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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

At The Flea...

Good Morning, Everyone!

Sunday morning was our local flea market.  My sidekick Maddie is battling a nasty cold so she stayed home.  So after grabbing a quick coffee and robbing Brian of all his small bills, I was out the door, hoping to find some good things.

I've mentioned before how much I love the flea market when there is a holiday coming up.  I found these nut cups and old candy containers just in time for Valentines Day.

I've wanted one of these silverware trays forever.  I was super excited to find one but I just don't know what I am going to do with it yet.

I have a serious problem with buying children's chairs, especially when they are in my colors!

And if there is a cute vintage decal on it, done deal!

A seller was actually using this tablecloth as part of her display but happily sold it to me.  Aren't the colors amazing?  And I will never pass up blue mason jars, especially when they are only a dollar apiece.

Have you guys ever seen canisters like these?  I am in love with them!  They are unmarked but I wonder if they were made by Lustro Ware?  They are pitchers with flip top lids.

I bought this Pyrex Barcode casserole and Fire King Delphite chili bowl from the same seller as the canisters and mason jars.  I think this seller digs their items out of the dirt because everything I have ever bought from them was absolutely filthy and required a large amount of scrubbing.  But you will hear no complaints from me!  They are the nicest people and their whole family comes and hangs out at their table.  Plus, their prices are dirt cheap (pun intended).  I got all the jars, the canisters, the Pyrex, and the Fire King for 7 bucks.  You absolutely cannot beat that!

Quite a few sellers were offering 50% off had dollar bins.  I guess they are getting ready for the treasures the Spring garage/estate sales will bring.  I found all of this from the dealer that I have known since I was a baby. A dollar apiece?  Sold!

I also bought this old pencil sharpener from him to add to my vintage office supply collection.  It was made in Rockford, Illinois which is where our dad was born!  There was another seller who had a red one but every time I went to their table, they weren't there.  Plus, they were asking 12 bucks.  Oh well, you snooze, you lose!

I was really hoping to find some vintage decals at the flea.  I need some for some old jars, a bread box, and some shakers.  I found these and although they won't work for the projects I needed them for, I will add them to my stash for future use.  I'm sure I'll find something that needs a fruit decal at some point!


I want to make a banner out of old postcards for Maddie's vintage cowgirl themed bedroom.  I dug through tons of postcards and found these to start with. 

And like I was going to leave these donkey ones behind!

I didn't buy these at the flea market.  I actually found these a while back at an antique mall in Portland.  I just wanted to share them with you all before I showed you my Valentines Day decorations.  I could not pass these boxes up, even though they were empty.  Aren't they adorable?

So good stuff at the flea last weekend which makes me happy.  On the way home, I stopped by my local Goodwill and St. Vincent's and came out empty handed, as usual.  The glassware aisles at SV was crawling with dealers picking up and flipping over everything that looked remotely old.  This is so discouraging!  So this coupled with the lack of thrift finds for months has made me decide to take a cue from some of my fellow bloggers and go on a thrift store hiatus.  I'm done feeling frustrated and wasting my time and gas. I am going to focus my efforts on the flea markets, shows, and the upcoming estate sale season.  If I am going to take time out of my schedule to hunt for treasures, I need to know that I will find at least something to give me my fix!  This is not to say that I won't ever thrift again.  If I am in the area of a store because of something else I am doing, you can bet I will stop!  I'm frustrated people, not dead!

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  1. I love your sweet Valentines and those adorable little chairs. AND I know how you feel. It can be frustrating. I went so much before Christmas, looking for vintage Christmas, that I got a bit burned out. I took a month off...cold turkey! lol But I have to admit, I've enjoyed it. Hope you have good luck treasure hunting! Hugs!

  2. Clever canisters! No, I haven't seen those before.
    I've never seen that pumpkin decal before either.
    Concerning vintage decals for your jars, etc.- I can tell you from experience that vintage decals won't work!
    They just fall apart! I've heard you can fortify them but I haven't tried it yet... I fear ruining them- although I do have mine all scanned.

