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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Rusty Junk

Not only do I love any and all things vintage, I also am attracted to the rustic side of decor.  My mindset when it comes to decorating has always been that if I love it, I decorate with it.  Whether it goes with the rest of the home decor doesn't matter to me.  Don't be surprised if you come into my house and see a giant rustic metal fish lamp sitting next to a delicate display of vintage pink tins.  But somehow, it all ties together.  It's just us.  If I were to name what our decorating theme would be I would have to call it "Vintage 50's Farmhouse".  I love it.

Now, onto the junk

I got this old metal picnic jug at a sale for a whopping 50 cents.  I have it sitting out on my back patio steps.  Very summery.
I also picked up this watering can from the same sale for another 50 cents.  Have you seen how much these go for in antique stores?  Wow.
Don't you love old metal baskets?  I got this thinking it would be perfect for Maddie's vintage book collection but I ended up using it to hold some of my vintage cookbooks (sorry, Maddie).  The nice lady threw in the Martha's transfers for free.  The yardstick is part of a new collection I'm starting.
There were two sales at the same time and I really needed to be at both!  But one of the sales was on a road that I will never drive on again.  A few weeks ago, Sister, our mom, Maddie, and I were almost hit head on by some idiot passing in a no passing zone.  He had to be going at least 70 and I had to put my car in the ditch to avoid being hit.  I was pretty shaken up for a few days and still get sick to my stomach when I think about it.  The road we were on is notorious for wrecks, often fatal.  I will NEVER drive on it again.  Lucky for me, I have an awesome husband who understood my fear and offered to go the sale for me armed with a list.  He got this awesome old Igloo water cooler. I have this sitting outside along with some old gas cans that are in the same shape.  I will have to show you that collection sometime.

 He got this amazing cooler at the same sale.  It still has the original tray on the inside and a bottle opener on each side.
How cool is this old Scott's grass seed spreader?  When I found it, I had the perfect place in mind for it.  I think it looks pretty good sitting next to that old wash bucket (a quarter!) next to the walnut tree in our back yard.
I got this oil drum at the same place as the grass seed spreader.  I am pretty sure that the Sinclair sticker was added but I love it just the same.  It looks really good sitting in front of our house.

So my decorating philosophy can be summed up like this.......If it's old, I will love it.  There is just something about things from era's ago that suck me in.  I will never get tired of them.

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  1. I have a very similar style and philosophy. If you love it, it works! Love your finds.