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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Plucky Prizes and Vegas Anticipation

Happy Tuesday from the Oregon Coast!  You know, in the summer the sun usually doesn't break through the clouds until at least noon here in Astoria but today it is already shining, what a great sign!  Erica, Maddie, and I had a great time at Plucky Maidens.  It was full of laughs and fun finds.  I felt like this show had fewer vendors than the last one I attended, but there were still some special treasures.
 Erica and I both bought a pair of these swanky swigs, I've never seen this particular pattern before and surprisingly Erica didn't already have them in her collection.  My spoiling Sister also bought me these vintage sheets and the very special bird wallet.  It took a lot for her to give me the wallet I know, it is something we would both carry.
 Here is a close up of the back.
And the front.  Thank you Sisterita, I love it so much!  I also bought a Led Zeppelin album and a handmade skirt that needs a slip before I can share it with you guys (it's super cute though!)  There was one other item at Plucky that I REALLY wanted and that was an orange Samsonite train case.  I have a shoulder bag that matched it and have been wanting to collect the entire luggage collection for a while.  I asked the dealer how much and she said, "I have a red one."  I told her I saw, and asked how much again.  "I have a pink one."  But what about the orange?!!?  "Oh, I really like that one, it's not for sale."  You could have just said that!!!!  It really bugs me when there are items in booths that are not for sale, at least mark it nfs.  Sister tried her again later and once again she wouldn't budge.  I guess I will just have to keep looking.

And now for a few Non-Plucky Prizes.  The tablecloth was a double that Erica had and gifted to me.  The glass I picked up at GW for $0.99 has a mockingbird on it.  Apparently there are a few other birds in this set, but this is the first glass like this I've found.  I'm unsure of the maker.  On Friday while waiting for my husband to pick me up us girls went to Stars Antique Mall in Portland and I finally after searching for so long found reasonably prized Holt Howard Kitties!!!!  I've been searching and searching for a pair of these friends ever since I saw them sitting in my Sister's kitchen.  I paid $12.50, which I thought was a pretty good deal compared to prices I've seen in the past.  It was a very exciting birthday buy for myself!
So today I'm enjoying my last quiet day at home before I start my new job next Monday.  I'm so excited to spend a few days with my Sister frolicking in Las Vegas.  We have a few other guests coming this time, so that should be great.  Please prepare yourselves though, because on Sunday I will be at Erica's receiving my sure to be extravagant birthday gifts (more presents for me?  I know it is wild!)

Keep an eye out for a few little Vegas posts along the way also!
Until We Meet Again!


  1. NFS items are my pet peeve!

    Glad you sisters have each other. ♥

  2. So weird about the orange Samsonite! Why did she even bring it there? That was a great price on the Holt Howard kitties!
    I hope you guys have a wonderful time in Vegas!
    Erica :)

  3. Great to see you guys at Plucky and have a great time in Vegas! (I have never been there) I wish I would have seen the elusive not for sale orange suitcase so I could see what you wanted and keep my eyes open for one for you!

  4. What cool and crafty leather work! I like the Siamese kitten figurines too!

  5. Have a great time in Vegas! Wish I was with you guys, it'd be sooooo much fun! Love the kitties! The Santa pitcher I found the other day is Howard Holt too. I didn't it was a thing.

  6. How did I miss that wallet at PM? It is The Cutest! So fun to meet you in person at last and hopefully we can all get together again soon for a junking adventure. That yellow train case is out there somewhere, waiting for you. For a dollar. xo

  7. Bummer on the orange case! It sounds amazing.