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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some Cute Stuff

Sister was here this weekend and we were so excited to hit some sales.  Since she lives in a small coastal town, her options are pretty limited when it comes to garage/yard/estate sales.  Unfortunately, the sales here this weekend were terrible.  Junk, junk, and more junk (and not the good kind). Luckily the sales last weekend were way better so at least I have some stuff to share.
I really do love vintage cookbooks and not just for the cute graphics and photos.  It seems like a lot of cookbooks nowadays have crazy ingredients that are hard to find and sometimes even harder to pronounce.  I love the simple recipes from long ago that use ingredients that I actually have in my pantry and freezer.  I have a Hamilton Beach vintage mixer so I was pretty excited to find the cookbook that originally went with it.  I bought all of these from the same sale and the lady gave me the pastry cutter for free! 
I was looking at an ad for an estate sale and saw the top bread box in one of the photos.  When I got to the sale, I went straight for the kitchen and grabbed it. These are so great for storage!  The next day, I went to an antique store that was having their Customer Appreciation sale and found the bottom two in a booth for 40% off.  The top one I have on top of my cabinets in the kitchen and the other two I am using to store kitchen towels and aprons (vintage of course).
I FINALLY got the Pyrex Butterprint butter dish that I have been wanting for so long.  I gave in and got in on eBay but I think I got a pretty good deal because the seller had it listed as "Vintage Aqua Buttercup" and I found it while searching for "Vintage Aqua".  I got it for $10 including shipping with no competition.
Just in time for barbecue season!  I found this set of Beverly melmac dessert plates and bowls at a garage sale for 50 cents. I'm on the lookout now for dinner plates.  Those seem to be harder to find.
How cute are these days of the week kitty dish towels?  They have never been used and the stamped colors are so vibrant!  My question is am I supposed to embroider over the stamping?  Is that what the stamping is there for?  Hopefully not, because am I sure I would RUIN them.  Better to just keep them as they are.
More vintage printed tablecloths.  I have a small vintage sewing table in my bedroom that these fit perfectly  But even if I didn't have a table for them, I wouldn't have been able to pass them up.  I just wish I could find one big enough for my dining room table.  I am obsessed with these types of tablecloths.  I will never understand why they stopped making them.

Hope everybody is having some great thrifting luck this week.  I haven't been to the thrifts in a few days.  I'm kind of boycotting them.  The pricing has been out of control plus Pyrex has been non-existent.  I'm pretty sure that my local Goodwill's have been sending it all to be sold on their online site.  Oh well, at least we are in the midst of estate sale season!  I have a feeling that that is where I am going to have to get my fix for now.

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  1. Your yellow checked and floral box looks perfect!! Love it