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Monday, October 22, 2012


Miss Maddie and I put out our Halloween decorations this weekend. But before I show you the displays, I want to share our recent vintage Halloween finds.

I found these Gurley candles in a 30% off going out of business booth in my favorite antique mall.  The booth owner just so happened to be working at the store that day so I got the story behind the framed collage.
Her mother was a member of the Girls League in 1945.  These cutouts were part of their annual Halloween party. She brought some of the decorations home and made this amazing memory collage.  The lady told me that it hung in her mother's house every Halloween until she passed away two years ago.  She was so pleased to know that I wasn't going to sell it and that I was going to use it in my own vintage Halloween displays.  Don't you love hearing the stories about the vintage treasures we find?
This makes 3 Beistle honeycomb pumpkins Maddie and I found at the sales this year.  Not one of them cost us more than 50 cents.  Does anybody have any idea how old these are or how to tell?
I got both of these Beistle honeycombs at the Coburg Antique Fair this year.  My little bartering queen, Maddie, got the seller to drop each one 2 dollars.
I got all of these cake decorating things at the second day of a big estate sale.  They were all in the original packaging and the packages were closed with staples so I didn't feel bad about removing them and using them to decorate with.  I paid a dollar for all of it.
The day we left for Vegas it was a no school day.  Maddie and I were in line for a big estate sale at 6:30 in the morning.  I needed to be there early because they had tons of vintage holiday, mostly Christmas.  These were the only 3 Halloween things there and I managed to grab two of them.  Maddie my Eagle Eye girl found the honeycomb and told me that she figured something was wrong with it because I didn't pick it up. No, I didn't see it! I so miss her going to the sales with me!
More vintage Halloween from my favorite antique mall.  I am planning on making a few more trips in there before Halloween just to make sure I didn't miss anything!
I picked up the pig and Rosboro candy holder from an antique mall I rarely go into on Friday.  $7.50 for both!  I have been eyeing the witch at another antique mall for a really long time.  The booth owner has her in a locked case with a $28.00 price tag.  I will take the $5 that I paid any day!

Ready to see our displays?
This is the buffet table that sits right beside our bar area.
Close up of the table top.
This is the bottom shelf of the buffet table.  I love how I incorporated my Pyrex Butterprint yellow Cinderella bowls into the display.  Don't panic.  I purposely and safely have them tilting to look a little imperfect and spooky.
This is a close up of the little window shelf I have hanging above the buffet.
This is the table in our entry way.
A couple close ups.
I like to add a little new-made-to-look-old decorations for space filler.  One of these days, I will have enough actual old stuff that I won't have to do this!
Like my honeycomb pumpkin tower?  These things are so huge that this was the most space saving way to display them.
A few of my Beistle cutouts displayed on the entryway mirror.  I have more scattered throughout the house looking outside.

Wow.  This is the most picture heavy post that I have done in quite a while if ever! I hope you enjoyed it and that if you haven't decorated yet, you will be inspired to!

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  1. Spook-tacular decorating!!! LOL
    You have soooo many good Halloween things, and it all looks great together!
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. LOve it! You have some really neat things.

  3. We should decorate together one Halloween!

  4. your collections of vintage halloween is making me swoon! I love vintage halloween decorations but never seem to find any good deals on them. love the collage, and the story just makes collecting vintage even better :)

  5. There is not one thing in your pictures that I would not buy myself!! I love everything!!

  6. Love the story behind the awesome framed collage...that is a total keeper of a find!

  7. Sister, I see Deer Gloria snuck into your displays, that trickster!

  8. You have such FUN things! I think my favorites are the 2 black cats in the photo with the one honeycomb pumpkin wearing the hat. Your displays are really cute!

  9. Love the decorations, I really enjoy decorating the, for myself and my children to enjoy.

  10. Great stuff, great deals, and that Halloween collage is about the best thing ever. It's beautiful, and what a history! Just lovely.

  11. You and Maddie are so good at treasure hunting! Nice job! And I am so in love with your yellow Butterprint Pyrex! It looks lovely with all your Halloween stuff.

  12. GAAAAHHH, I just stumbled into Halloween Heaven! You have an amazing collection, and you display it all so well! I think that collage is my most favorite decoration that I've ever seen. What a lucky find!

  13. Love all the Halloween set up, but especially the pig & I see you have the lovely full set of orange Butterprint. I got 2 bowls from a woman on CL for $12! Just need 2 more for the set...

  14. I saw your blog on the Old Fashioned Days blog and just wanted to say your Halloween display is awesome! Love the retro and vintage stuff!!!

  15. Just found this post and while Halloween is over, I love all your finds. I have a lot of the same things, we must have very similiar styles. That collage is the best though, what a great find!