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Monday, March 23, 2015

A Busy Bee & From The Flea

It has been crazy busy around here.  Brian swears that I make messes so that I can clean them up.  He says I always have some sort of project going and he doesn't understand why I just can't relax.  Well let me tell you....relaxing is not in my nature.  I am a busy bee and am happiest when I have a task.  Plus I love seeing progress going on around me.  Recently, my major project has included tackling the upstairs closets.  Isn't it amazing the things you can find that you have no recollection of how you acquired them?  I've been listing away on Etsy and Instagram and luckily have been selling lots of stuff!  I just told Hanna that it's not so much about the money as it is the getting rid of things.  After all, I need to make room for more!

The Sunday before Hanna's shower, I was up bright and early for the flea market.  Since sales are starting to pick up around here, the sellers at the flea have a lot more good junk to pick through. 

I've been gathering lots of fun vintage toys for when Miss Norah comes to stay with me.  Plus I never pass up a Pepsi crate that is in my price range.  I love to stack them on my back patio.

I Love old pillowcases!

Especially ones with sweet deer embroidered on them.

Old tins are perfect for storage.

This one was filled with cute cookie cutters.

This apron is so funny!  Who do you think the Tranquilizers are for?  Grandma or the kids?


More aprons from the same seller.  And before you ask, yes I do wear them!  More for fun than function though.

I was totally suckered in with the cute graphics on this sewing kit.

Bonus was that the original doll was included!

I've become obsessed with Texas Ware.  Brian loves it too.  He absolutely hates using Pyrex.  He is always afraid he is going to break it and also that it has to be hand washed.

I must find more of these plates!  Sadly the seller only had the one.

I have seen this sweet measuring spoon holder on a few blogs and have had it on my mental wish list.  Super happy to find my own!  The seller threw in the party picks for free.

3 of these lucky deer are headed up to live with Magpie Ethel!  I'm kind of jealous.

It's supposed to be super nice this weekend.  Hopefully that means more sales!

Have a great week...


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Miss Ellanorah's Wonderland

Good morning! 

Last Sunday, family and friends honored Hanna and Miss Ellanorah with an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party themed baby shower.  Let me tell you, it was a labor of love!  I worked tirelessly for weeks to prepare for this big event.  After all, Norah is the first child that will make me an aunt so a big celebration was in order!  A few times I had to remind myself that this wasn't a party for me, but for Hanna and the baby:-)  Obviously I wasn't just going to buy a bunch of stuff from Party City and throw it together.  Oh no.  This party had to have a vintage vibe.  And I am happy to say it all went off without a hitch.

Lots of photos.  Hope you all enjoy!

 The shower was held at The Campbell House, a historic boutique hotel.
The theme was a surprise so when Hanna got there, I gave her a copy of the invitation.

Sisters!  In case you are confused, the pregnant one is on the left.

I promise you there is a baby in that tiny belly of hers.

Alex's girlfriend, Maddy (yep, another one), drew this amazing welcome sign that we had a the front door.  I am on the hunt for another chalkboard so that Maddy can recreate this for Norah's nursery.  This one is mine!

I had the best time searching for vintage teacups and saucers for the party favors.  Each one contained a tiny jar of honey, a honey dipper, teabags, and a sweet Alice themed charm.

Lots of colorful decorations. 

Since she did all the flower arrangements for Matt & Hanna's wedding reception, it is now a given that my best friend Rachel does the flowers for all of the events that we do!

What is a Mad Hatter tea party without clocks and lots of random decorations?

The cupcakes were a major team effort.  Maddie spent hours creating the toppers.  Brian made the actual cupcakes and Maddie and Maddy decorated them.  I even put Brian to work making cake stands!

Maddie's candy buffet!  See all those colorful chocolates on the tiered trays?  She made all of those from scratch.

More from the sweets table.  My mother in law made those wonky looking petit fours.  Don't they fit in with the theme perfect?

The Campbell House did an amazing job catering this event.  The food was perfect for an afternoon tea party!

The tables settings were perfect, each with it's own teapot.  There were also Mimosa's (of course!).

Hanna spent a lot of time opening gifts.  Miss Norah is already so spoiled!

I love this photo.  My sister is so pretty :-)  Pregnancy definitely agrees with her.  But just don't ask her what her opinion is on that!

Magpie Ethel just couldn't keep her hands off of the colorful tissue paper and put herself to work organizing it.  I joked that she was going to thrown together some tissue paper flowers :-)  Thanks again, Laurie!

And then the party was over.  Now we wait.  Oh please Norah, don't be late!  Especially because your loving aunt has a concert and Plucky Maiden's to attend right around your due date!

Thank you so much to everybody that helped put this wonderful event together.  I couldn't have done it without you guys!

Until next time....


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Happy Saturday!

I have a super busy day today getting ready for the baby shower tomorrow but thought I'd better take a minute to update you guys on some of my recent finds.  Hanna and I haven't been paying as much attention to the blog as we should and we really appreciate you guys sticking around!  Hopefully that will change for me in the future because I am still finding lots of good stuff.  With the lack of posting lately, I have one heck of a backlog!

We have still been having some amazingly beautiful weather here in the Willamette Valley.  It makes going to the sales that much better when you aren't standing in line in the rain and cold.  Plus, everybody just seems to be in such a better mood.  Even some of the cranky dealers have been more pleasant to be around :-)

If you follow me on IG, you have seen that I am on a major quilt buying spree lately.  But don't think I've robbed a bank and am out there spending my loot on $100+ dollar linens.  Believe it or not, vintage quilts are just one of those things that have not caught on in my neck of the woods and I can find them for super, super cheap.  For example, this full size beauty was only 20 bucks at an estate sale.  No holes and only a few tiny marks.

Loving the orange scalloped trim on this one.

On Fridays, I normally head up to Corvallis to hang out with Alex if he is not coming home for the weekend.  You know what this means?  A whole other city to hit estate sales and thrifts in!  Perfect timing to find the St. Patty's Day girl.  And the June graduation girl will be front and center in about 5 years when Miss Maddie has her high school graduation.

These Fire King red dot shakers and strawberry container were another of my Corvallis finds.  I love hitting up different areas.

I have a sweet collection of vintage pie birds displayed in my bedroom.  It's pretty rare that I find a new one that is in my price range.  I haven't brought one home in about a year so I was happy to add this one to the flock.

The thrift had these two kitchen towels marked "bath towels".  For who? Elves?

So along with quilts, my other new obsession is Texasware.  Brian has never really grown accustomed to using Pyrex.  I think it scares him!  But he loves these Melamine bowls!  But man, they can be just as spendy as Pyrex, don't you think?  I picked up this one from a little flea market along with these two Jadeite colored glasses for the kids' bathroom.

I had a little time to kill before picking up Maddie from school the other day so I headed to my favorite antique mall in my area.  You know how you find something that is just made for you?  This McCoy cowboy boot planter was just screaming my name!

Not one to leave behind any vintage glassware that is pink and aqua, I had to bring this juice carafe home with me too.  And I was super happy to find another Glasbake mug for my collection. 

Uh oh, the dogs are letting me know it's breakfast time.  I better feed them before they wake up the whole house and my quiet morning disappears. I already have my camera packed for Miss Norah's baby shower!  Let's just hope I remember to use it.

Have an awesome weekend!