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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Little Bit of Vintage Goodness

Hi Friends!
It's definitely getting to be Springtime in my neck of the woods.  Although it is raining right now, it is still warm enough to wear short sleeves with no jacket.  I love it!  Hopefully tomorrow I can hit some sales but if not, I have enough treasure hunting to keep me busy for the next couple of days. Tonight, Maddie & I are headed to the Glory Days Antiques Spring Soiree.  Then on Saturday, we are headed North to the Albany Antique Mall's Annual Customer Appreciation Sale.  And if that's not enough, Sunday morning is the Piccadilly Flea Market.  We are gonna be busy!
Now, onto some of my most recent vintage finds...
I went to a SVDP that I haven't been to in a really long time last week.  It's in an inconvenient part of town that I hardly ever have any need to get to.  But it is in the same area as my accountant so I had an excuse to go.  Glad I did!  I normally stay away from plain white Pyrex but have recently decided that I want to try and incorporate red, white, and blue Pyrex into my 4th of July decorations.  The pink chick isn't old but looked really cute with the rest of my Easter décor.  I was happy to find the turquoise nut chopper especially since I passed one up in Astoria a few weeks ago.  The frame is something I have been wanting for a while.  A project is on the horizon.
More Golden Books for Maddie.  They are duplicates but I know that there are some pretty cute projects via Pinterest that we can do with them.  The Better Homes and Gardens book was something that had been on my list for a while.  I have only found one that was in good condition and I gave it to Sister.  Now I have my own!
At SVDP, all of the drinking glasses are 49 cents unless otherwise marked.  These Made in Japan cups were not marked.  When I took them up to the counter to pay, the lady turned them over and over in her hands searching for a price tag.  She knew that they were old and probably should have been marked with a higher price.  She sighed and said "Well, I guess you got a deal".  I think it almost killed her to have to let me have them for so cheap.  She probably would have marked them something ridiculous like $5.00 apiece!

Here are my vintage pillowcase finds for the week.  Not a bad haul!

Yes, another vintage sheet.  Can't ever have enough!

And something that I have never found at a thrift store.  A vintage Christmas table cloth.  It is huge!  I don't think I am going to be able to soak it in my kitchen sink it is so big.  This may call for my bathtub!

As I was leaving Target the other day, I saw a sign for an "Apartment Sale".  Normally, I steer clear of apartment sales.  Something about being in such a confined space with a complete stranger kind of stresses me out.   But this one was in a 55+ apartment complex so I thought "what the heck" and followed the signs.

The lady who answered the door was so sweet.  She had on a little apron and told me she had coffee brewing in the kitchen.  She said that she was downsizing and showed me the few little things she had for sale.  Believe me, it wasn't much.  But I didn't want to be rude so I looked around trying to find a little something to buy.  Then she said this to me and I thought I had died and gone to heaven

"I am basically having this sale because I need to get rid of some of my vintage tablecloths.  I have so many and I just don't have room anymore". 

Uh, lead the way lady.

In her living room, she had two tables set up full of beautiful vintage tablecloths.  They were all beautifully pressed and laundered.  She told me that it was therapeutic for her to wash and iron her tablecloths.  The majority of them were lace or had crochet designs on them, which aren't really my style.  But she did have a few beautiful and colorful prints that I had to have.

How absolutely stunning are these?  They are in perfect condition.  The pink one is already on my dining room table and the aqua one is on my buffet.

These beauties are next in line for my tabletops.  How perfect are they for the Summer?

We talked forever about our shared love of vintage linens.  She told me that this was only the tip of the iceberg and that she was going to have another sale later on in the Spring.  She even took down my name and number and told me I could have a sneak preview!  Don't you love meeting people who you have shared vintage interests with?  This sweet lady was a good 30+ years older than me so that just goes to show that there are no age boundries when it comes to the love for vintage.

I hope everyone is having a great week.  Hopefully next time, I will have lots to show you from my weekend adventures.

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Until next time...



  1. That lady sounds lovely! I'm glad you were able to find a little something...the prettiest table cloths I have seen in a long time! The turquoise one is to die for!

  2. I'd like to be tagging along with you and Maddie, what fun!!

    I bet there is a juice pitcher to go with the glasses - they're so cute!!

    Hope you come home with a car load of good stuff!

  3. How neat that you made a friend who shares your love for vintage tablecloths!

    As I started to read that, my heart sunk that she was inviting people into her apartment. That is not safe these days. I hope she will be safe when she has another sale.

  4. Aw! Opened the door in her apron! I probably would have either grinned my face off or cried! Ha-ha! I'm so happy for you. What wonderful linens. ♥ I find ironing my linens therapeutic, too. Not clothes, though! Ugh!

    Today, I worked on curtains for my sliding glass door using a vintage sheet! It's going to be so cute! ♥

  5. How sweet was that? Now, I hate hate hate ironing my vintage tablecloths, so I will have to try that lady's advice and use it like meditation, LOL. I'll be doing a lot of meditation one day next week... ;)

  6. Love the tablecloths. How rare to find someone who actually takes care of their linens.

  7. Oh WOW!!! Beautiful tablecloths! I have a few of those and would love to find more. And I love that little turquoise nut chopper you found. I need one like that. Looks like you found some pretty wonderful vintage sheets/pillowcases, too.

  8. Goodness me! You are your linens, I get so jealous! seems liek you have several types for all occasion!

  9. I recall that prayers for children book when my boys were young...I love those old Golden Books

    LOL this reminds me...I ordered a set for my grandson last year: retro ones from Amazon. One VERY old-fashioned one asks " What do Daddies Do " and little grandson ( two at the time ) said "talk on cell phone" :)

  10. I would have peed my pants when that lady mentioned her tablecloths!!! You scored on that trip. I've been looking for that same Better Homes Garden book, but have only found a smelly one. I'm holding out for a better one.

  11. Tablecloths, what? Did I hear you right? lol! What fabulous finds. They are all gorgeous and in such pristine condition. I have not ran across a single one. I've found a few pretty linen toppers with hand embroidered laces which I love! Good job! Thanks for sharing your finds with Share Your Cup. Always love having you!

  12. Love the linens - especially the hibiscus tablecloth. The lady probably was very happy to see her treasures go to someone who will appreciate them.

  13. Happy Pink Saturday, Erica. I love all your things. You must have thought you had died and gone to heaven with all of those gorgeous tablecloths.

  14. Lovely post - may reread it in the morning with a cuppa. Found you at Share your cup Thursday - and am so glad I did.

  15. That BH&G book is on my list, too! So happy for you that you found it. And I'm positively drooling over your vintage linens...gorgeous!

  16. I love those tablecloths, and especially the story that goes with them!