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Monday, October 8, 2012

Some Very Lucky Finds

Something really strange happened to me on Friday.  I didn't go to one single sale.  Believe me when I say that I wanted to.  There just weren't any that sounded worth my time or gas.  Plus, I had hit that incredible estate sale on Thursday so I definitely found fulfillment there.  So what did I do?  Hit up the thrift stores and let me tell you, I am so happy I did! 

Have you ever left the thrift store in a daze, not believing what you just found?  That happened to me not once but twice on Friday.  The crazy thing is that it wasn't even Pyrex that had my head spinning.  Ready to see what the fuss is all about?
I found this set of Vitrock shakers on the end cap aisle at Goodwill.  I seriously thought I was hallucinating when I spotted them.  Who donates this kind of vintage goodness?  Especially when they can go for a crazy amount of money online?   The crazy thing is that they were priced for $6.99 for the set so whoever priced them knew they were something special.  I guess they just didn't think they were special enough for the display case where they keep the fake Coach & Louis Vuitton bags.
I can't even begin to tell you just how fast I moved across the store when I spotted this at SVDP.  This is the smallest Fire King Red Dots Splash Proof Bowl.  This also just so happens to be one of the two bowls that I needed to complete the set.  Want to hear the best part?  It had a green tag on it.  Can you guess what the 50% off color was last week?  GREEN!!  So for $9.99 this came home with me and joined it's friends.

I should not be surprised at my luck at the thrifts on Friday.  After all, I got some amazing things at the Thursday estate sale.  Want to see a couple more pieces of vintage goodness?
The sale consisted of a two story 122 year old farmhouse, a garage, and three out buildings.  There was stuff spread out everywhere.  I spotted these Aunt Jemima & Uncle Mose shakers in the photos on Craigslist and was extremely shocked when my husband came up to me with them in his hand.  Evidently they were on a high shelf in one of the out buildings.  There was really no rhyme or reason as to where they put stuff.  He was super lucky, I think!  These are actually plastic and were promotional pieces from 1951 that you got when you sent in a box top from Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix along with 25 cents. 
Vintage linens are one thing that I never have to battle for at estate sales.  I'm pretty sure that I am one of the lone collectors in the area.  Why else would this amazing 54 x 72 Wilendur Lobster tablecloth still be there 30 minutes after the sale opened?  There was so much stuff, that I didn't even see this in the pictures online.  Otherwise you can bet I would have been on a frantic search for it once the doors opened.  Evidently this is a pretty rare item.  My husband asked if I was going to sell it.  After asking him if he was #@#%&$ crazy, he figured out that the answer was no.  Smart guy.
On the way to pick up dinner for Pizza Saturday, Maddie and I ran into our favorite antique mall and picked up another blow mold for our ever growing vintage Halloween collection.  Stay tuned for pictures of our decorations!

All in all, not a bad week!  There is still lots more to show but I will save it for another post (or three). 

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  1. Oh my you definitely found some great items. Love those shakers.

  2. So THAT'S where all the good thrift karma was this weekend! LOL Just one of those finds alone would have been enough to make my weekend happy, but all of those? You hit the jackpot! I honestly can't pick a favorite, it's all too good! Lucky duck!

  3. What's your deal?? LOL You are having such good luck!! I love each item you brought home.
    Erica :)

  4. LOL. I love how they put the fake Coach bags in the glass cases, but overlook some expensive, vintage items. Maybe they know these items, while being fake, are high theft? Anyways, they are always up for auction at Goodwill. The last time I went a woman was bidding up against another woman who won & then scuffed at her, "I can get the same one in China town for $20 cheaper." I was thinking to myself.. then why were you willing to pay $5 less than her? haha.

    Oh so lucky with the Fire King bowl! I've seen one with the red dots in the wild, at Goodwill (well, besides antique markets). It was so ravaged, I had to leave it behind. Sucked. Good deal! Aunt Jemima & Uncle Mose, wanted on my shaker list.. ceramic ones.

  5. Ooo-wee! Score on the shakers and bowl! I paid $30.00 for my dot bowl with lid! I usually don't splurge like that, though.

    Our antique mall moved to a new and better location and I went there yesterday. I snagged some good deals there that I'll show soon!

  6. I love those shakers and the dot bowl! I'm always amazed at what some people donate; I've found some amazing things at my favorite thrift stores (like a set of Jadeite for $8 or an antique candlestick phone for $4). I've started getting into vintage linens recently, too, and it is so much fun! I'm thinking of using a bunch of linens in my wedding next year, so I'm trying to collect ones that fit into our color palette.
    Thanks for linking up with us!

  7. Wow! You found such wonderful treasures!! Love it all! I have seen that Wilendur Lobster tablecloth sell for outrageous prices on ebay. Have a great day!

  8. Love that lobster linen! aren't husbands just the funniest?

  9. I swear it's like Christmas, coming over here to see your latest finds! I CANNOT believe you found those shakers and dotty bowl at a thrift store. For a steal! Love that blow mold, and the Uncle Moses. My grandparents had one that always sat in the bread box with the sugar bowl and honey, and he now lives at my house. Still looking for a cheap Aunt Jemima to keep him company!

  10. Holy thrift goodness! I love the thrift shop daze...so great. Loving the lobster table cloth!

  11. Every now and then I find stuff at the thrift store that is so good and such and such a good price that, after I pay for it, I almost feel like I need to run out of the store before they realize their mistake and try to charge me more for it!

  12. Seriously??? I would still be giddy if I had found any of these great finds! OH, those S & P shakers, the dotted bowl, and Aunt Jemima shakers blew me away. BUT, then I saw the Wilendur lobster! That tablecloth is so very coveted by collectors, and not easy to find! Lucky, lucky thrifter Sisters, LOL!

  13. I love the shakers to pieces! You really had a lucky week!! Happy Rednesday from your Rednesday neighbor!

  14. I say, you did amazing! What great items, I would be dancing a jig!! Way to go!

  15. Definitely not a bad week at all! Cute blow mold!

  16. If you get tired of that blow mold, you know my address!!

  17. Ok, this comment is a month late but can you tell I found your blog, love it, and am reading it backwards one post at a time? Anyway, I have those Vitrock shakers (the whole set actually) I have that blowmold, I covet those polka dot bowls, and I collect linens. I think you have all just found your long lost third sister :)

    1. Hi Marci:-)

      So glad you found our blog and are enjoying catching up. We will definitely be checking yours out too. Its so fun to find someone who shares the love for the same things that we do!

      Erica & Hanna