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Monday, August 5, 2013

Vintage Beach Time

Hi there, Hanna here.  I wish I had some fun thrifting finds to share, but I haven't been finding anything!  Last weekend I took a spontaneous trip to Phoenix to surprise one of my best friend's who is recovering from surgery.  I'm terrible at surprises and I am not spontaneous, so this was really out of character for me and I'm so happy I went!  I managed to go to one antique mall while there called Merchant Square in Chandler, Arizona.  There wasn't anything there that I had to have, but it was a blast looking around, being silly, and gazing at some pretty antiques.
I've been doing some major organizing at home also.  I'm trying to de-clutter and get my office ready since I will be working from home this year.  I always manage to find projects that are not a priority to distract myself from the big picture.  One of these projects has been going through old family photos.  A few summers ago my husband and I helped my aunt clean out the family lake cottage in Wisconsin (That's where Erica and I got all our beautiful patio furniture!).  One of the items I shipped back was a giant box of family photos and letters.  I was browsing through them the other day and found some great pictures of Erica and my grandparents, Mimi and Papa.  They are so fun I thought I would share.
Here is a shot of Mimi and Papa.
 I wish I knew where they were, Mimi didn't seem to remember when I asked her.
 But, where ever they are, they were definitely having a great time!
And what cute swimsuits, right?

Well, Thursday I'm meeting Erica and Maddie in Portland for  Plucky Maiden's Summer Junk Fest!  I haven't seen them since June, can you believe it?  It has been way too long.  Then, next Wednesday we are heading to Las Vegas for our bi-annual visit, I can hardly wait.  It is gonna be a great 2 weeks!

Talk to you soon!


  1. Sorry you haven't been finding anything. Hope you have a fun trip :)

  2. Love the cute vintage photos :)

  3. It almost looks like they are in Palm Springs. Great photos!
    Have a great time and remember to take pictures at the Junk Fest! We want all want to go too! : )

  4. I was going to say Palm Springs as well. But I've never been there either, so you can take that with a grain of salt!