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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Is Almost Over

Hi Friends!

We are in the last full week of Summer vacation here.  School clothes and supplies have been purchased and the kids have both been registered.  I can't believe how fast Summer went by!  I don't know about you, but when I was younger, time seemed to move a lot slower. 

Between cleaning the garage and starting the redecorating process of Maddie's room (goodbye shabby chic, hello vintage cowgirl), I was able to hit two sales relatively close to my house.  One was an advertised estate sale and one I just so happened to stop at because the little old lady that lives there has lived there for the past 40 years so I figured she had to have some great stuff. 

The estate sale was actually a moving sale given by a young family relocating to California.  They were about my age and although they had nice stuff, it wasn't old enough for my taste.  However, the garage had a bunch of "old stuff" that had belonged to the husband's grandmother.  She had passed away a few years ago and they had been storing the remaining items that the family didn't want.  You can guess where I headed after hearing that!

The best part about this sale was that the newer stuff was priced way higher than the old stuff.  I guess they just assumed that the old stuff wasn't worth anything.  The Ball jar and cocktail shaker were 75 cents apiece.

The Fire King Tulip bowl is the 7" size.  I now have three in the set.  I have seen where there are 4 bowls and 5.  Does anybody know exactly how many are in the full set.  Oh, and the price on this?  2 bucks.

I am not sure what I am going to do with this fabric but it was too pretty to leave behind.

These cute embroidered pillowcases are currently soaking in my laundry room sink.  I can't wait to use them!

So that was it for that sale.  I expected there to be a lot more vintage stuff but mostly all that was left after I picked through it was Tupperware, clothing, and pill separators.  Definitely not my thing.

Then it was on to the next sale.


Quarter apiece Swanky Swigs!  I had been on a swig dry spell lately but with my Plucky finds and this score, I'd say the dry spell is over!

How pretty are the turquoise, red, and yellow colors in this tablecloth?  I'd say it's the perfect combination.

When I first got to the sale, a lady was asking if there were any more of these clam shell chairs in the back yard.  When she was told that there was only one, she decided she didn't want this chair because she wanted a pair.  Crazy lady!  Buy this one and them someday you will find another one then you will have a pair!  As soon as she was out of arms reach, I grabbed it.  I didn't want to seem too eager..HA!

The Pyrex loaf pan and two 502 refrigerator dishes aren't patterns I collect but would you leave them behind for $1.25 for all three?  I didn't think so.

Hopefully I can hit up some sales before we leave town on Friday.  Brian and I are taking the kids up to Portland to see Taylor Swift.  Upholding this Parents of the Year title is hard work!

As many of you know, today is Hanna's Golden Birthday!  27 on the 27th!

Happy Birthday to my lovely Sisterita!  We will pretend that this red headed baker is Matt making you a cake and that you didn't have to make your own! 

By the way....that would totally be Hanna hovering with the ice cream before the cake is even ready.

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Have a great day!



  1. That chair!!!! Oooooo I love that chair! What a silly lady to just leave it. I wonder if she doesn't realize that they can be kind of hard to come by...
    Good luck with the Taylor Swift show. You guys totally are keeping your title! I either hope you like her tunes or have some ear plugs. : )

  2. What good parents!! You're surely doing your duty!!

    Love the prices you paid for everything - like next to nothing!!

    Bet you'll come home with a treasure or two this weekend!!

    Happy Birthday, Sister Hanna!!

  3. Beautiful finds...I not sure which one I love the most!!

  4. Awesome finds, as usual. Love the Swanky Swigs, they are adorable. And who could pass up bargain Pyrex? Great prices.

    The Fire King Tulip bowls have 4 in the set. And there is also a grease jar (measures 5.5 inches) that will nest inside, it's just taller than the bowls. The smallest mixing bowl in the set is 6.5 inches. The rest each measure an inch wider, the largest being the 9 1/2 bowl. Hope that makes sense :-)

    And Happy Birthday, Hannah. Hope it's a great one!

  5. Great finds, Erica! I especially love the tulip bowl and the swanky swigs!!

    Happy Birthday, Hanna!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Hanna!
    I am shocked over the prices of those wonderful vintage things. Why can't I find deals like that? I've got to get out more often!!! I am glad you were there to get such good deals.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    & such great prices & finds. have fun at the show

  9. #1 Happy birthday to Hanna!
    #2 Vintage cowgirl huh? Will keep my eyes open? Any desires?
    #3 Love that grandmother's stuff was cheaper than the new stuff..at least they had some vintage!

    1. Brian found some old HUGE onion crates at a nearby farm and is going to use the wood to cover the wall on each side of her bed. We are doing gray & white with turquoise/aqua and barn wood accents. Kind of Junk Gypsy-ish :-)

  10. Of course I LOVE the chair! I have two now but I have my eye on another one. Does it matter that it belongs to someone and it's in their front yard???? LOL It's the kind of yard that...well, to put it nicely I'll say "There is an assortment of things in their front yard". But I'm going to ask them if I can buy it for $20 and see what happens. It's blue and white!
    Love the tulip bowl too. I still need one! Great vintage finds my friend.
    Happy Birthday to Miss Hanna!

  11. Oh, the beautiful fabric! And the Swanky Swigs -- I've only ever seen one 'in the wild!' Happy birthday to Hanna!

  12. I love finding treasures at great prices, it's like winning the lottery!

  13. Once again, you have great luck and found some really neat stuff! Taylor Swift...I would say Parents of the Year! Enjoy your week and Happy Birthday Hanna!


  14. Jealous!!! Those are GREAT finds at super great prices!

  15. Isn't it funny how people with new stuff sell and "old stuff" they have lying around for nothing? They don't value it but it's our gain! Great stuff. I am in the trenches of back to school too and I agree...time goes MUCH faster now.

  16. Fabulous finds, well done indeed.

  17. Awesome finds and that clam chair ROCKS!!! hugs...

  18. That's not a black 502, is it? If so I will buy it from you! I love the vintage cowgirl theme- lucky you your daughter is into that stuff too (we're still in the Disney princess stage, blech...)

  19. Erica,
    You are seriously making me jealous with all of these fabulous finds! I think you and I were separated at birth. I buy the same things I swear. I also had to laugh when you said that the young couple priced the newer stuff higher than the old stuff. My husband and I are always amazed when we find a sale like that. Of course we love it because we find such great vintage things at cheap prices!