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Monday, October 21, 2013

Only Two Sales...

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a fun weekend.  We are on about our 14th day in a row of mid 60 degree weather and clear, blue skies.  We normally don't get rain here until November but we also never get this many consistent days of sunny weather.  I'm not complaining because there are still lots of sales going on.  People are definitely taking advantage of the dry weather which is a win for me!

On Friday, I only went to two sales.  The first one was an estate sale but the house was about 90% empty and at first glance it looked like the family had gotten ahold of all the good stuff.  But I was able to dig out a few treasures. 

I was just saying the other day how I rarely find any vintage Halloween at the sales or thrifts.  This sale had two tables full of holiday decorations but most of it was pretty new.  I found a single shoebox with these honeycombs and Gurley candles mixed in with some newer stuff.  They were really out of place with all of the new stuff.

These items were the only vintage Christmas that there was.  The little angle has a broken wing but I am going to use her on an ornament wreath so I will be able to cover it up.  I got all of the Halloween & Christmas stuff for a dollar!

I always check out the garage area at estate sales.  You never know what some people will use to store things in!  These canisters were in pretty bad shape but for $1.50, it was worth a shot to try and clean them up.

Plus they were full of nails and I figured Brian could always use more nails!

A little elbow grease and a Mr. Clean Sponge and they are good as new!  Pretty, huh?  I only wish that the fourth one in the set didn't have a big ol' crack down the front.  I had to leave it behind.

After I paid, I was walking out and noticed a door in the kitchen that was shut.  When I asked the guy if there was anything in there, he said that it was the walk in pantry and was full of kitchen stuff.  He had forgotten to open it! 

There was lots of aluminum bakeware and this single Pyrex Snowflake divided dish for a dollar!  I mostly just bought it for the divided lid.  When I went back up to pay, I noticed these cuties sitting on a window sill

Yay!  Another set of donkey shakers for my collection.  Aren't they silly?  I'm not sure how in the world I overlooked these, especially with the lack of stuff in the house.  It's a good thing I noticed
that closed pantry door!

I wasn't planning on going to the next sale until Saturday.  The Craigslist ad and the ad in the paper said it didn't start until then so imagine my surprise when on my way to Home Goods, I drove by the sign for the sale.  I got there about 15 minutes before the start time and was #16 in line.  Normally, I would have been # 50+ getting there at that time.

Pink & turquoise vintage sheets & pillowcases!!  These are by far my most favorite ones I've found.

Since I already have the complete Butterprint Cinderella bowl set plus a backup, I obviously didn't need this #442.  But this is the same estate sale company that I got my 3 pink bowls at for ten bucks and they price their Pyrex really low so for $2, this had to come home with me.  I love this pink tray.  It is perfect for my shabby bedroom.

I still don't know how to sew but that doesn't stop me from buying pretty vintage fabric.  In the middle is a table runner made from a vintage tablecloth.  I love the yellow & purple colors on it!

How pretty is the pile of mercury glass garland?  I found it on my way out to pay.  I just don't understand how something like this gets overlooked!

Not a lot of ornaments but enough to make me happy!

This little tin is about the size of a sand dollar and was in the free box. 

I only wanted this galvanized bucket and not the horseshoes but they wouldn't split them up.

I see a horseshoe pit project in Brian's future.

Only two sales but enough good junk to make me happy!  Hope you all had some good treasure hunting luck over the weekend too!

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Have an awesome week!



  1. Hey now, don't over look the awesomeness of the horse shoes! A row of them above the front door, a group of them in a horse shoe shape! Argh, I think they are lovely. (And I only own one.) :-)

  2. That cat honey comb is freaking fantastic! Just in time for Halloween.
    Forgot to open the door?! Holy crap, how lucky for you! Too bad they didn't have a set of Eyes or Balloons in there!

  3. Love those cannisters! What a great colour. Would love to have in my kitchen

  4. Great Halloween lot! & of course you always find great Pyrex. I think I need a set of donkey shakers for my collection, too.

  5. Wow, you consistently find such wonderful treasures!! Those horseshoes are so cool!

  6. I have the same angel also with a broken wing. Love the pink tray. I have found great stuff in the garage too! :) Great finds

  7. WOW, Thrift Sister!!!! You sure scored! The canisters are so pretty and love linens. I have the same sweet pink tray that is from a girlfriend that has passed away from lung cancer many years ago.
    I didn't go to any sales this weekend. Priced Christmas goodies for the booths instead! You sure had FUN!

  8. I didn't even hit any sales this past weekend so living vicariously through you. Digging the vintage Halloween of course, but swooning with the little Santa tin!

  9. What GREAT finds and hurrah for vintage Halloween! I love the cat and scare crow. I honestly couldn't believe all these things were $1 here and $1 there, you've got the thrift going!

  10. Great finds! Love all the vintage holiday ornaments, the canisters and the pyrex! Wonderful week!

  11. What luck you had! Those ornaments are so very pretty.

  12. Love the vintage Halloween but my favorite has to be the tray. Great finds!

  13. Wow. Thanks for showing us that something that nasty (your canisters) can be cleaned up so well. And it looks like a couple of them were even marked on with Sharpie?

  14. I always love your finds, as they are what I gravitate to, also! I rarely find vintage Halloween either.

  15. I don't think you can say "only 2 sales" when you come home with all that cool stuff! I love vintage sheets too, why is that? Love the Halloween honeycomb, what a score. The canisters too. Well, everything!

    FYI, the runner you scored was made from a Wilendur tablecloth. Lovely! :) Pam

  16. Always love to find Gurley candles! All are great finds.

  17. I own one vintage Halloween item - so, consider yourself pretty lucky!! Hah!! And, that I bought on Ebay a few years ago...

    You found some great stuff - but, then, you always do!!!!

  18. Always great finds! Super jealous of the Halloween goodies! I rarely ever find any either!

  19. Looks like you found some really good stuff! Just found your blog today...going to have to look through it! Thanks! ~~Pam

  20. Those donkeys are adorable -- it looks like you had all kinds of fun. I'm still kicking myself for passing over some vintage Halloween decorations a few years back. I was sure they were something good, but wasn't quite sure I wanted them for myself, so I decided to take my chances and go back the next morning when they'd be half off... Win some, lose some, I guess.

  21. the canisters scrubbed up really nicely! what a bargain. I like the horseshoes too, nice that some of them are coloured!

  22. I love all your finds! I can't get over how well the canisters cleaned up. You got some great holiday goodies, too. Thanks for linking up to We Call It Olde - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com