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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Still Finding The Good Stuff

Fall is quickly approaching but you would never know it by the crazy high temperatures we've had this summer.  Can you believe that it was cooler in Las Vegas than it was in Oregon?  Absolutely unheard of!  There were a couple of mid-week sales that I went to this morning before Maddie and I took off to go back to school shopping.  With it being the holiday weekend, I guess people are wanting to have their sales early so they can enjoy their time off.  Wednesday sales also mean not a lot of shoppers.  So with the two that I hit, I pretty much had my pick of the good stuff.

New to me vintage pillowcases.  The striped ones are handmade out of the sweetest pink ticking material.

This little Josef sweetie hopped right into Maddie's room when we got home.  I had to go track him down for a photo.

I have an old jar full of these candle holders.  If I keep finding them, I'm gonna need a bigger jar!

I can't believe I've lived in Oregon my whole life and never had a copy of the Taste of Oregon cookbook.  The Lemon Sour Cream Pie in it is AMAZING!  I loved the old picnic photo on the cover of the Great Northwest cookbook.

Another old galvanized bucket just begging for some fall flowers.

The Desert Dawn and BG are not normally patterns I buy, but these were a buck apiece so I couldn't leave them.  Someone will want them for fall baking!

A good small haul from two sales!  I even got it all photographed, put away, and blogged about all on the same day.  That never happens around here.

Looks like more sales are on the horizon for tomorrow.  Hope Maddie is up for it!

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Have a great evening!



  1. Great finds. I love candle holders, too!

  2. You found some nice things. It's hard to pass things up when the price is right! Have a good week! Hugs!

  3. Love those candle holders! So bright and cheerful!

  4. Great finds! I think you and another friend of mine is the reason I've started to get into vintage bed sheets and pillows!

  5. I have a galvanized tub just like that. I wonder how many farm babies had a bath in it. :)

    $1.00 Pyrex should never be passed up! $2.00 is the cheapest I've found it.

  6. I agree, those 2 patterns are great for fall baking & tablescapes. The little Josef is so cute. I can no longer buy those vintage pillowcases (even though they call to me, like they do you) because my linen closet door will no longer close.

    Good stuff is right! You always find it. :)

  7. A Taste of Oregon is such a great cookbook. I buy it at sales/thrifts when I find it to give as a gift. Love all your finds.

  8. Great finds--don't make dishes any more like good old pyrex

  9. Love all the treasures. I've been using my birthday candle holders as tenny tiny witch hats for crafting projects. You never know how useful those things really can be!

  10. I love Desert Dawn Pyrex because, well, you know ;)
    Cute, cute bunny, too!