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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Happy Saturday!

I have a super busy day today getting ready for the baby shower tomorrow but thought I'd better take a minute to update you guys on some of my recent finds.  Hanna and I haven't been paying as much attention to the blog as we should and we really appreciate you guys sticking around!  Hopefully that will change for me in the future because I am still finding lots of good stuff.  With the lack of posting lately, I have one heck of a backlog!

We have still been having some amazingly beautiful weather here in the Willamette Valley.  It makes going to the sales that much better when you aren't standing in line in the rain and cold.  Plus, everybody just seems to be in such a better mood.  Even some of the cranky dealers have been more pleasant to be around :-)

If you follow me on IG, you have seen that I am on a major quilt buying spree lately.  But don't think I've robbed a bank and am out there spending my loot on $100+ dollar linens.  Believe it or not, vintage quilts are just one of those things that have not caught on in my neck of the woods and I can find them for super, super cheap.  For example, this full size beauty was only 20 bucks at an estate sale.  No holes and only a few tiny marks.

Loving the orange scalloped trim on this one.

On Fridays, I normally head up to Corvallis to hang out with Alex if he is not coming home for the weekend.  You know what this means?  A whole other city to hit estate sales and thrifts in!  Perfect timing to find the St. Patty's Day girl.  And the June graduation girl will be front and center in about 5 years when Miss Maddie has her high school graduation.

These Fire King red dot shakers and strawberry container were another of my Corvallis finds.  I love hitting up different areas.

I have a sweet collection of vintage pie birds displayed in my bedroom.  It's pretty rare that I find a new one that is in my price range.  I haven't brought one home in about a year so I was happy to add this one to the flock.

The thrift had these two kitchen towels marked "bath towels".  For who? Elves?

So along with quilts, my other new obsession is Texasware.  Brian has never really grown accustomed to using Pyrex.  I think it scares him!  But he loves these Melamine bowls!  But man, they can be just as spendy as Pyrex, don't you think?  I picked up this one from a little flea market along with these two Jadeite colored glasses for the kids' bathroom.

I had a little time to kill before picking up Maddie from school the other day so I headed to my favorite antique mall in my area.  You know how you find something that is just made for you?  This McCoy cowboy boot planter was just screaming my name!

Not one to leave behind any vintage glassware that is pink and aqua, I had to bring this juice carafe home with me too.  And I was super happy to find another Glasbake mug for my collection. 

Uh oh, the dogs are letting me know it's breakfast time.  I better feed them before they wake up the whole house and my quiet morning disappears. I already have my camera packed for Miss Norah's baby shower!  Let's just hope I remember to use it.

Have an awesome weekend!



  1. Love it all! Quilts are always big bucks around here. I'd probably start buying them too if I ever found a steal like that!

    My husband is rather Pyrex-phobic too. I have many one & two quart sizes of Corelle bowls in various Pyrex patterns that I think he's way less scared he'll break. In fact the only time I ever see him get out an actual Pyrex bowl is when he needs the big 4 quart. I love Texasware bowls, but I've managed to only accumulate what I could thrift for a few bucks. All the dealers around me seem to have comp'd each other and price any melmac mixing bowls at 45 dollars or more.

    Love the glasbake mug and Fire King shakers! And Congrats on baby Norah! :-)

  2. I always love all of your finds! I smile every time I read one of your posts, because I would buy pretty much all the same things you buy! The quilts are lovely!! I'm on a self-imposed quilt freeze...so far I've only bought one since the freeze. It's a start -right?? ;)

  3. Love everything!!! It's been a treat seeing it all on IG. Can't wait to see baby shower pics!!!

  4. Hope you're having fun at the baby shower. I'm picturing you eating a big slice of cake with roses on it right now! They still have cake at showers don't they? I'd better go check out instagram to see if there are any blow by blow updates :)

  5. I pick the pie bird as my favorite because they are hard to find around here at a good price.

  6. Quilts are generally crazy expensive here - usually the $100-$200 range. I've been lucky and have found some reasonably priced ones, lately. I just washed a square patchwork one with yarn knots yesterday. Looking forward to using it as we start transitioning to spring. I am tired of the heavy comforter I've been using for months!

  7. Erica, only you would have time to post the day before hosting a shower! :)
    I love those cute "bath" towels. I had a small pie bird collection, but sold them, but now that I see your bird, so dang cute! Loving those little March angels.

    Looking forward to your shower post!