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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ready For The Weekend!

Happy Thursday, Friends!

Tomorrow, I'm headed up to Astoria to see Hanna.  I can't wait!  It's only been two weeks since we've seen each other but in Sister-Years, that is a lifetime!  I may have to make this trip solo since Brian has a cold and he tends to be a little bit of a fun sucker when he is sick and we can't have that.  I'm looking forward to a fun filled weekend and can't have anything holding me back!

In the Pacific Northwest, we have been experiencing record breaking rainfall so I've been ducking for cover and hiding out trying to be productive around my house.  I've even already decorated for Halloween!  I've had a bit of cabin fever so I was happy that the sun was out this morning and there were a few Thursday estate sales for me to go to! 

Jewelry is rarely something that I pick up at sales.  This rhinestone necklace was mixed in with a bunch of other non-vintage pieces.  It is in perfect condition but just a little small.  It fits more like a choker on me so I have to figure out something else to do with it.  I always love to find flower frogs.  I incorporate them throughout all the displays in my house.

It's been a while since I have found any Melmac so these pink and turquoise cups just had to come home with me, especially for a quarter apiece.  I use them for dessert bowls in the Summer.

I seriously have the most difficult time not buying jars. I mean, just look at the shape of these!  I use them as canisters and to store cute things I want to be able to look at.  The one on the right I put Halloween cupcake picks and cookie cutters in.  Cute idea, huh?  The tablecloth was either never used or someone as OCD as me owned it and took it off of the table every single time someone got near it!

The handles on this vintage western tooled handbag aren't in the best shape but it is so pretty that I bought it to mainly display.  It looks right at home with all of my cowboy boots but will probably get incorporated into Maddie's vintage cowgirl themed bedroom!  The two men's wallets were a freebie.  I'm not sure what I am going to do with them but who am I to turn down free stuff?


Vintage dishtowels!  Yay!!  They don't look like they have ever been used and they sure won't be at my house.  My family has finally figured out that these are FOR DISPLAY ONLY.

I love the cute little graphic on this one.

I picked up this tooled leather wallet out of the display case as I was checking out.  It's not as cute as the one I bought for Sister though.  In case you forgot, you can see it here.  I thought this pottery pitcher looked familiar and when I got it home, I realized I have the double handled match to it sitting in my bathroom!

Not a bad haul for a Thursday, huh?  Can you believe that I have more to show you?  That will have to wait until next time, though.  I had a pretty sad estate sale Summer so hopefully the Fall will bring me lots of treasures to make up for it!

I'm gonna head over to the following parties to share my finds!

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Coloradolady for Vintage Thingie Thursday

And when the party starts, I'm joining up with:

The Cottage Market for Junkin' Joe
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Until next time....



  1. I can understand why you could not resit with all these great finds.

  2. Melmac cups as dessert bowls . . . I never thought of that. Thanks for the tip.
    I have so many, because--like you--I can't resist them or their beautiful colors. But it seems silly to drink coffee or tea out of them with so many better mug options out there. Now I can buy melmac cups guilt-free AND practice dessert portion control!

  3. That is very smart - cups as dessert bowls!!! Never heard of it before!!!

    I wish we had estate sales to go too..... but, then I really don't NEED much!!

  4. Melmac for a quarter a piece! Yay!

    LOVE your kitchen linens!

    I went antiquing for my birthday today but it was pretty slim pickins!

  5. Great finds girl! I love all the vintage leather this time around!
    Have fun with sister and good luck finding stuff!
    Erica :)

  6. Oh....great stuff! LOVE the vintage dish towels, so pretty. I just display the unused also, and use the others. Enjoy your "sister" week-end!

    :) Pam

  7. Wow, you found so many great treasures!!! Have fun with Hanna.

  8. I had a couple of vintage necklaces that were to choker like. i just added a similar or complimentary necklace to the chain...basically put two necklace together to funk it up..get compliments on it all the time.
    Can't believe you found stuff on a Thursday...I worked in the studio ALL DAY!

  9. I love it all, you had a great day! This post would be perfect for my new link party, We Call It Olde, it's for antiques, vintage, and history-related posts. I'll hope you'll be there on Tuesday for the next one, love to have you. -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

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  11. Oh my goodness so many great deals, but the vintage dish towels make me so happy! I love them! Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  12. I love vintage jars too. The linens are fabulous!

  13. I have one of those strawberry towels....it belonged to my grandmother, is gently used and is one of my favorite towels!!! Yours dedinitely look like they have never been used! I love vintage treasures as well....

  14. Gadzooks you got some good stuff. I'm a sucker for those jars also. And your dish towels are amazing!

  15. So many great finds really like the vintage jars.

  16. Love your finds, especially the tea towels, so retro and so crisp.

  17. I love those old jars too. What a great idea to put Halloween picks in there. Great finds.

  18. Good grief, what an amazing bunch of finds! I am dying over those dish towels -- I have a huge vintage dish towel collection myself! (And no, I never use them. ;)

  19. Erica,
    Grear score on the LINENS!!! Love them! I love jars too!! I hope you had a great visit with your sister! Thanks for the visit and sweet comment!

  20. Erica, our estate sales have come to a stand still. Haven't heard of one in weeks. boo-hoo! Those dishtowels are amazing! What a find. I pick up flower frogs also. I think I am up to 6. Love using them in my vignettes. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  21. As always...your finds ROCK!!! A BIG SCORE!!!!!! Thanks for sharing and hope to see you today! : ) hugs...