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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Is It Friday Yet?

This week is dragging by.  Maddie brought home her first cold of the year last week and I have been fighting it.  We have had no rain in weeks and 75+ degree temperatures daily for the last month. Two major forest fires have the valley that I live in under a major haze and it is just dusty, and dirty, and blah outside.  I live in Oregon. This is not normal weather for this time of year. 
But on the plus side, I went to an incredible estate sale this morning.  It was so good, that my husband had to meet me there because it was definitely going to be a divide and conquer type of event.  I filled up my SUV and the back of his work van and still need to go through it all and process it.  Stay tuned for those exciting finds.  But for now, these will have to do.
I got this aqua "Made in USA" marked planter at Goodwill of all places!  I heard from someone that McCoy used to mark some of their pieces this way. Do any of you know if that is true?
I get pretty excited when I come across vintage souvenir coffee mugs.  Especially the ones that I steal out of Sisters garage sale box.  Don't know what in the world she was thinking!
Maddie and I found all of this random Christmas stuff at the strangest estate sale. The house looked like people still lived there and they just let you walk through the whole house and grab whatever you wanted. Nothing was priced and they took any offer they were given.  Maddie offered $2 for all of this and they took it. She loves to make offers.  I send her to do that a lot.  Who is gonna turn down a cute 10 year old girl?
We got this tablecloth at the same sale for 50 cents.  It looks Valentines Day-ish, don't you think?
I've started to acquire a nice little village of vintage Putz houses.  These are all marked Made in Japan and were a quarter apiece at an estate sale I went to last week.
I found these pillowcases at Goodwill on the same day I found the USA pottery planter.  It's pretty rare that I find good linens at the thrift store. I love the poppy pillowcases.  They are definitely my favorite.
That's all for now.  I gotta head out the door and get Miss Maddie from school. Then I am going to come home and try and answer the question that I have been asking myself all day:
Do I have some wine this evening or NyQuil for my cold?
It's a rough one to answer, folks.
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  1. How fortunate you were to find all these great buys. Seems when I get to an estate sale, the good things I can afford are gone. You did very well.

  2. Love the Christmas card list box and the planter...and the linens and just everything! I sooooo want to come and go shopping with you!

  3. Oh the poppy pillowcase is the best! Just dont do the nyquil plus the wine, heh. How is sister's concussion?!

    1. Concussion Hanna here! The concussion is better, but I still have vertigo. It sounds like they are going to send me to a physical theripast for that piece. Thanks for checking on me, it is so nice to hear well wishes from all our blogger friends!

  4. Scary stuff! I am glad you are doing better and seeing the right people.