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Monday, October 15, 2012

We Are Back!

Whew.  Made it back from Vegas & let me tell you, it was quite a trip.  We didn't get a chance to thrift or antique while there since it was kind of a quick trip.  But that was probably for the best.  In our incoherent state, Sister and I probably had no business being around anything breakable.

Since we were gone all weekend, I don't really have any recent finds to show you. So it's a good thing that I have a stockpile of pictures on my computer from all of my Summer finds.

I found these vintage baby shower invitations at the flea market.  They went straight into my Baby Box for Sister.  I will definitely be using these.  They are too cute not to.
Some more vintage Christmas books for Maddie's collection. Hopefully she lets me borrow them at holiday time for displaying.  Does anybody have any good ideas on how to display old books?
I have been on the hunt for the cast iron cornbread mold and finally found one at a garage sale for much cheaper than I had seen at antique stores. It wasn't something that I was so desperate for that I would pay a crazy amount of money (that is reserved for Pyrex).  So I was happy to find it for $2.  The nut chopper and bowls were from the same sale. 
I collect these state trays and there happen to be two for the state that I live in.  I was excited to find this at an unadvertised estate sale (my favorite kind!).
To give you all an idea as to how far apart Sister and I are from one another, check out this map.  I live 5 minutes outside of Eugene and Sister lives waaaaaaaaay up north in Astoria 4 hours away!  I hate it!

That's it for now.  I have a mountain of laundry to tackle and some animals that are feeling very neglected.  Vegas was fun but now it's back to get back to real life.

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  1. That's some really nice stuff you have there! We display our Xmas books in a handle-less red painted straw basket that holds the books right side up so you can kind of flip through them...with a red yarn and plastic holly leaf & poinsetta doo-dad tied to the front. My two flip/read through them every year. They are now college age! Too cute!

  2. Oh no. I think you just inspired me to start a new collection: vintage Christmas books! Those are so sweet!

    You asked about identifying vintage trick or treat buckets. I usually look on the bottom, and normally it will tell where it was made. If it was anywhere but China, it's probably vintage!

  3. Great treasures! I've been to Oregon once, just riding through and it's a beautiful state. I have just moved near to two sisters after forty years of living in the Midwest, it's so nice to live nearer!

  4. It would be very hard for me to have my sister living 4 hours away. I'm sorry that that's your situation.
    I never knew those pan were for corn bread! Duh! So cute!
    Erica :)

  5. I didn't know that was for cornbread either. My husband just commented on one we saw on the weekend, now I can tell him it's not for small pieces of corn!! It really is cute!!

    I had a very special package waiting for me today - will be in touch!!

  6. Glad you have fun in Vegas!

    My sister lives 4 hours away, too. She's one of my only family members who I speak to on a regular basis. All my family lives 4 hours away, except my mother who doesn't speak to me at all. I make her bring me thrifting when I visit her & she hates it. She's broke out in hives twice for some reason while we were thrifting & it's only ever happened while we were thrifting while I was down.

    That corn bread pan.. love it.

  7. Great finds! I want that baby box. ;)

    I found a pyrex dot bowl at the thrifts for a buck last night! Hurray! I have arrived! Hee-hee!

  8. I don't know how it is I've missed your blog all this time! I knew I had to visit when I saw your Swanky Swig comment on Heidi's blog - I so appreciate a good eye for swigs! Looking forward to catching up and keeping up with you. (Just noticed those Vitrock shakers - that's just an amazing find!)

  9. We are so glad to meet another Swig lover! Hope you enjoy catching up on our blog:-)

    Erica & Hanna