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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Other Sister Returns

Good morning fellow thrifters!  I'm finally getting back into my routine after being gone for 10 days on our past due honeymoon which was great.  The only thing missing of course was thrifting.  So last night I figured it was time to reward myself with a quick trip to the Goodwill, hoping that there would be a prize for me waiting.........

Not too exciting, but just enough to get me thinking it might not be so bad to be home from the Caribbean.  They are tiny, shallow little bowls.  Two say Double Tough and Pyrex and the other says Pyrex Tableware.  Either way they are really cute and I gave both my kitties some salmon treats in them last night, an apology for leaving them for so long.  Bobcat Marley of course turned her nose to it (she is more of a yogurt and pie kind of kitty), so Piper dog got in on the action too.

Lets hope things pick up out here on the Oregon coast.  Actually, maybe I shouldn't wish that, then I can convince the husband to go see Sister sooner!

Happy Thrifting!

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