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Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Little Friday Thrifting

Hi Everyone!

There weren't a whole lot of sales to head out to yesterday so Maddie and I decided to do a little thrifting.  Alex had the day off from work and he and his friends took over my driveway for an impromptu car wash so I figured it would just be best if we steered clear of the chaos for a while.  We didn't do too bad and I got to spend some one on one time with my girl.

Maddie spotted these two green 403 bowls right away.  They were actually taped together and sold as a set.  They are the older ones without the numbers.

I am not an expert on milk glass at all.  I have absolutely no idea if this is old or a reproduction.  It isn't marked.  But it will look so pretty filled with flowers, don't you think?

I am not supposed to be buying coffee cups at the thrifts!  I have boxes of them either set aside for eBay or our next garage sale.  But the color of these Rio Stoneware mugs caught my eye and they are a really good size.  That's my problem with the vintage mugs.  They are so small.  I need a BIG cup of coffee.

I'm still collecting the Royal China Jeanette pie plates.  I pass them up all the time because I have most of them.  I think the blueberry one may complete my collection.

It's actually been a little while since I have found any decently priced vintage sheets.  They are another one of those things that the thrifts are catching on to and upping the price on.  I found both of these with the half off color tag which put them back to the way they were priced 6 months ago.

Maddie found this spooky lady in with the office/crafting supplies at Goodwill.  It's a reproduction but cute just the same.

My favorite finds of the day!  SVDP had these books on the shelf where they put all of the books that they think are special enough to not mix in with the gobs of other books they have.  Well, for once they were right!  These are special and way below the retail prices. I got each one for $2.99!  I plan on doing a little hanging out on the patio today with these.

Today would have been my Grandpa Earl's 92nd birthday.  He passed away last year and we were all so lucky to have had him in our lives for so long.

I've got one estate sale to head to this morning.  It's actually right down the road from my house.  They yard is always packed with what looks to be junk but I spotted some vintage candle blow molds in the rubble when I drove by last night so I definitely think it's worth checking out!

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Have a great weekend!



  1. You found some great things. I would of jumped for those books, too. Glad you got them at a good price.

    I believe that today would be my grandpa's birthday, too. I could be wrong. Only my grandpa would be 141 years old. I kid you not!! No, I am not all that old. Just the late in life child of a late in life child!! (my dad would be 92) It's hard to have family leave us. My heart goes out to you and your sister.

  2. That Kitchen Linen book looks just like the Apron Book! I'll have to check that one out. Love the green bowls and the pitcher. I agree, we would have a great time thrifting together, and we both have "Vitnage trained daughters" :)

  3. I found a couple Halloween hangers this week, too. The Kitchen Linens book seems perfect for you. And more Pyrex bowls -- yay.

    Hope you have/had some luck at the estate sale.

  4. Love the green bowls! You always seem to find such great Pyrex! Thanks for sharing with us at TTF.


  5. I love books! You know the "Junk" one, those gals where from MN! Ki now does the Junk Bonanza and not sure what Sue does. I think something here in Mn.
    The thrift stores are getting to smart for my business!
    Happy reading!

  6. You and Maddie seem to have the best luck thrifting! Pretty green bowls and the two books look like some great summertime porch reading, especially the Kitchen Linen book! I have yet to buy vintage linens, but I have many that my Great Grandma Frankie made for me...a true labor of love!

    Happy Saturday,

  7. Great finds girls! I really wish I could sit on MY patio and flip through that Kitchen Linens Book! I bet it shows some really cute things! What a handsome pic of your Grandpa. Wish we could keep them forever! I think about my Grandma just about every day!
    Hope you're out finding more MUGS! Ha!
    Erica :)

  8. Your Grandpa looks gorgeous.. Yes you were lucky to have him so long.. the trouble is you get so used to having them at every family event etc that they leave such a big hole..

    Great scores! I'm with you on the mug thing!! Vintage tea cups need refilling several times over!!

    That's funny - I got the same sheet (the bottom one of the 2) this week in a little op shop over here in NZ!!!

  9. What a handsome grandpa!
    Great finds, as always. I keep passing up the pie plates (I have none so far) but I always want to buy them! I think I might actually start a collection--see what you've started!? ;-)

    The pitcher is vintage, I have the same one. I use mine for kitchen utensils. I'm not completely certain, I know I've looked it up before, but I *think* it's Anchor Hocking.

    Great finds!

  10. Fun stuff!

    I haven't found any vintage sheets or pillow cases in a while.

    I hope you show us some pages of that linen book!

  11. I love the milk glass jug and the green bowls!! :-)

  12. Great finds!! I don't know much about milk glass either, but I agree that flowers would look very pretty in it!!

  13. You found some great treasures. My favorite has to be those books. Have fun on the patio! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hope your estate sale was good this a.m. Amy and I hit a good one in redding on our way to alameda. 5a.m.wake-up and alameda gates at 6 tomorrow!

  15. That witch Maddie found is super cool. My old neighbors used to decorate their house, floor to ceiling, in those kinds of decorations. I bet they still have them...
    Those books are awesome! It's so nice to find an expensive book in good condition at the thrifts.
    Hope your sale was awesome!

  16. LOVE those green pyrex bowls!! And the vintage sheets and the hobnail, ok, everything!! Im going on ebay now to find that kitchen linen book ;)

  17. Congrats on finding that Junk Beautiful book. Ever since it came out I've been hoping to find it at a garage sale! And you're making me reconsider putting my milk glass pitcher in with the stuff I'm selling at a garage sale. Trust me, it DOES look fantastic with flowers in it!

  18. I thought of you twice this past weekend, I saw two big displays, at different shops of about 20 souvenir glasses, that was at each shop - you would have went crazy!!

  19. I love that color of green bowls. I have a pitcher like that. I bought it in OR last year. I think it's vintage, but wasn't sure. Like you, too cute to pass up! Thanks for sharing your finds with SYC.

  20. As always I love visiting you! What GREAT finds! TFS...HUGS...