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Sunday, April 28, 2013

2 Weeks of Finds

Hanna here!  Its been 2 weeks since I've shared and I wish I had more finds.  I've gone to a few sales and did a little thrifting, but it has been really slow.  My Goodwill has seriously taken a turn for the worse.  First they reduced the Pyrex area to a single shelf.  Then they did the same thing with the figurines area.  Now prices are suddenly unbelievable.  The best thing I've found was a Shop Vac for $9.99, great for my husband but not so exciting for me.  I've realized I will have to go to more sales, but  these are few and far between around here.  Oh well, school is out in 6 weeks and then I can do a little traveling and hopefully have more luck.

On our way to the valley last weekend I saw a sign for an estate sale.  I got the husband to make the turn and 3 miles later up a gravel logging road we arrived.  Not a lot there, but at least I got a little bit of a fix.

 Finally I found myself a metal waste basket!  I can never have too many Ball jars.
I saw this sweet little deer right when we pulled up.  It was sitting on a huge tree stump that we parked next to.  I asked the nice sale lady if it was for sale and she looked at me like I was nutty.  $1?  Yes please!  She recommended I re-paint him.  I don't think so!

 I went to the an estate sale in my area.  I haven't made it to one on the coast in a long time because they always start on Fridays and I work.  The husband came with me and we arrived 20 minutes early.  There was already a line of like 20 people, a few of which I know and have had bad experiences with.  I didn't find much but it was nice to get to a sale.  I've never found a Golden Magazine, but I thought the Halloween graphics were cute.  I wont even tell you what happened with the Shiny Brites box.  I basically grabbed it for the box but lets just say someone wanted to give me a really rude lesson about Shiny Brites.  I hate it when people assume you don't know anything.  I may be 26, but I know what I'm doing lady, especially vintage X-mas (thanks to my expert Sister!)  This is my first Scotch tape tin, it will be cute for Christmas time.

 I loved the Golden Magazine even more when I saw there was an article about Woodpeckers.

 And how to draw an owl, perfect for me!
 I picked 250 yards of this ribbon up at Goodwill.  I think I'm going to use it for Maddie's B-day project.
I also picked up this stationary with owls, rabbits, and squirrels at Goodwill.  They are really long pieces of stationary that you write on and fold in half.  They were produced the year I was born and totally look like me so of course they came home too.

Today is the start of the field season, so the husband is gone Sundays-Wednesdays and he takes the dog.  I will probably be lonely but I figure  I'm going to enjoy watching shows, thrifting after work every day and getting some serious cleaning done.

Come see me at the Thriftasaurus party!

Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. Great finds! You ladies always find such cute stuff!

  2. Hi, Hanna! Garage sale season has started here and I found all kinds of vintage goodies our first week end! I NEVER find Shiny Brites anywhere, though! :( You're lucky!

  3. Always nice to find a few things to get a vintage fix for the weekend. I am glad you are not listening to the woman and repainting the deer...

  4. They reduced just about every section at my Salvation Army, I don't like it one bit!

  5. Oh WOW! My grandmother had that waste bin in her bedroom for years! I love dropping by your blog. Got your messages...that story on the glass fish was great. It's nice to have met you two.

  6. Oh that just burns me! You are 26, I am 23 but we know our business! Geeze rude people.

  7. People automatically assume that we are dumb youngins and I just love the look on their face when we prove them wrong! I love that Golden Magazine! Very cool. And the bird waste basket is super cool, just your style! I hope things pick up for you soon!