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Friday, August 8, 2014

Alameda Weekend....Hanna's Finds Part 1

Happy Friday Friends!  I think I may still be recovering from our awesome Alameda adventure.  Between all the amazing finds we had, the delicious food we consumed, and the few cocktails along the way, I was beyond tired when I got home Tuesday night.  I spent all of Wednesday unpacking, finding new homes for my goodies, and preparing for guests to arrive.  We have a full house of family and friends the next couple of weeks because our big fishery here in Astoria, Buoy 10 is open.  I have been up at 4:30 the last 2 mornings fishing and am finally getting to sit down so I can start sharing some of my finds, so here I go!

As you may all already expect, Sister Erica bought A LOT more stuff than me on this adventure.  She gets a little wild, what can I say?  I'm also not going to deny that I enable the behavior and love when I find things for her to buy.  With that being said, I am going to break this into just 2 posts for me: my estate sale and thrift finds first and then the amazing finds from Alameda. 
 I saw this old tackle box in the ad for the first estate sale we went to.  I am a sucker for vintage fishing gear and actually found a lot of stuff I will be able to use in this tackle box.  I also love  that the receipt for the original purchase of all the items was still inside.
 This split-shot container was one of my favorite finds inside the tackle box.  "Take a Boy Fishing Today," is just too sweet of a slogan.
 At the same sale where no one was buying vintage Erica found me an orange suitcase!  I was so happy, considering orange is my color and I've been on the hunt for one of these.  It was also perfect to put all my acquired goodies in along the way.

I really didn't need more books, but sometimes I can't help myself.  Also, I'm starting to like Couroc barware more and more, especially because I keep finding it!  I bought this tray at a thrift to add to my cocktail napkins and matching ice bucket.  This tray keep in mind is really heavy.  Erica may have drove off a curb, resulting in it flying off the dashboard and creating a beautiful bruise on my leg for the weekend.  I guess that's what I get for playing with my finds in the car. 
 A few more mugs for my giant collection.  The monkey mugs were too strange to leave behind at my favorite estate sale we went to during our adventure.  They are unmarked, but have almost a Tiki feel to them.  I have also been searching high and low for a Virgo coffee cup, but was even happier to find a beer stein sized one!
 At an antique mall in Cordelia, California I found myself more barware because you all know I need it.  I have some pieces by this artist already, but this set was an awesome size and I knew that Matt would love them.  I'm pretty sure it was the only thing he actually gave any attention to when I shared with him all my new goodies.
 I also found a few more figurines.  This sweet deer completes a salt and pepper set for me, Erica bought me the Maine shot glass as it has a chickadee on it, the roadrunner compliments my Couroc set, and the little Scandinavian made in Japan bisque figurines fit right in with all my Scandinavian goodies in my home.  And who can pass up vintage puppy material?
 I only managed to buy a little bit of Christmas.  At a sale where Erica bought a Christmas jackpot prize (stay tuned,) I got these ornaments and box for wreath making for a whopping 25 cents.
 For Maddie's birthday I made her a decoupaged jewelery box and have been wanting to find another to make one for myself.  I also bought some really awesome jewelery on this trip including the necklace and bracelet that Erica and I have started calling "fakelite."  I really thought I found my first piece of bakelite, but no such luck.  The bracelet is still pretty awesome.
 The baby shoes were a special purchase for my best friend who just had her first baby.  I call my friend Deer and have been calling the baby "Baby Deer."  Who knew I would find vintage Baby Deer brand shoes for her to wear for me when I visit in September!?!
This is the last of my thrift and estate sale finds.  This vintage luggage bag is tiny and I may just use it as an every day purse.  I would also like to note that I may have a problem, since I stopped at my local GW before finally getting home on Tuesday.  I'm happy I did though, because I will never leave a Fire King Snoopy mug behind, let alone two!

That is it for part 1.  I can't wait to share my most favorite goodies with you in the next few days.  I'm off for some wine drinking time with a few girlfriends I haven't seen forever.  It should be an awesome weekend.

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Always a Pleasure,


  1. Love the orange suitcase! ♥

  2. Wow, look like you found quite a lot to me. Just love the tackle box, sweet!

  3. Oh my gosh! SO MUCH STUFF, and I can't wait to see the vintage Christmas stuff!!!

  4. I can only imagine the fun you two had!!!

  5. Those shoes are the sweetest things.

  6. I like the Couroc tray. I wanted to buy one with owls on it & my sister said, NO NO NO!!

    I just found out they reproduce Fire King mugs in Japan that aren't heat resistant! Snoopy reminded me.

  7. Those shoes are just precious and with our recent purchase of an a-frame cottage, I'm all about old tackle boxes and fishing related gear. Great jewelry too.

  8. Great finds! I just picked up a tackle box full of goodies at an estate sale for $7. Hubby is an avid fisherman so I let him have the contents. Nothing as cool as the split shot. And the box was copper colored. Love your blue one much more! The baby shoes are precious! Thanks for sharing with SYC.