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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More From Farm Chicks...

Good morning! 

So I promised you all that I would share more of my Farm Chicks finds soon.  And I always keep my promises.  Or at least I try to.  Most of the time. 

Anyway...here you go.  Enjoy!

A couple of finds from the second day of the show.  My first box of old sparklers!  These are so dang hard to find.  The box of chalk was one I didn't already have and fits in perfect with my 4th decorations.
Colorful smalls are some of my favorite things to find.
I have a feeling I am going to have to find a bigger display for my vintage tape tins.
These quirky little fish bait containers are so funny and the perfect color.
In order to avoid my house being overrun by vintage suitcases, I only collect the striped ones.  I was super happy to find this child sized one.
It's a good thing I have vaulted ceilings!
The massive linen pile is legendary at Farm Chicks and I could spend HOURS digging. 
I thought these NOS signs would be cute framed in the guest bedroom.
Along with thermoses, vintage quilts are in abundance at this show.  I bought two of these from the linen pile.  Can you believe I didn't already have a single pink quilt?  Now I have 2!
Busy day today.  Lazy days of summer?  Not around here!
Have an awesome day~

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Farm Chick Madness Part 1

Nobody panic!!  Yes, I am back and yes I am writing an actual blog post showing you things I found 2 weeks ago at Farm Chicks.  I am the WORST blogger in America!  Ever since I moved my blogging laptop upstairs, I find that I am blogging less and less.  It's not that I don't spend a lot of time upstairs, it's just that when I am up there, I am doing different things.  So I think I will keep it down in my bedroom for a while and see if that helps.  Also, there is that cursed Instagram.  I will definitely hold that addicting social media/photo sharing app somewhat responsible for my slacking. 

Okay, enough excuses!  Farm Chicks is such an amazing show.  Not only can you find amazing treasures there, but the displays and eye candy are worth the price of admission alone.  Check out Magpie Ethel's blog post about it here.  It will make you want to plan a trip to next years show for sure!

Lots of things bought over this weekend so I am going to break this adventure down in 3 posts.  Enjoy!

I swear that I can't go to the local convenience store without finding something for Miss Norah.  So why should the Farm Chicks show be any different?  I can't wait until she can wear this sweet little apron with the windmills on it.  I'm gonna be the fun aunt that bakes with her.  I have awesome memories of doing that with my favorite aunt.

I got an apron for myself too.  We are going to break the internet with our cuteness :-)

I barely escaped this booth alive.  There was a vintage crepe paper wedding party magpie on the loose!  But check out what she bought here.  I really can't blame her.

This giant roll of vintage wallpaper will go a long way with projects.  I am going to line a bookshelf with it first.

I bought these pink elephants from a sweet girl who was also selling her grandpa's homemade honey.  We bought a jar of it and it is amazing.  You just never know what you will find at Farm Chicks!

Brian was pretty proud of this find and of his ability to haggle the seller down in his price.  We have two of these with different graphics and the possibilities with them are endless!

I bought this same pitcher and matching glasses at an antique mall in Seaside a few years ago.  But over the years, it acquired a small crack.  Super happy to replace it since it is one of my favorites!

This sweet baby deer was my first find of the show.  I just need to find him a mama now.

I have a huge collection of old picnic jugs that I display on my patio during the summer.  I love finding ones I don't have.

Try as I might, I was totally unable to resist this awesome Tonka jeep and luggage cart.

I managed to almost complete my Glasbake basketweave mug set in one fell swoop.  I also found two Swanky Swigs that I didn't have.

Tons of way overpriced Pyrex at the show so this piece is the only one I bought.  The sweet lady who sold it to me either hasn't caught on to the craze yet or simply didn't care to overinflate the prices on her items.  I paid $7 for this.  And it is in awesome condition.

Just about every single booth had at least one thermos for sale.  Which was very fitting since the theme of the show was Summer Camp. 

This looks like a good place to stop.  I promise I won't make you guys wait too long for the next installment. 

Have an awesome weekend!


Monday, June 1, 2015

Sunday Morning At The Flea!

Happy Monday Blog Friends!

So I see that those of you who have not yet joined the ranks of Instagram finally got to meet Miss Norah here on the blog last week.  Isn't she just precious?  Okay, lets be honest here.  She is precious now but with the unavoidable influence that her mother, myself, and cousin are going to have on her, it's only a matter of time before we have turned her into a wild little hellion!  But don't fret!  This will only make me love her more.

School is just about out for the Summer.  On Friday we moved Alex home from his first year of college.  I can't believe how fast that year went!  But it's so nice to have my family of 4 together again.  It was really hard to get used to and truthfully I don't think I ever did. And guess what this weekend is?  FARM CHICKS!! I cannot wait.  I had to miss out last year because it fell on the day of Alex's graduation so there is no way I am missing out another year.  Plus, my birthday is this weekend and I really can't think of a better way to spend it.  Sadly, Hanna and my bestie Rachel have to miss out this year so I'm dragging Brian along with me.  He is such a trooper.

Yesterday I was up at the crack of dawn (as usual) and decided to go to the flea market.  I wasn't really planning on it but the rest of my family didn't get home from fishing until late the night before so I knew they wouldn't be getting up any time soon. I was right!  They were all still in bed when I got home.

