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Friday, February 22, 2013

Look at These Goodies!

Hi everyone, Hanna here.  Long time, no share!  As Sister said in her last post, I’ve been very busy with some home renovations.  That exhausted me last weekend and then this week school has been quite crazy. The only way I’ve been keeping my sanity the last few weeks is by stopping at Goodwill after work, which has been happening probably every other day.  Some days are horrible and I just walk out defeated and empty handed.  But, occasionally I find a thing or two for my collection.  I’ve also been buying a lot of stuff that has been making its way to Ebay.  Here are a few of my random finds from this week.

Crazy Daisy Pyrex is not a pattern I collect, but this size of pan seems to be few and far between.  I guess I was right, because it had a bid on it the same day I listed it on Ebay.

This is my second set of Blendo glasses that I’ve picked up.  These are such a cute size.  I also listed them online, but I’m crossing my fingers they don’t sell and that I can sneak them into my glassware collection.

I feel like I’ve been finding a lot of planters.  This Shawnee pixie planter is my first  pixie.  I love him.  He has joined his family in my woodland themed display in my living room.

Just a few pieces of pottery.  This cute little bunny will be joining me for Easter and I love this flower pot.  Those clay roses must have been really hard to make I would think.

 This donkey friend is just visiting with my woodland friends and will head home with Sister when she visits in March.  Remember folks, when you are thrifting, you must never leave a donkey behind.  They are just too cute.

 I also want to share the prizes that my amazing Sisterita sent me for Valentine’s Day this year. 
This deer planter arrived with his ear broken off but a little super glue and he is as good as new!  Just goes to show, even professional packers like my Sister can have pottery break.  It makes mailing vintage goodies so discouraging!

These Colorado sugar and creamer set are so cute with the little squirrels.  They fit in right at home with all my other critters.

Speaking of critters, have you ever seen a lone shaker that was so cute?  I didn’t think so.

I also received this Twin Squirrels book; can you tell what one of my favorite animals is?

She also sent me some cute little owl earrings that I’ve been wearing non-stop.  I’m so lucky!  Well, lets hope I keep finding a few goodies here and there to keep me happy and this Ebay thing going.  

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  1. OH, I so want that pan! It's on my hunt list :)

  2. Sooo many good things here Hanna!
    Really like that Pixie planter!
    Hope you girls are doing well.
    Erica :)

  3. I feel your pain on the renovation madness. I hope it is over for you very soon! I love those glasses you found, and I am of course partial to the Colorado shakers. Good luck with everything! Do we get to see pics?

  4. Some great stuff! I was scrolling down going. Oh, that's my favorite. Oh no, wait, that's my favorite. OH wait! I guess you get my drift. I loved it all.

  5. I love the Pixie planter! Too cute!!


  6. Love the Pyrex pan and I have one and use it all the time!! I am in love with that Pixie pottery piece! You have found some amazingly sweet things! Hugs, Linda

  7. Love that crazy daisy and the squirrel book best! ♥

  8. I have that deer & I want that Spring Blossom Green pan! I've only seen one pan that size in the wild - never bought it, not good enough shape. I saw another deer in an antique market like that, too. I got giddy, love things in pairs & even numbers, but $18 - WHOA.

  9. Love that pan! Good find for you!

  10. You're on a roll for finding animal items - isn't it funny how that happens?

  11. Hannah, some really fun finds. I especially love the Pyrex. The squirrel book is so darn cute too! Thanks for sharing with SYC.