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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Showers Bring May Pyrex?

Hello there again, it's Sister Hanna here.  Just wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces of Pyrex that I've picked up in the last few days:
 This lime green round casserole joined some Pyrex friends after being discovered at Goodwill last week.  I paid WAY to much ($6.99), but it is something I've been wanting and I was feeling the need to spend money.
The two-toned orange bowl pictured here with some of its friends, Sister picked up for me.  She knows how much I love orange!  The large red bowl I picked up at an estate sale a while back.  It is marked McKee and has a ribbed rim to it.  It is much larger than even my 4 quart cinderella bowls. If you guys know anything about it, I would love some information.  I've only found matching cereal sized bowls like it so far.

I also have managed to pick up 3 promotional Pyrex pieces this week at my local Goodwill, although prices have been higher.  Check them out at Pyrex Collective II
Last, but not least, Deer Gloria wanted to sneak in here and remind Sister that it soon will be time for her to pack her bags and come to the rainy and grey Oregon coast.  Too bad she wont have this cute Samsonite suitcase to bring all her things in.  This beauty still has the key with it and everything.  I think it is time for this Sister to start planning another trip!

Until next time!
Sister Hanna


  1. Oh Sister, I may not have the cute suitcase but I do have a turquoise Samsonite train case (that you can't have!)

  2. That seems like a good price ifit came with the cradle and all, no?

    1. I already had the cradle, so probably not the best price, but I love it anyway!

  3. I saw your completed loaf pan sets over on P.C.II isnt it exciting to get a set finished! I am not only 2 pieces away! from having my main collection done! what great deals all around and what STEAL at $8.00 on the turquoise 232 I got mine for $24.00 and that was when there was only one other one out there/on ebay for $85.00 what deals we got!