I have been wanting this syrup bucket for a long time.  I love finding things that have my last name on them.  I've only ever seen one of these in a local antique mall and they want 8 times what I paid for this one at the flea.  I couldn't pass up the colors on the sealant can and the little green table is just what I needed for my patio.  No painting required!

How cute are these sweet little puppies?  I picked them up along with the advertising measuring glass from two of my favorite sellers.

Added more faucet handles and an old hose nozzle to my collection.

I have these flower frogs scattered throughout my various displays.  Even if they aren't holding an old picture or other piece of ephemera, they still look great by themselves.  I got the globe bank to sell on IG.  Gotta make more junkin' money!

I seriously have no business buying any more Texas Ware.  But there are way worse things that I could be addicted to!

I rarely see Crown Pyrex in person.  I was lucky to find 3 pieces of the Tempo pattern.

Yay!! My first vintage sand pail!  And for a whole dollar!  The seller threw in the old Dixie cups for free.  They fit in perfect on my party shelf.

I was only going to buy 2 of these Prolon cafeteria trays but the seller made me an offer I couldn't refuse and so I ended up with 13.

Busy week ahead getting ready for our fun road trip on Friday.  Follow along on IG so you don't miss out on the adventure!

Have a great week~


Monday, May 18, 2015

Meet Ellanorah!

Hello blog friends!  I cannot believe a month has flown by and Miss Norah is already one month old today!  I know many of you have seen Norah on mine and Erica's Instagram feeds, but I felt it was tine to formally introduce you to our newest little thrifter!

This little critter (Erica's nickname for her) arrived on her due date!  Ellanorah Martin Morris came on April 20th, at 4:38 pm, after 62 hours of labor, weighing in at 7 pounds 6 ounces and 19.25 inches.  I had my awesome Sister there supporting me, along with my Hubby and Mom.  Erica definitely helped keep the mood light for the 6 hours of labor at the hospital.

Miss Norah is a great eater and is already up to 9 1/2 pounds!  She loves baths, is very vocal, and has been sleeping a total of 9-10 hours a night!
Norah had a great visit with Erica and Maddie last weekend and I somehow was able to keep Erica from stealing her, although there were many comments about how she would be going home with her Aunt.
This will be our first week with no planned visitors so Norah and I plan on lots of cuddling time and enjoying this Mom's 3 weeks of maternity leave that she has left.  We can't wait to share her thrifting adventures with you!

Always  a Pleasure,

Thursday, May 7, 2015

From The Flea...

Happy Thursday!

It's been a while since I've done a flea market find post.  So I have lots to share!  Lucky you!

On Saturday, I decided it was time to get rid of my giant farmhouse table.  It seats 7 people WITHOUT the two leaves and we really just didn't need that size of table anymore.  So I told Brian that as soon as I found the perfect table, the big one would have to go.  Little did I know that the very next morning at the flea market, this enamel table would present itself.  PERFECTION!  I am using my Target folding chairs temporarily until the right chairs come along. 


Look at the details!

I found a second set of Gurley cowboy/cowgirl candles.  The box has seen better days but I still think it displays good.

I can't seem to stop buying Texas Ware bowls.  They can be so expensive so when I find them for $5, it would be ridiculous for me not to buy it.  And I am not about being ridiculous.  The vintage glass is one I surprisingly didn't already have in my massive collection.  It is almost identical to some of the Swanky Swigs I have. And I always pick up the Hazel Atlas cowboy shot glasses when I find them.  They just fit in so well at my house.  Booze, cowboys....you get the idea.

I missed out on all these deer at an estate sale the other day and I was pretty bummed about it.  But I was super happy to find the guy who did get them selling them at the flea market.  Meant to be!

The first Jadeite dinner plate I have ever found and this sweet little condiment set were picked up from one of my favorite sellers.

Some new to me candles, a cute plaid box of party sticks, and some vintage straws were found from the guy that normally sells new Fiesta dishes.  It was really random that he had old stuff on his table.  You jsut never know!

And I surprisingly found some Pyrex.  I am so happy that my days of being a new collector are over and that I have most of the pieces in the patterns I collect.  Everybody here is absolutely PYREX CRAZY!!  I was lucky to get these pieces.  There is a lady who buys every single piece that is for sale at the flea market, even the dishwashered ones and patterns that nobody ever buys.  There is also an old guy who scoops up whatever he can find too.  They are both dealers but I have no idea if they sell locally or online.  I try and stay out of their way because they are both super ruthless and rude.  The only reason I got these bowls is because I just so happened to be looking at something else on the table while these were getting unpacked. 

There is a guy who sells all of his late grandmother's things at the flea market.  He is the nicest guy and is always willing to let me haggle.  He told me these were his games that he used to play when he visited her as a little boy.  I just can't imagine getting rid of something that held such wonderful memories.  Can you?

I love old cookbooks but need to keep better track of which ones I already have.  These ended up being duplicates and will be sold eventually.


I love decals and old seals!  I have so many things I can use these on.

This package of vintage birthday napkins brings my total to three.  An official collection!

Time to head out the door and pick up Miss Maddie from school.  Today is her last day for the week and tomorrow we are taking a little road trip to visit a very sweet addition to our family.  Can't wait!

Until next time....