  3. You are a seriously amazing curator. I LOVE that silverware tray. What do you plan to do with it?
    And you found a Barcode! Nice!


  4. What great finds! I hardly ever find anything vintage at the thrift stores any more. I usually do ok at estate sales or yard sales. I love the cannisters!


  5. You're killin me! What fun things you found! Walking around the flea market (with a cup of coffee) sounds like absolute Heaven to me right now! Can't believe I have 3 more months until ours opens!
    I have a couple of those silverware trays. I have hung them on the wall as a shelf. Good for little knick knacks! :)
    Erica :)

  6. I have been haunting the local antique shops searching for any tidbit of Valentine's stuff..pretty much nothing beyond cards. You did well! Would have bought those card boxes in a flash!

  7. I don't go to my flea market enough, I need to get out there! I know I say this most every week but you find the best stuff! And the prices, my goodness. Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home link party. Take care! -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com
    p.s. Don't let anything happen to those donkeys, now ;)

  8. It is an hour drive for me to get to the thrift stores, I usually think I HAVE to stop in when I'm there shopping, even going only once a week is discouraging - I can't even find a scarf! Sad times!!

    I can't believe you paid $7, that's unbelievable, good for you!

  9. Amazing deals and oh so much fun! Love reading and watching all ya'lls adventures. The thrifts stores are bad everywhere right now. I have been relying on the flea markets to feed my addiction for vintage.

  10. Great finds as usual! Can't believe all the pieces you scored for a dollar. Really great finds. And I'm right there with you feeling like giving up on thrift stores for a while. My trips out have felt like a waste of time and gas. The only thing I've managed to find are some Pyrex lids and they were two dollars apiece. Hopefully this Spring will bring in some fantastic treasures.

    And sure hope Maddie is feeling better!

  11. Cool! Lots of neat things! I love that table cloth! And blur jars for only $1.00, SCORE! How neat on your little yellow pencil sharpener as well. I have been saving money and actually haven't been to the thrift stores in s while. Our Goodwill usually turns up some good treasure, but it is getting to be slim pickings thanks to all the fad "vintage lovers" :P

  12. My only source is thrift stores, so I can't give up, as much as I'd like to. I do get out to antique markets once in awhile, but it's hard to find someone to drive me - it kills me not being able to drive! Estate sales scare me & I don't think I can do it alone, garage sales.. no means to get around - so thrifts it is!

    And as I was scrolling, I was like, "never seen anything like those canisters", so funny you mentioned it. Barcode is one of my favs. Like the Vday stuff.

  13. I have lived in a few states with great thrift stores! I did get discouraged but I need my fix too! lol You purchased some great buys. Don't give up thrift stores......
    Blessings My Friend,

  14. Love your treasures you found! New Follower.

  15. Great finds! I'm especially in love with the table cloth you scooped. Such pretty colors.
    It is a bummer about the thrifts crawling with dealers. I know I have a booth, but mine is so small and only a third (sometimes less) of what I buy goes to it, so I don't lump myself in with the other dealers. This year, now that the Little Dude is a bit older and my mom isn't working, I'm going to focus on estate sales too. I'm convinced that we can get up crazy early in the name of good junk! : )
    I'm sure you saw the Laurie is going to Junk Bonanza. How fun would it be if we could all meet there?! Maybe next year we should try for a glorious get together.

  16. Glad you found some things you like at the flea market! I debated about going, but just doesn't seem to be much in the way of the type of things I buy. I did do well this week at the thrifts. Especially Pyrex, I just missed a Friendship, but was just in time to grab some things out of carts on a couple occasions. Oh and, those glasses you saw me post--that was a good find. I don't know if it's that the thrifts are so bad or dealers/pickers are our problem(?)

  17. nice choice, going to flea market and nothing purchase wont happened ...so you can get information of flea markets by the flea market directory in US and get some cool stuff and enjoy the shopping

  18. All very nice finds, but the forsythia tablecloth is FABULOUS!