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Saturday, August 25, 2012

A (Hopefully) Productive Day

So my husband and I had agreed that we were going to work out in the yard today.  But that was before I found an awesome wall cabinet at an estate sale yesterday that I am dying to paint and get hung.  And while we are doing that, we may as well paint that dresser I picked up a few weeks ago, and hang the new "headboard" (more on that later) I got at a sale down the road.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow right?

But before I do anything, I thought I'd have a little fun and share some cute stuff with all of you
Remember the tablecloth I posted about last week that I found at the thrift shop while in Washington with Sister and BFF?  Well, this is the other one I picked up at the same time.  It set me back a whole 2 bucks and was absolutely filthy.  Probably the worst tablecloth I've ever bought.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.....OXY CLEAN!
I picked up all of these things at a dirty little sale on the side of the street downtown.  I am not sure exactly what possessed me to stop.  Oh, I know.  I AM AN ADDICT!
So you know that it is not a good thing when you get to an estate sale that promises tons of vintage treasures and 60 years accumulation and you see dealers walking out with nothing.  This sale made our most expensive antique mall look like a church ran thrift store.  The prices were ridiculous.  They had an entire room full of Fenton glass that was actually being guarded by three people.  You should have seen the looks of panic on their faces when Maddie and I tried to go into it.  She's 10 people, not 2.  She knows not to touch.  Anyway, the house was full of amazing things but this is all got.  My most favorite thing is the Magic Touch ice tray. Have you seen how much those go for?  This one was only a quarter. 
If they are cheap enough, I will normally grab vintage greeting cards.  I just need to figure out what to do with them without actually using them as greeting cards.  Pinterest, here I come! The Trick or Treat Cooky Cutter set was from Sister to Maddie.  It will be perfect in our Halloween decorations.
These Atlas jars are the perfect shape and size to drink out of.  I got these on our girls trip. Sister said she was going to "borrow" a couple from me for some new Vodka drink that she has been making.  Well, maybe if she would make me one of those fancy new drinks, I'd give her some.

So to give you all an idea as to how serious I am about being productive today, I haven't even allowed myself to look on Craigslist or in the paper for sales.  That's pretty serious, huh?

Time to get moving!

I will be linking up over at Pink Saturday, Thrift Share Monday, and Flea Market Finds.  Check them out!

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  1. You did very well with your purchases. I have found most estate sales are overpriced.

  2. I'd like to go thrifting wiht you - so much fun!!ha ha I LOVE the Atlas jars!! We have few old jars for drinking glasses - I like the eclectic look and feel!! Hope you have a fun Pink Saturday!

  3. The ice tray is so neat. I see them sometimes, but they are always beat to crap. Yours is perfect! Great score!

  4. I passed up one of those ice trays at Value Village recently. I couldn't tell if it was a reproduction or something. They don't seem to be going for too much on eBay..

    I really love vintage greeting cards. I have a hard time using them myself. I just have boxes full of vintage wrapping paper, greeting cards & stuff like that.

    I really like your deer.

  5. I hate sales where the prices are that high! It's just silly. And, you know, they're not going to sell much. Isn't the point to get rid of that stuff?

    I do love your Halloween cookie cutters! What a great find!

  6. My husband has nicely asked me to stop buying greeting cards...I just can't help it! I love those vintage cuties!