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Monday, August 6, 2012

Just A Small Sale

About 15 minutes North of my house is our "Historical Antique District".  It is a tiny little town with a population of 1,041.  The majority of the homes were built in the 1940's and the owners have done a wonderful job keeping their original charm.  This little town also houses the majority of our area's antique stores.  And every September, the city of Coburg hosts the Coburg Antique Fair with 200+ vendors.  I can't wait!

Whenever there is a sale posted in the town of Coburg, I always go. I have never been to a bad sale yet.  Last Friday, Maddie and headed to one that was given by a couple of ladies who were cleaning out their booth at one of the local antique malls.  Instead of having a sale in their booth, they hauled it over to one of their houses and had a good old fashioned yard sale.  Who doesn't love antique mall items at yard sale prices?
I got these two adorable little old school chairs for $2.00 apiece.  I wanted to stick them out in our garden but after browsing Pinterest, I came up with this idea of what to do with one of them
Instant bookshelf!

Maddie found this old chalkboard and originally wanted to put it in her room.  Then she thought to hang it in the laundry room as a reminder board for when school starts. At my house, nobody ever uses the front door. They always come and go through the laundry room so she is probably right to hang it in there.  And I love this old mailbox.  Although we can't use it for it's actual purpose, it still looks really cute hanging outside on our porch.
Can I just tell you how much I love this TURQUOISE (sorry to shout by turquoise makes me happy) mixer?  I have a Kitchen Aid hand mixer that I bought several years ago for about 60 bucks and I haven't used it since!  This is my new go to mixer.  Sorry Kitchen Aid.  You just aren't as cute (or as turquoise).
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this turquoise (spared you the shouting this time) rotary dial telephone.  The last time Sister was in town, we came across one at an estate sale and the people wanted $70.00 for it.  Six bucks was all I paid for this.  I originally had wanted to put it in our office but it is so loud when it rings.  I had to put it upstairs and when it rings, you can still hear it throughout the house. I love it!
And last I found this cake topper kit in the original box.  I will definitely be using these.

Don't you love going to a sale where you find all kinds of the things that you love but don't feel like you got ripped off?  A lot of times when you go to a dealers sale, it is just like they moved their booth into their garage but didn't change any of the prices.  These ladies not only didn't do that but they cut their prices 50% or more. 

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  1. We "Ericas" must have a thing with turquoise!
    Did you see my post awhile back about how turquoise is my favorite go to color. I painted a little bookshelf in that post. Also, If you look at my very first post ever, you'll see my huge art cubby. It's faded turquoise color is the best.
    Your phone and mixer rock! Also, I have noticed that Maddie finds the best stuff! You have taught her well!
    Erica :)

  2. Your post made me remember Mom's turquoise mixer!!!

  3. Wow what a dream sale! I'm on the lookout for a cute little chair too.

  4. What a sale! I used to have little chairs like that but had to leave them behind in a cross country move. :(