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Friday, August 17, 2012

Pyrex Luck is in the Air

Well, I figure that since I can't get lucky in Vegas (this is the first year in 6 that I've missed Vegas in August with Sister, so sad,) I should at least share my ridiculous luck on the Pyrex front.  I've had two different purchases in the last month that absolutely blow my mind.

First, when in Snohomish on our girls weekend we saw a TON of beautiful Pyrex.  I know I already shared my splurge purchases, but I kept one little beauty to share with you today.  I don't know if you guys are like me, but I check the price on all the Pyrex in the antique malls.  It is always interesting to see what people value pieces at, and at times so entertaining.  I mean, a 401 Spring Blossom for $58, really?!?  So in the same mall that my Sister got her beautiful Fire King Red Dot Bowls, I found a little gem.  Now, Sister got an amazing price, but I think I did to.  Have you ever seen Pyrex Balloons for $6?

I guess checking prices pays off.  I'm pretty sure Sister and I were both glowing with glee the rest of that day!

Last week I was in Eugene for one of my best friend's weddings.  I managed to get one day where Sister, Miss Maddie, and I could do a little shopping.  At one of my favorite antique malls in Springfield we came across a booth having 30%.  It was one of those days where I was thankful Sister has a Pyrex problem and owns every piece known to man, because I could swoop in on one of her claimed colors, pink.  I got the entire Pink Gooseberry Cinderella Bowl set for a mere $23.50.  

At some point I know this luck will end, but man am I enjoying it!  The husband and I are headed down the coast this afternoon and I'm planning on a couple thrift stops along the way, because for once he can't tell me no, I mean it is almost my birthday!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Oh wow! I am hoping for a little Pyrex luck too! I found the same pink gooseberry set in a strange vintage like store in Portland for $68! Oh my, not in the best of shape either.

  2. Nice score! Really pretty and feminine. One of my favorite things to do is find random pieces of Pyrex and put the sets together for a little of nothing. Full sets of mixing bowls sell very well in my booth.


  3. My best friend found her balloons bowl for $6 too!! (jealous)
    Great finds though! :)

  4. Hi Hanna!
    I can't believe that you found the Balloon bowl for $6! That's great!
    Same with the Gooseberry! I've actually been finding lots of my Pyrex at antique stores. I always check the prices and look for those boothes that are having a sale. The Goodwill and thrift stores are getting to be hard to find Pyrex at.
    Have fun on the coast and GOOD LUCK!
    Erica :)

  5. I'm jealous. We've had a major Pyrex drought. I don't think I've bought any in months. Love your new pieces!

    Sally @ Exploits of a Military Mama

  6. Great prices!

    I love looking at Pyrex prices at antique malls. Even of ones I'd never buy or already own... just out of curiosity. Too funny about how much that Spring Blossom was priced. I got a whole set for $25 - mint.

    So jealous of your pink Gooseberrys... saw them at an antique market for $65.