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Thursday, September 4, 2014

You Just Never Know...

In the past several weeks, I have been going to a lot more garage sales that I normally wouldn't give a second glance at.  You know what I'm talking about.  The ones that advertise furniture and housewares with no mention of anything vintage or collectible. But I have a good reason!  Alex is moving into his first apartment in a couple of weeks and there is no way I am buying anything brand new if I can help it.  He is an 18 year old boy moving in with two other 18 year old boys.  Why in the world would I want to give them anything brand new?

You want to know what I have noticed about a lot of these sales?  That there can be some good stuff tucked in with all of those Dollar Tree housewares and holiday decorations.  You just gotta look hard enough and sometimes even dig for it.

A sweet Made in Japan marked furry figurine for Maddie's collection and a pink Lustro Ware napkin holder.

Never one to turn away Hazel Atlas barware.

Or vintage tablecloths and Swanky Swigs.

Vintage Christmas candy boxes are a new collection for me.  I have already shared my nurse and doctor cake toppers on Instagram as well as the pink kangaroo planter.  Hope you guys like seeing them again!

Love finding old jars with the original lids.  The graphics are always so great.

A couple of books for Maddie which she promptly informed me she already had.  I swear that child has a photographic memory.

I already had this same Chinese Checkers game that I found at the flea market last year.  But I bought it again because the other game was missing some of it's pieces.  Plus this box is in better shape.

How cute is this sweet pink furry kitty?  I tried to sneak it into my room but Maddie declared that it goes with all of her other Japan furry animal figurines.  The flag box is empty but was perfect with my 4th decorations.

Another awesome vintage linen, this time a dish towel, and some great glasses.

I would love to find more of these.  I love the graphics!

So all of these goodies were found by going to about a million sales and weeding through a ton of baby stuff and Walmart rejects.  Don't think I just got lucky at one garage sale and found it all.  Although, wouldn't that be nice?  And in case you are wondering...I also managed to get Alex a lot of stuff too.  A win win for everyone!

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Busy weekend coming up.  Some more packing plus the Coburg Antique Fair is on Sunday.  I look forward to this event all year long.  I can't wait!

Have an awesome weekend!



  1. Random yard sales is where I find my best stuff. I think it's because the people don't even know it's vintage, it's just old junk to them. Because of that you can get it CHEAP. The other day I got a whole set of Pyrex Spring Blossom bowls for $1. Glad you found some great stufff...good luck with the bachelor pad furnishings. :) Stacey

  2. Hi Erica. Wow you did find a lot of good stuff. This year I have been doing a lot of just going to garage sales no matter what they advertised and I have found a number of hidden gems, too. Have fun at the Coburg Antique Fair!

  3. The vintage tablecloth and dish towel are my favorites.

  4. Those are some great finds! My favorites are the vintage dish towels/tablecloths and antique glassware.

  5. I am in love with the pink kitty!! Great finds!

  6. Love the Santa candy box. I totally agree on garage sales for cheap house/apt stuff for a kid. I got most of Ben's apt stuff from them. Currently have a desk and a dresser waiting to make the trip to Bellingham and Kate's rental house.

  7. Sometimes I hit it good at yard sales, although they often have just kids clothes and toys. I love those vintage shot glasses too. Sweet tablecloth & towel. :)

  8. You are so right - sometimes the odd yard sale can be a goldmine. I once went to one with a small box of vintage stuff. the lady said it was just junk her aunt was throwing away. she let me look in the backyard - I saved two huge trash bags of cards, napkins, calendars, dishcloths - you name it. I love your jars!

  9. Garage saling is my vintage-shopping method of choice, but yes, you do need to paw through some junk occasionally :) Loving your jars, the flag box, and the graphically pleasing glasses. I've never seen those before. Happy shopping!

  10. I garage saled my first set of dishes when I was in college and convinced the seller to give me a ride home because it was so much stuff! I was probably the only person in the dorms with a gravy boat.

  11. Love that red and black table linen! I have found some great non-vintage items as well, although it helps that some of the family is big into Littlest Pet Shops!

  12. It's the thrill of the hunt that keeps us checking out a yard sale... ANY yard sale. You're right.... you just never know what you are gonna find! You did great!!! My favorites are the old jars and the glasses in the last photo.

  13. LOVE that Santa Christmas Candy box. I love old candy boxes, mostly Chocolate Covered Cherry Boxes (although the idea of eating a CCC is BLECH). I love all Brach's things. That box must be on my wishlist now! Lucky you finding all that at one sale. (I KID!)

  14. I stopped at one yard sale on Saturday, sadly there were no hidden gems there!!

    I used to have a few of those fur figurines, but they're not around anymore, should have kept at least one!!!

  15. Sweet finds!! Seems like you always have the sweetest treasures to show us!! Love the pretty table clothes and the napkin holder...how fun! Happy new week!! xo Holly

  16. You know I always love what you 2 sisters find! Thanks for sharing @ TTF!