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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Last Week

It's the last full week of summer vacation and I purposely planned nothing.  No appointments, no projects, and no plans.  It's been so nice to just laze around, enjoying the last few days of non-chaos before the school year starts.  I hope all of you are taking a few moments to do the same:-)
Want to see what I've picked up lately? Well, of course you do!
I managed to do a little antiquing while we were in Vegas last week.  You may wonder who in the world antiques while they are in Las Vegas.  Seriously, we go about 3 times a year so sometimes it's nice to take a little break from all the chaos of The Strip.  I found these 3 Swanky Swigs at an antique mall for $2.50 apiece.  They weren't even on sale!  That is the cheapest I have ever seen them in an antique store.  These were also patterns I didn't already have.  Sister, don't be mad at me about the little orange puppy glass.  I will find you one, I promise!
I went to an estate sale that was for a lady who had a huge booth at one of my favorite antique malls.  She had recently passed away and her son and husband were having the sale.  She had quite a collection of vintage lunchboxes and this is one that I picked up.  I am going to have one heck of a 4th of July display next year!
I also picked up these old lunchboxes.  Aren't they so cute?  I have the picnic basket that goes with the yellow and black plaid one.
What do you all think of the quilt I picked up for Miss Maddie's bed?  I don't know too much about quilts but I'm pretty sure this isn't all that old.  It is handmade and in perfect condition and only set me back 10 bucks. Not a bad price, huh? 
I got these ornaments at the same sale as the quilt.  There were about 20 grab bags of ornaments and each bag was $1.00.  This was the lone bag of vintage ornaments mixed in with a bunch of bags of Walmart ones.  Lucky me!

I think Maddie almost has me conned into doing a little back to school shopping today. Better late than never, right?

I'm also going to head over to Rednesday to link up and check out what all is going on in the world of reds.

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  1. I have the very same little red swanky swig - my only one...

    I definitely would have bought everything you did...

  2. I just wish I could find some glasses like that out here where I live! I love them!! So cute. The blanket is nice and I just think the lunch boxes are plain fun!! You did really good!

  3. No matter where you go, you an find great shopping. Even in Vegas. You did very well.

  4. You're too funny! How did you even get all this stuff home?
    It sounds like Sister has been looking for an orange puppy glass! Uh Oh! I LOVE the flag luch box! My newest collection is going to be Americana/4th of July decor. I don't have a single thing, and when I started blogging I realized that everyone decorates for the 4th! Who knew???
    Love all of your "new" finds!
    Erica :)

  5. Sister, I saw that puppy glass at that really expensive antique mall up in Long Beach last weekend and I couldn't bring myself to pay $8, I totally thought you already had that pattern though! I am very jealous!

  6. Love the swigs and that patriotic lunch box! Neat finds!

  7. Darling lunch box, the metal baskets are tooooo cute. These are hard to come by. Were going to a 500 booth antique fair this weekend and I have a long list.