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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Erica's Plucky Prizes & A Vegas Recovery

Hi Everyone!

Well, we all made it back from Vegas in one piece, thankfully.  There were a few circumstances that made this trip a little harder to recover from.  For one thing, thanks to Sister wanting to see some female mud wrestling (don't ask), we were there one more day than we usually are.  If you've ever been to Vegas, then you know that short trips are usually the smarter idea.  We also took some friends with us and of course when you throw more people into the mix, there is more fun to be had!  Finally, I don't know if I have ever shared this with all of you, but my husband LOVES to gamble (which is probably why we go to Vegas several times a year).  Anyway, due to the fact that he has dropped some serious coin over the past several years, Caesars Palace has made him a Diamond member of their rewards club which means we get several perks including the Diamond Lounge.  The Diamond Lounge serves it's members and guests free alcohol.  Enough said.

Before we left, Hanna showed you her finds from our girls trip to Plucky Maidens in Portland.  I love Plucky but wish that there were more vendors.  We can usually make it around the whole event in about and hour.  But it was outside and the weather and venue were beautiful plus Maddie & I got to spend some much needed time with Hanna so that definitely made up for the small amount of treasures we found.

My first find of the day was this adorable child's ironing board.  Starting tomorrow, my laundry room is getting remodeled, so eventually this will be displayed in there.  I can't believe that we built this house in 2007 and are already remodeling.  But to keep my sanity, we are starting out with the smallest although most used room in the house.  Wonder how that will work?

Maddie has decided that she wants to collect vintage birthday candles after seeing Laurie's collection sitting on her kitchen counter.  The tin is one I have been wanting to find for a while because of it's bright graphics.  And for some reason, the honeycomb fruit picks called to me.  Maybe it was their $2 price tag?


I have been wanting a child's watering can forever, after seeing them on Carol's blog Old Glory Cottage.  They are just so dang expensive in my area!  This cutie has seen better days but was only $3!  I think it's the perfect start to my hopeful collection.


There was one seller who had all of her vintage linens priced like this: Small $2 & Large $3.  These tablecloths are in PERFECT condition.  I was thrilled to get them for $3 apiece.

I am in love with the design on this one.

I also got this giant pillow cover made out of old dishtowels.  I wish she had more!

At the last Plucky show I went to, I bought a tote bag made out of a vintage tablecloth.  I'm not sure if I got this one from the same lady or not.  I use my other one all the time so I figured it was a good idea to have a backup!

Maddie bought herself this adorable headband made out of vintage tablecloth scraps and an old button.  She said she was buying it for research so she could make her own.  It looks so cute on her!  The best part was the little shopping bags the booth used.  They made them out of vintage sheets!

She also bartered on a couple of new books for her collection.

I picked up some vintage sheets for my yet to be determined project.

My amazing Sister snuck away and bought me this sweet little donkey.  Want to see the best part?

He's a souvenir donkey from Yellowstone Park!

Hanna also brought me these ornaments and cute old magazine from her thrifting adventures in Astoria.

A while back she picked up the Mississippi & Hawaiian Islands souvenir glasses for me and finally remembered to bring them!  I got the Washington & Arizona ones from the same lady I got the tablecloth bag from.  It's been a while since I have found any souvenir glasses so I was super excited to come home with 4!

Hanna & I each picked up two of the Swanky Swigs with the tiny red flowers.  It's pretty rare that I find some that I don't already have.  I only allow myself two of each.  What do you think I am, a hoarder?  Anyways, I thought I only had one of the red animal one but when I got home, I found out that I actually already had two so this one went home with Sister yesterday.

The pink Fire King mug was a Plucky purchase and the turquoise Pyrex 024 was found at the Goodwill in Troutdale.  One thing about Plucky Maidens is that there is hardly ever any Pyrex there.  At least Goodwill delivered!

Although it was a small show, I think we managed to pick up some pretty great things.  Plus we got to see Laurie of Magpie Ethel fame & got to meet Amy from Into Vintage.  It's so fun to meet blog friends!

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Have a great day!



  1. Haha! Sounds like you guys had a great time! I love all your finds, but especially love the vintage table cloth bag and Maddies head band. I just bought a cosmetic bag made from a vintage sheet, and I love it!

  2. LOVE the ironing board and the tin!

    I've looked for watering cans for Carol but yeah, they ARE expensive up here, too.

  3. I'm obsessed with that bag made from the vintage table cloth! I feel a project coming on!

  4. Another successful treasure hunt - all beautiful!

  5. I would say that you had a successful trip! Such pretty vintage linens! And yay for the turquoise Pyrex!


  6. As always, I love everything you found - that ironing board is the cutest thing!!! I had one but it was plain yellow, actually, I think it's still in the attic at home!

    I have never seen old birthday candles around here - that seems like a collection that wouldn't build up too quickly!

  7. Very cute treasures!! Can't believe the great prices on the vintage tablecloths!!

  8. I love that tin, what was it for? I cant read it all.

  9. Good score on those old tablecloths..always snapping them up too. I need to check my stash for duplicates birthday candle boxes and be sending a box Maddie's way. always happy to enable a collector!

  10. WOW!!! LOTS of great finds!! Drooling over most of it-especially the tablecloths!!!

  11. You ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCKED the finds my friend! WOW!!!! hugs...tfs!

  12. LOVE the vintage tin! Pretty colors!
    Hubby and I have been to Vegas ONCE!!! (he can't remember somethings!)

  13. Those tablecloths were an amazing bargain! I envy Carol's watering can collection too and picked one up at the antique show week before last - it was over $100 so I put it right back down! I do not have that trellis swig - it's a beauty!

  14. This is just too much sweetness!! I love everything, and I love your eye. You have a great knack for finding vintage beauties that's for sure. ;-)

  15. I'm dying here!!! I've never seen a cute little watering can like that!!! Love the fruit picks and their packaging.. And everything else do!!!!
    Great work!

  16. I'm dying here!!! I've never seen a cute little watering can like that!!! Love the fruit picks and their packaging.. And everything else do!!!!
    Great work!

  17. I'm dying here!!! I've never seen a cute little watering can like that!!! Love the fruit picks and their packaging.. And everything else do!!!!
    Great work!