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Friday, October 11, 2013

Feeling Scattered

Happy Friday!!

Well, we are on day #4 of Bullet being housebound due to his surgeries earlier in the week.  Thanks everyone for your well wishes!  Everything went perfect and despite two incisions on his belly as well as a stitched up paw bandaged up to his elbow, he is back to his normal, happy self.  He has been surprisingly well behaved being inside.  We go back into the vet tomorrow to have his bandage changed and hopefully they tell us he is ready to be released back into the wild!  I love my baby but a 90 pound, 11 month old German Shepherd puppy in a house full of vintage collections is just asking for trouble!

This morning, I was deleting some photos off of my computer and I came across some pictures from a small sale I went to across the street from Maddie's school a couple of weeks ago that I forgot to blog about. 

Sunflower is not a pattern that I collect, but I got all of these pieces for $4.  They don't look like they were ever used.  The 441 went to Sister for her collection.

This is actually a full set of Lustro Ware canisters but I couldn't get a good shot of all of them together.  I already have this set but for $2, I figured I should bring it home.

Maddie found these ornaments mixed in with some newer, Walmart brand ones.  They are all marked Shiny Brite even though they aren't in Shiny Brite boxes.  Can you believe that they were 10 cents per box?  That's cheaper than when they were brand new!!

I have a very small collection of vintage pink flamingos.  I don't come across them very often so was happy to find this sweet souvenir bell.

Now, onto a few non-thrifted or garage sale found treats...

I made a quick trip into Target yesterday and found these....

 New magazines!  I can't wait to find some quiet time this weekend to check these out.  I'm especially excited to read the Vintage Holiday one!

The wonderful Magpie Ethel sent Miss Maddie some vintage birthday candles from her very own stash.  Aren't vintage loving friends who share the best?!  Thanks again, Laurie!!

Here is my sweet baby Bullet in a rare moment of rest.

But as soon as he heard my camera go off, he was back up and ready to play!

Last Monday when I posted, I complained a lot at how chaotic things had been going.  Well, Brian knew exactly what it would take to make me feel a little better...

Anyone who knows me knows that the only other thing I love as much as vintage Pyrex are cowboy boots.  This is my first pair of pink ones!

And speaking of Pyrex...

I sold a few things on eBay recently and decided that since the estate sales were so bad around here this Summer, I would treat myself to some pretty pink Pyrex.

I already had one 501 so now I have the full set plus an extra 501 to start a new one!

Wow, what a random post.  Thanks everyone for letting me vent the other day and share my scattered thoughts today.  Blog friends are the best!

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Have a great weekend!!



  1. Glad you have all your pieces back together. Get better, Bullet. I don't know what magic you used to keep him quiet. Love the vintage b-day candles -I am sure Maddie was delighted. Pink Pyrex and cowboy boots- heavenly.

  2. Well, just look at you....pink cowboy boots, dishes...all kinds of wonderful stuff full of PINK....I love it all.
    I am #190 of your Google Friends Connect..just linked up to follow ya...
    Come by, read a little of my blog and maybe you'll follow along. :)
    Happy Pink Sat.

  3. Wow, you got some super good deals!

    I have the yellow lustro ware cookie jar.

  4. Poor puppy :(
    I think new cowboy boots, in pink would cheer anyone up! Sweet pyrex.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I'm so happy to hear that your puppy is feeling better. Sick giant dogs can't possibly be fun.
    Great score on the pink ornaments and that darling little pink flamingo.
    I'm so jealous of your pink Pyrex! I never see cool stuff like that for a good price on ebay.
    And man, I feel you on feeling scattered! Blah!

  6. The little Florida flamingo bell is just so cute. I'm a fan of pink Pyrex too. I love random posts!

  7. What a sweetie Brian is to buy those yummy boots! I hope puppy is able to go out tomorrow. I would be so worried about all my vintage goodies! :o) Loving all the pink stuff.

  8. So many shiny pink bulbs for penneys!!!

  9. I love the sunflower Pyrex and of course the pink! Wish I could find some pink ornaments as I broke some of mine last Christmas and I like the vintage ones best.
    Glad your sweet pup is on the mend...he has a beautiful face! Enjoy those pink boots!
    ♥ Jil

  10. Such great stuff!

    I'm getting ready to spoil myself too with an eBay buy from items I've been selling.

    Bullet is so cute. Hope the heeling is quick! I love when they shave their bellies.

    Maddie was lucky with that great present from magpie!

  11. Pyrex always makes for a special treat, especially if it's pink!

  12. Oh, my daughter would LOVE those sunflower casseroles!! Same daughter also has a German Shepherd puppy. Glad yours is recuperating.

  13. Maddie is more than welcome. Happy magazine reading..I am on the hunt for a new Flea Market Style Decorating one that is supposed to be out...you may hear me shout when I finally find it!

  14. Fun Post. Like the conversation among friends catching up over a cup of tea. My favorite kind of post. Congrats on the pink Pyrex. Best wishes for Bullet. Glad she is behaving in the house - that happy bushy tail wagging oh the trouble it can cause. Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. Your poor pup, my German Shepard is a female and MUCH smaller thank goodness!
    My my, would loved to of gotten the daisy/sunflower set and for $4! My girlfriend collects that set. And my other friend wants the pink fridge set. This post has so many goodies!

  16. Glad your baby is doing well...love the cowboy boots! Those yellow citrus' are beautiful...and the pink ornaments! Love it all, really. It's nice to treat yourself once in awhile and get an instant collection ;)

  17. I love how you know the numbers for the Pyrex! Enjoy your quiet time and magazines. I need to find that Vintage Holiday Christmas one.

  18. Great finds AND great prices! So glad your pup is doing better!

  19. I'd be partial to those pink cowgirl boots too!

    Popped by from Pink Saturday.


  20. Wishing Bullet a big get well soon! Love the Pyrex, gosh you find the best pieces! Thanks for linking to TTF.

  21. nice pyrex collection! I enkoy quite times with a good magazine too whn I can find the time lol!

  22. I know what you mean about treating yourself to something on eBay. I often feel like doing that when yard sales are bad. I love the pink fridgies. Great choice!

  23. Awwww poor Bullet! What great finds , and way to go for not leaving reasonably priced Pyrex behind! Your new pink set looks amazing, Patricia would be green with envy. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery and few incidents!

  24. Gah! The complete pink Pyrex set is killing me. Lovely!

    I will always adore your style ;-)

  25. Oh my girl, the pink Pyrex, pink ornies, and pink boots; luscious! I absolutely love the sunflower set for Fall. cute, cute, cute! Fun candles for Maddie. Hope Bullet mends quickly! Thanks for sharing with SYC.