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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Happens When Two Sisters Go to a Garage Sale

Well, I was finally reunited with Sister this weekend and we had a blast.  Between working on some not so fun stuff we found the time to go to a few sales.  Bright and early Sister and I drug Miss Madelyn and my husband (Matt) out to a few sales.  Matt moans and groans, but he is always excited deep down to go have some shopping time with us.

Most of the sales were disappointing, but Sister and I did manage one thing: embarrassing Matt.  We got to a sale 30 minutes early and saw a few people already walking up, so we hopped out to check out the situation.  There was a man frantically trying to set up and there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.  We stood around for a few minutes, anxiously awaiting to see what kind of loot he had.  There was a table covered in a tarp and after some pacing, Sister started to take a peek.  Then I started to take a peek.  Then the guy says, "You can go through that stuff, feel free to dig."  Dig?  Oh man, you're on!

Madelyn also jumped in on the fun.  The three of us started unpacking all the boxes, hoping we would get lucky.  In the mean time, Matt was standing to the side, just staring at us in disgust.  As I found things, I handed them to him and he was like a statue, totally mortified by our behavior.  After about 10 minutes, not only had we gone through everything, we even set up part of the sale for this guy!  Also, lucky me, I found a pink depression glass cake plate.  I was feeling timid, so Sister walked up, offered the guy 50 cents, and we were off with my pretty prize!

The rest of the sales were a loss for us ladies, but Matt managed to buy 2 bags of duck decoys and and camouflage kennel cover for Miss Piper Doodle.  I think those finds made up for how embarrassed he was of us earlier in the day.  I do have to say though, what does he expect?  Deprive Sister and I of shopping time for over a month and expect us to behave?  You have to be kidding.

Before I go, I also want to note that I have the best Sister on Earth.  Every time I come to visit, she has prizes waiting for me.  Here is what she had for me this time:

 Sister picked up this Old Fitz decanter and rainbow pheasant cup for me, she's the best!  I found the duck cup on the left for $1.50 at one of the antique stores we like, it's Hazel Atlas, what a steal!
Also, she gave me the Butterprint bowl back.  I traded it to her a while back, but she found one of her own.  I think she feels sorry for me and the lack of thrifting I get to do out here on the Oregon coast.  I also picked up the black and white Gooseberry as a prize for myself, since I'm still having Pyrex withdrawals these days.  And, look who it is!  Deer Gloria must have jumped in my bag on my way out.  I guess she wants to hang out with me and await our big adventure, the World's Longest Garage Sale in 4 weeks!

Until Next Time!
-Sister Hanna

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