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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Crazy Project Weekend-Part 1

Hi There!

Remember on Saturday when I blogged about all the little projects that I had hoped to get done over the weekend?  Well, with the help of my amazingly willing husband, we completed all but one.  This was easily the most productive project weekend that we have had since we built our house!

Project #1

I found this awesome old cabinet on Friday at an estate sale.  I didn't even get there until 2 hours after it started and I couldn't believe that someone hadn't already grabbed it.  I had the perfect place in mind for it....above the toilet in my bathroom. Normally I wouldn't paint something like this because I do tend to love the rustic look but this poor cabinet had paint splatters all over it and the door was pretty tacky.
I suggest to anybody who plans on doing a lot of furniture painting to invest in a paint sprayer.  I picked up a Wagner Pro on clearance at Lowes for $44.00 and it took my husband about 10 minutes to completely paint this whole cabinet.  The only thing I would suggest is to buy your paint in larger quantities because this sprayer really throws it on.  It is definitely better for bigger projects.  We used Valspar Signature satin in Sea Breath.  I lightly distressed it and re-attached the original hinges and cute little bird knob. The hinges were in pretty bad shape so my husband just used a heavy brush to remove the rust but we left the bird knob original.  I love the rusty look it has.

I think it turned out perfect!

Watch for what else we managed to accomplish!

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  1. Love it!!! It makes you feel so good to make something beautiful again.....