just bought it for the divided lid.  When I went back up to pay, I noticed these cuties sitting on a window sill

Yay!  Another set of donkey shakers for my collection.  Aren't they silly?  I'm not sure how in the world I overlooked these, especially with the lack of stuff in the house.  It's a good thing I noticed
that closed pantry door!

I wasn't planning on going to the next sale until Saturday.  The Craigslist ad and the ad in the paper said it didn't start until then so imagine my surprise when on my way to Home Goods, I drove by the sign for the sale.  I got there about 15 minutes before the start time and was #16 in line.  Normally, I would have been # 50+ getting there at that time.

Pink & turquoise vintage sheets & pillowcases!!  These are by far my most favorite ones I've found.

Since I already have the complete Butterprint Cinderella bowl set plus a backup, I obviously didn't need this #442.  But this is the same estate sale company that I got my 3 pink bowls at for ten bucks and they price their Pyrex really low so for $2, this had to come home with me.  I love this pink tray.  It is perfect for my shabby bedroom.

I still don't know how to sew but that doesn't stop me from buying pretty vintage fabric.  In the middle is a table runner made from a vintage tablecloth.  I love the yellow & purple colors on it!

How pretty is the pile of mercury glass garland?  I found it on my way out to pay.  I just don't understand how something like this gets overlooked!

Not a lot of ornaments but enough to make me happy!

This little tin is about the size of a sand dollar and was in the free box. 

I only wanted this galvanized bucket and not the horseshoes but they wouldn't split them up.

I see a horseshoe pit project in Brian's future.

Only two sales but enough good junk to make me happy!  Hope you all had some good treasure hunting luck over the weekend too!

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Flea Market Treats

Hi There!
Things are getting a little less wild around here, thank goodness.  Bullet is still housebound for at least another week.  Did you know that there are two processes to healing a cut pad on a dogs foot?  Process one entails a week of it being wrapped to begin the healing and process two entails another 1-2 weeks for when the bandages are removed for it to dry out.  Both processes require the dog to STILL BE INSIDE!!  We've actually adjusted to having a house dog though.  He just kind of wanders around and goes with the flow.  He's obviously housebroken and past the chewing up everything in sight puppy stage so I'm not constantly following him around to see what he's getting into.  I may actually miss him when he gets to go back outside (or not!).
Last weekend was the Picc-A-Dilly Flea Market.  I met my BFF Rachel there and found a couple of fun things.  Pickings are still kind of slim but at least I didn't leave empty handed.
I have had some good luck selling the Snoopy mugs so I pick them up whenever I find them for a reasonable price.  This one was marked "As Is" but I found absolutely nothing wrong with it.  Does that ever happen to you?  The little red truck will be worked into my Christmas décor.  Can't you just picture it with a tiny bottle brush tree in the bed?  The ice cream containers are always good for fill in and height to my holiday decorations.
I love these Hazel Atlas shot glasses.  I pick them up whenever I can and have amassed quite a good collection of them. They get put to good use when Hanna is here.  The Squaw one is the first that I have found with this particular graphic. 
Vintage Christmas is kind of hard to find right now but give it a couple of weeks and it will be EVERYWHERE.  I can't wait!  I collect the Santa mugs and the three smaller plastic ones will be perfect for wreath making.  And how cute is that vintage stocking?
Just look at Santa's sweet face!
I love the turquoise graphics on the front of the Good Housekeeping Book of Cookies.  The Howdy Doody book is for Maddie's collection.  She swears that she already has it.  She does have a photographic memory so I don't doubt it!
I like to put these old floral postcards in those spiky flower frogs and display them with my vintage pottery.  I love the colors on these.

I found two of these Old Pal Minnow Buckets at the Coburg Antique Fair.  I really wanted to buy Brian one but they were both marked pretty high.  Even with Maddie's bartering skills, we couldn't get the price down low enough.  I got this one at the flea market and the guy dropped the price from $10 down to $8 without me even having to ask.  I got the Pyrex Friendship Bake, Serve & Store from the same guy.

My collection of them is growing pretty nicely, don't you think?

I had a really fun time at the flea market.  It was nice to get to catch up with Rachel. She just graduated from nursing school so hopefully we will get to see each other more often!  If not, I know I will see her at least every two weeks for the flea market.  She picked up her first Pepsi crate and an old picnic basket. She's hooked!  Plus, she's always up for Sunday morning Bloody Mary's afterwards.  Yet another reason she is my best friend :-)

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