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Friday, August 29, 2014

Some Sweet New Additions

Happy Friday!  Hanna here.  Wow, have I been busy.  I went back to work for the school year two weeks ago and it has been non stop.  I do miss my lazy summer days, but I am really enjoying getting ready for this school year.  With work so busy, I have barely made it out to the thrifts or sales, but the few times I have gotten out I've been rewarded.
I had to stay in Dallas, Oregon last Thursday for work and it just so happens my hotel was directly across from the local Goodwill.  I was happy to bring the Pyrex 503 home with me.  Butterfly Gold isn't my favorite pattern but I use this pattern for daily use and I couldn't leave behind a refrigerator dish.  I was excited to find a souvenir glass for Erica, its been a while.
 I decided to take a break from work this morning and go check out a few sales in my area.  I was rewarded with this parakeet planter.  Someone made button flowers for inside it which are really sweet.  I also couldn't leave behind the pastel yellow marlin, it is going to join my bookshelf right next to my copy of Old Man and the Sea.
I also added to my Disney record collection.  The older woman I purchased these from was so happy I was buying them and wanted me to know that they had been played a lot so they weren't perfect.  I can just imagine her playing them for her children, it makes me smile.
But, the best thing I found today were these vintage Frye boots!  Sorry if you already saw these on my Instagram, I'm just so excited!  I haven't taken them off since I got home and think that they are the perfect birthday gift to myself.

So not a lot of finds, but I really love what did come home.  The last thing I want to share is a new obsession of mine.
This is my second candle purchase from Thriftstoredecor on Instagram.  She makes the yummiest smelling soy candles and puts them in awesome vintage glassware.  This one is vanilla bean and it smells so good I could eat eat.  If you haven't yet, her store definitely worth checking out.

There are a few sales posted around here this weekend that I'm going to check out.  Wish me luck!

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  1. You just happened to stay across from a GW? Love the parakeet planter. Is the marlin a fish tank figurine?

    1. It was just my lucky day, HR booked the hotel, they must of known I had a thrifting problem. I can't decide what the marlin was used for, but I think a fish tank figurine is a possibility. It is marked USA, it would be funny if that is what it was for!

  2. Get out! I can't believe you found FRYE boots! I'd never take them off either. My sister has a really cute pair that she paid an insane amount of money for. I'd love some but of course can't afford them.
    Happy for you!
    Erica :)

  3. You found Frye boots at Goodwill?! That's pretty much my #1 thrifting dream. Good to know dreams can come true.;-)

  4. Wow! How cool to get to stay across from a Goodwill. I love your finds and the boots are too neat.

  5. Those boots are just fabulous. I'd never take them off either.

  6. My friend used to live across from a GW & would go donate & people would appear from like the bushes like raccoons on garbage to go through the donations, lol.

    Hope you had some luck at the sales..

  7. I used to have a ton of the Disney albums! I think my favorite was Peter and the Wolf.

  8. FRYE BOOTS!! I don't even want to know what you paid for them. It will probably make them cry. I own way too many pairs of boots and can't wait to wear them this fall and winter. Also love Thriftstoredecor's candles. I have been making candles for 10 years or so. Now I need to find some cute thrift store mugs to put them in!